Name: Olesya Rybalchenko
Age: 28
Name: Julia Nikitina
Age: 27
Name: Michelle Scanlon
Age: 30
Name: Mitchelle Daniels
Age: 24
Name: Anna Strelnikova
Age: 30
Name: Tatyana
Age: 31
Name: Daria Pustovalova
Age: 22
Name: Natalia Dmitrenko
Age: 26
Name: Svetlana Uhova
Age: 26
Name: Ksenia Sergeeva
Age: 28
Name: Tatyana
Age: 30
Name: Maureen Gukama
Age: 27
Name: Victoria Nikolaevna Shvareva
Age: 33
Name: Valentina Sokolova
Age: 26
Name: Matse Mandisi
Age: 29


First name: Freda
Last name: Davidso
Aka: Mari, Viera, Clara Lefajus, Ruth Edward, Nick Bare, Mary Moseley, Melissa, Karen Hester, Cindy Milovia
Age: 31
Location: Bengaluru, India; Austin, USA; Arizona, USA; Texas, USA; Baruth, Brandenburg, Germany
Phone: 14847217675
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Erlinda
Last name: willimet
Age: 25
Location: Bohol Phillipines
Phone: +63977 283 0940
On websites: Facebook, Pinalove, Skype
Report: This person looks are a mystery to me, 1st go round with them the pictures they sent were also found on pornsite and transgender groups on face book, I blocked her and moved on, they got me for 300 USD they used the excuse of needing aide because of the typhoon di December 2021. Next encounter was totally bizarre as as the 1st encounter. They said they were very sorry they had used fake photos but while considered here ****. Then wen to give me pics of a completely different woman as pretty as the 1st, pics were clean at the time found no trace on the internet. Ist encountered claimed I provinces entire area was wiped out and she nearly drown, the military saved her at the last second. This is where it falls apart and fast, claimed he story of being in the province was a lie, her father had actually died 2 years earlier, and her mother found another man so she is alone and was short on rent and honest to God asked for me. Latter in the conversation they forgot the 2 1st stories and said be I am cooking bread for my mom and dad, they are working on the farms. I mentioned I thought your dad was dead, reply thank god no so I showed her where she said it She got very angry, why you talk to me this way, your wasting my time, your a trouble maker. That I am I sent an email to the Bohol police filing a complaint I think 3 weeks ago and no reply. Her Facebook accointnis mostly older white men as friends
First name: Kelsey Marie
Last name: Hayes
Aka: Natalia, Tati, Sarah William, Olia, Lida Webpoh, Adriana Marg Kelley, Dwaine Rank, Rodina Lawton, Larry Jessica, Noria Jane, Keven Danny, Stella, Chiyo Kim, Mary Espinoza, Juliet Patterson, Annabel Williams, Andrea, Sharen, Kate Mathias, Tricia Monroe, Lea Cretton, Joey Romeru, Dillion Harper
Age: 30
Location: Central Qld, Queensland, Australia; Hamburg, Germany; Albion, California, USA; London, England; Tokyo, Japan; Lagos, Nigeria; Central, Alaska, USA; Houston, USA; New York, USA; Bohicon, Benin; Abensberg, Bayern, Germany; Berlin, Germany
Phone: 447441449486, 23359722280, 2348025208372, 8106311905, 22996278877, 23460680127, 4915127942042, 12176151790, 7793799730
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Mary
Last name: Louis
Aka: Anna, Aigul, Natusia, Vera, Svetlana, Ekaterina, Yunna, Amy, Margaret Burcham, Annabelle Angel
Age: 29
Location: Terxa, Alabama, USA; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Beaumont, USA; Ailey, USA; Texas, USA
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Margaret
Last name: McBride
Age: 42
Location: Usa, des moines, Ioea
Phone: 515-303-0435
On websites: Facebook
Report: She makes a friend request on facebook, then chats on facebook messenger for a few days, she acted like she wanted to date me and get to know me, she's supposedly in Iowa, and me in Texas, i noticed something was up with the way she spoke, the order in which she typed her words, like broken english. Said she had a daughter named Jane, the she was her bestfriend, but never spoke about her during conversations. Then all of the sudden she wanted to exchange phone numbers, the second text she sent me, she needed money to fix her car, she had a job interview and a friend was gonna loan her money, but backed out at the last second and she needed money to get her brakes fixed at 8am to make her job onterview at 10 am. When on messenger, she would ask about the type of work i do, then a few messages later she would ask about the type of work i do like i didnt tell her a few messages ago, that type of stuff started to make me wonder, she would mention going out almost every night with friends and staying out late, with a supposedly 9 year old daughter, but never mentioned her. Alot of signs led me to wonder about her, so i checked her name on this site and her picture came up. So i stopped all contact with her, removed ger from facebook, and blocked her number.
First name: Ashley Priceless
Last name: Wahlert
Age: 30
Location: U.S.A Florida
On websites: Age Match, Hangouts
Report: Elaborate scam, seems squeaky clean and religious until travel visa from her fake agent produes fake invoices and requests payment methods of gift cards, invoice
First name: Janine
Last name: Bella
Aka: Tatiana, Alona, Cindy, Dana Brems, Lora Jones, Daina, Olga, Natasha, Nadezhda, Mariya, Aigul, Elena, Kseniya, Ekaterina, Amina, Muna Troy, Dolores, Sabrina Lonely
Age: 28
Location: Dara, Senegal; Lagos, Nigeria; Dallas, USA; Bean Station, USA
Phone: 221706735410, 22955711299, 221705249741, 2347015621905
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Virginia
Last name: Kraus
Age: 37
Location: U.S.A. Tennessee
On websites: Age Match, Hangouts - google chat
Report: Uses photos from 28 yr old Polish Model, claims to be a dedicated nurse, then wants money for major car repairs and towing. Wants paypal money sent to one of two addresses and
First name: Anna
Last name: Kuzen
Aka: Anna Horvath, Esabel Nuvough, Katrina Stanford, Lily K Francios
Age: 68 but claims to be in her thirties
Location: Paris, Italy, USA
Address: 1389 Clearfield Ave Bethlehem Pensylvania
Phone: 6107304250, 6102970315, 6108652874, 6102971815, 6102971825,
On websites: Facebook
Report: 8 month scam on a married male; started friendly, once she had enough information about the victim, she emotionally manipulated him to the point where his entire personality around his friends and family changed, his pattern also changed. He disconnected from his wife, fell for the scammer. Wife noticed something was wrong, took husband's phone and found a message from Esabel Nuvough declaring her love. Wife initially thought it was an affair. Husband promised it was over. Scammer deactivated the profile and asked the victim to set a new one up; he obliged. The name she requested for the new profile was Katrina Stanford. Wife remained suspicious and paid closer attention. Scammer encouraged the victim to delete messages as they occurred and constantly expressed 'concern' about the depths of wife's knowledge. This manifested in asking repeatedly whether the Wife had access to the victims devices and questioning him incessantly on what he and his wife discussed. Scammer claimed to live in Paris but had a lucrative career as an office manager in construction which took her round the world. Convinced the victim to agree to visit her. Said she'd pay for it. However, every time a trip loomed, the scammer's job interfered with the trip. She accidentally messaged the victim on her own profile (Anna Kuzen,) on a couple of occasions. When questioned, she claimed Anna Kuzen was her boss and had given her access to her personal Facebook. The scammer claimed she had cancer and was undergoing investigations and taking medication. Wife began investigating further and found Katrina nd Esabel were the same person. Wife also made the link to Anna Kuzen. Wife found other false profiles linked to Anna Kuzen and other instances where she'd slipped up. The wife. was able to obtain public records for Anna Kuzen which revealed a history of fraudulent activity going back to the 90s... starting with embezzling 618k from her employer over a 12 year period, for which she has a conviction. After finding this information, a package arrived addressed to the victim's daughter. The customs label had the name katrina stanford on it The address was the same address the wife had located for Anna Kuzen, in Pensylvania. The phone number was also registered to Anna kuzen. Wife presented Husband with evidence, Husband confirmed that one of the email addresses registered to Anna Kuzen was an email address she had given him. The victim confronted the scammer who denied it. After a couple of weeks, the scammer was back in touch, declaring her love. The victim again confronted her, asking her to go on videocall right there and then. The victim refused, stating she was in New York receiving treatment for cancer and looked awful. The victim and his wife have been able to intercept two scams by Anna since and warn the victims. It was discovered that on the same day she claimed to be in new York receiving cancer treatment, she'd told a different victim she was in Japan for work.
First name: Vivian
Age: 34
Location: Rochester, MN USA
Phone: +234-905-334-0396
On websites: What's App & Telegram
Report: The woman messaged me through what's app and solicited me to pay for ***. Being lonely I paid in gift cards but it was never enough and she kept coming up with requests for refreshment and or fuel money demands before she could drive a **** hour away. I'm disappointed that I fell for it but being sick when I was younger didn't have opportunities to ask girls out and get to know them well enough.
First name: Nadiya
Last name: Yaroshenko
Age: 32
Location: Odessa ukraine
On websites: Telegram, Whatsapp
Report: Received mail 1.6 yrs ago talked abiy went to whatsapp and telegram with video chats. Very convicing. Started out as covid help. Then visa passport. Then plane tickets. Covid dr bills. All lies never boarded planes visa was fake. Never left ukraine . She did long term romance.. some could be real some just lies to earn money from you. No intent of teaveling to you.
First name: marleen
Last name: hansen
Age: 34
Location: Ille-Ife
Phone: +234 703 365 9022
On websites: WhattsApp
Report: Don't know if she's a real scammer
First name: Diana
Age: 34
Location: Kazakhstan
Report: Hi there! I?m looking for strong person and I felt as if that you are such a man! My name Di. To me 34 year. I was born in Kazakhstan From what you the countries? I hope that I am not wrong. I?m easy-going smart young lady. Waiting for your reply! My personal contact:
First name: Linda
Last name: Miller
Aka: Linda Smith Murphy, Linda Smith Scott
Age: 37
Location: Huston Texas
Phone: 913 703 4244 on the what up app
Email: Linda Smith hot mail .com
On websites: MeetMe
Report: Always texting me for money and saying things she doesn't mean to me just for me to send her money and It's like 500 to 1000$ all the time
First name: Mary Jean
Last name: Vargas
Aka: Anastasia, Kseniya Leonteva, Jessica, Hellen, Charlotte Stokely, Daria Kravinskaya, Anna, Natasha, Kseniya Budina, Svetlana Kornienko, Rodney Rosc Miller, Cindy, Emily Holden, Justice, Hannah Bella Mary, Scarlett Thomson, Quist Beauty, Gabrielle Ortiz, Josephine Smith
Age: 28
Location: Boonville, California, USA; Berlin, Germany; Dara, Senegal; Los Angeles, USA; Owerri, Nigeria; Fagaras, Romania; Almyra, Arkansas, USA; Hamburg, Germany; Bronx, USA; Lenswood, Australia
Phone: 14154294269, 16172493408, 221706735410, 2349054618630, 16464447934
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Sali
Last name: Brand
Age: 26
Location: Australia Brisbane
Phone: +61481117815
On websites: Age Match
Report: Offers pics and videos, wants to drive and visit, needs bills paid, other purchases, 4 hours into the trip needs fuel money, bank transfer, never replies after that
First name: Linda
Last name: Coleman
Age: 39
Location: Archly Iowa U.S.A.
On websites: Age Match
Report: using the photos of pornstar Elsa Jean, dead parents, very religious, has studied nursing, works at cafe, wants $850 to pay for the certificate so she can come to Australia, location Archly of Iowa doesn't exist. Want's parcel (iphone) sent to Gregoria Martin 2101 Emerald Oaks Mesquite, Tx 75181
First name: Kate
Last name: Rookie Dine
Aka: Aigul, Hanna Barbra, Nadezhda, Elena, Megan Banner, Lucy Rodriguez
Age: 29
Location: Moscow, Russia; Queensland, Australia; Lome, Togo; Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA; Sanaa, Yemen; Munich, Germany; Augusta, USA; Arizona, USA
Phone: 22892075598, 16784608322, 16062123855
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: kseniya
Last name: zyrianova
Aka: kseniia
Age: 36
Location: kazan russia
Phone: +79397276451
On websites: internationalcupid
Report: whant mi to send money to her whith coronapay .com send 180.000 rubel to her say sce will come to mi never come send 3 times money from coronapay now sce not writte or talk to mi talk whith mi over 2 moth and not talk about money in start but after whant come to mi in sweden and then start whant money for get visa and to show ambassad that have money for the trip to sweden
First name: Rita
Last name: Wilson
Age: 30
Location: USA
Report: Received a Skype call from Rita Wilson but was from a man who just repeated what I was saying. Hung up on him and he immediately called back. I didn?t pick up.
First name: Stellalim
Last name: Saulberry
Aka: Olivia, Ames Lloyd, Stacy, Angela, Kina Hemma, Shelly Digk, Felicia, Eric Moore, Ruby May, Helen Brown, Jill, Charlot, Maria Watson
Age: 30
Location: Morristown, USA; Sanaa, Yemen; Houston, USA; Dallas, USA; Manchester, England; Texas, USA; Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 233593465144, 13177398642
Email:,,,,,,, loveplanet &,,,,,,,
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Anna
Last name: Huang
Age: 36
Location: New York City
Phone: +1 (669) 258-3888
Email: Anna@jtl/
On websites: facebook
Report: Creates relationships to induce victims to invest money in cryptocurrency and then freezes withdrawals until a tax is paid Scammer has stolen over one million dollars
First name: Natalia
Last name: Krasnova
Aka: Sveta, Dina, Mercy, Eva, Mary Smith, Sada Thompson Hohl, Iris Madison, Zoe, Mary Clinton, Jessica Antwi
Age: 34
Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany; California, USA; Hustisford, USA; Accra, Ghana; Boise, Idaho, USA; Paris, France; Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana
Phone: 79855643924, 12097343765, 233545285473
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Vusala
Last name: Ismyilova
Age: 30
Location: Azerbaijan
Report: Hi, now i know, this is clearly a scam, she has been messaging for a few weeks now, now its the icing on the cake, she wants me to pay for her Visa, which includes insurance, medical certificate and many other papers, but she wants it paid for in Bitcoin wallet, Clearly a scam, this women needs to be stop and everyone need to know, who she really is, i have been ignoring her, not interested in her, even her pictures of her are complete fake.
First name: Shelly
Last name: Melbourne
Aka: Melbourne Reid
Age: 47
Location: Cairo, Egypt and Lagos, Nigeria
Address: 684 County Highway 10
Phone: 13528887894
On websites:,, Hangouts
Report: The person impersonating a woman who claims to have lived in Orland Park, IL, is actually a man who uses the name Zeus Sativa. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria. You can find him on Facebook. He claims to be stuck in Egypt after sending artwork in a container there and participating in an archaeological dig because of his skills as an art expert. Supposedly he never paid for the custom duties and needs about $20,000 to pay for the shipment to be delivered. He will drag his feet and come up with every conceivable reason for being stuck in Egypt including a car accident in a sand storm, COVID, jail time, being falsely accused of carrying drugs in his bags which were not his bags, not paying for his extended stay and anything else to continue asking for enormous amounts of money month after month. He is an avid Soccer (Football) fan. He is supposedly a conservative politically and a Christian. He claims to be unable to take pictures of anything including himself. I only got 2 pictures and could never find a similar image online using an image search. He uses a VPN connection so he can look like he is communicating from Cairo but Google traced it back to Lagos anyway.
First name: Linda
Last name: Smith Murphy
Aka: Linda Miller
Age: 33
Location: Houston Texas
Phone: 913 703 4244
Email: Linda Smith hot mail. Com
On websites: tender website, Facebook
Report: She scammed me out at $67,000 romance scammer the one you're looking for Linda Smith Murphy she's in Houston Texas now she's in Kansas Missouri Nicholas Jones the loan off lender in Kansas City she also go with Linda Smith Scott Linda Smith Vasquez and I got information or more she has a PayPal account and it goes by Linda Miller and Bob Robert Miller says in my name that I don't know anything about
First name: Darya
Last name: Shumilinatatjana
Age: 31
Location: .RU
Report: may we chat:-) my my benign:) May be You are able to untidy chat;-) Darya other emails from And donnfentham@gmailcom my cool sir Attentive, immediately I am waiting for champion dude:-) Reply to me: donnfentham@gmailcom;) I can reply to You my picture attached:) talk to you later
First name: Denise
Last name: Levine
Age: 40
Location: United States
Report: TRANSFER NOTIFICATION ALART Hello, We have decided to deposit your total fund of USD$ 22.500.000.00 with JP Morgan Chase Bank Florida so that they can get the transfer completed. Based on their response, they agreed to complete your transfer through Online Banking whereby you can make transfer by yourself to any account of your choice using their Online Banking System Website. You can purchase/buy any goods online through the Online Bank they will open for you while your Visa ATM Card and Check-Booklet will be sent to you using their special Delivery Lady (Ms Janet Foreman) Age is 35-Years. You are advised to contact the JP Morgan Chase Bank Manager today and furnish him with these following details in order to setup an Online Bank account on your behalf: Full Name: Address: State And City: Telephone# Date Of Birth: ***: Copy Of Your ID: Next Of Kin Next Of Kin Email Address or Phone#: Note that the above listed form is very important and make sure your address is complete so that the Special Delivery Lady will not make mistake or deliver to wrong address. JP Morgan Chase Bank FLORIDA Address: 33390 S Dixie Hwy, Florida City, FL 33034, United States Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM ? More hours Kindly update us as soon as you contact the Bank Regards Mr Denise Levine
First name: Ella
Last name: Gunther
Aka: Tatyana, Evgenia, Olga, Rosemary Julie, Tracy, Samantha Baker, Erin Caldwell, Jaelyn Rose, Maria Scoot, Julia Smith, Jessica
Age: 30
Location: Port Harcourt, Nigeria; Dallas, Texas, USA; Kassel, Germany; Accra, Ghana; Arizona, USA; Birmingham, England; Paris, France
Phone: 68288036
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Gail
Last name: Vincent
Aka: Ryan Keely
Age: 44
Location: Australia
On websites:
Report: She needed financial assistance with fees and fines to get home