Name: Sandra Patrick
Age: 28
Name: Clara Louse Smith
Age: 28
Name: Doreen Andoh
Age: 28
Name: Caroline
Age: 30
Name: Betty
Age: 27
Name: Marina Petrova
Age: 33
Name: Mabel Mintah
Age: 34
Name: Kristen Griest
Age: 37
Name: Olga Maltseva
Age: 28
Name: Kim
Age: 27
Name: Melissa Fraye
Age: 44
Name: Janelle
Age: 32
Name: Aigul Galeeva
Age: 35
Name: Amina Pearl Abdullah
Age: 31
Name: Tatyana Zvereva
Age: 28


First name: judith
Last name: sanake
Age: 24
Location: ghana
Report: ph. no she say she onwn a bueauyt shop there she been showing her picture she 400.00 dollards save in the bank she been write to me for over a month now what to married come here and live with me and love me very much i told here to trust me send me $300.00 if you love me she repla back said can,t send money to western union thereto me she said she what to send here to her to fly klm air lines to come here she ck on how much she needs to fly here for money she whats me to send her there you can see her pictuethe email addressmy email is bigboss1942@yahoo.comif you what to write back on your comment ok ty if you need more let me no i think she 24 yrs old very pretty gril
First name: elena
Last name: koshkina
Age: 20
Location: astrakhan,russia
Report: e-mail me at yahoo personal, but later mail box where she wrote from was closed, stated she wanted to learn better english, and would I write to her, quickly fell in love and needed money 400.00 us. for visa, insurance cost and application fee. I tried to send money thur western union on- line service but they would not do it, lucky me. later found her name on this site....andre(usa)
First name: Irina
Age: 29
Location: Moscow
Report: received numerous letters from woman Irina. Letters were suspiciously form-letter like, containing many references to x-boyfriend, mother. Impersonal, my name mentioned only at beginnig..NO questions I asked were answered. Pictures that were inceasingly more provocative included
First name: Katerina
Last name: Gradovskaya
Age: 27
Location: russia
On websites:
Report: She now also operates on A free dating site.
First name: susan
Last name: johnturay
Age: 26
Location: senegal
Address: unknvilla 769 yoff dakar senegal
Report: just contacted me to send £200 to she can send diamond to me to sell for £8000 told her im umemployed but insits on me sneding it today. definately a scam ? also wants my adress and passport
First name: maria
Last name: fedorowa
Age: 25
Location: russia
Address: Olha, Lenina street 6, flat 19
On websites: hotmail
Report: wats goin o with this girl seriously....
First name: Dammy
Last name: Oladipo
Age: 31
Location: Nigeria, Ikeja
Address: 125 Airport Road
Phone: 2348057227335
On websites:
Report: Contacted me on with a picture of a model. Claimed to be this person and to live in New York City, specifically Staten Island. Romanced me for 2 weeks then claimed his mother was very ill with heart problems and was in the hospital in Nigeria. Flew to Nigeria and claimed could not access his bank account from there and need $400 for her operation. I fell for it and sent the money. After that continuously came up with reasons needed more money in order to help sick mother. Tried to get me to cash a check and then Moneygramm the money to Nigeria. Confronted person with what I knew about the scam and have not heard from since.
First name: Jean
Last name: Silver
Age: 28
Location: Nigeria
Email: Unknown
On websites: Yahoo Messenger, Singles
Report: Popped up in YM. Claimed to be from UK, fashion designer. In Nigeria for loss of father, illness of mother. Claimed English as native tongue, but could not spell nor structure sentences even close.
First name: wasilia
Last name: gameroon
Age: 22
Location: accra, ghana
Report: look out for this chick, she fell in love after the second chat, then proceded to ask me for money, well i did, and then she tried to use my credit card number, good thing the credit card company alerted me about this, so she got no more
First name: Irina
Last name: Dolganicheva
Aka: Natalya, Lapashka
Age: 27
Location: Kirov, Russia
On websites:
Report: Visa scam. Hasn't actually asked for money yet, but stated that she paid some money up front for her visa, and doesn't think she will have enough for the rest. I'm betting that she won't.
First name: natalia
Last name: sergeeva
Aka: mariya malahova
Age: 26
Location: russia samara
Report: marriage scam
First name: Julia
Last name: Fedorowa
Aka: Maria
Age: 25
Location: Olha, Russia
Address: Lenina Street 6, Flat 19
Report: Same scam as the rest. Sent an email looking to find her love in the US. Then she will likely ask for money to get a flight here.
First name: elana
Age: 28?
Location: kanash
Report: I started correspondence with this person through a web site I was looking at for fun. I realized I wasn't getting any answers. She want to meet and want to make arrangements it all seemed fast and I have made several attempts for us to talk on Yahoo instant messanger and received no confirmation about doing that. I gave her my phone numbers but the answer was no available phone ect.. that started me to wonder if there is no phone then how are you able to email me. plus she is way to good looking. anyway it has only been about 2 weeks
First name: aisha
Last name: danjuma
Aka: ayeesha
Age: 27
Location: nigeria , lagos
Address: 22 shasa rd, Egbeda, Akowonjo
Email: gentlechic2000
On websites: myspace
Report: This person uses model pics from blackcuties website , wants money to leave country, cant pay rent, ect, cant afford internet fees, or webcam, but allways answers emails within hour. Pics were also listed on nigerian scammer website .