First name: Viktoriya
Last name: Berezhnaya
Age: 27
Location: Ukraine, Sumy
Report: Viktoriya Berezhnaya is a scammer from Sumy! She says she is madly in love with me just after a few letters. She plays on emotions and beautiful pictures on dating sites. She claims her feelings for me are very strong. Although I am much older than her and so far have not been popular with the women of her age in my country?. She lies, cheats because, she sends me letters that are not the person I talk to, this is a SCAM, She always hints on sending her money ? English classes, and just telling me about her poor financial situation in every letter. She tells me she can come on a tourist visa to see me and asks for money for a visa?. She says she doesn't have a phone and I cannot call her. She is a fraud! Please be cautious, guys!!!!!!!
First name: Harriet
Last name: Winter
Aka: Brook Ashley, Alice Greyson, Tracey Marsula, Rachael Maud, Sabrina Miller, Britney Nylie, Dannah, Marilyn, Bettina Otto, Lisa David, Patricia Melesse, Abigail Jones
Age: 30
Location: Tokyo, Japan; Frankfurt, Germany; Lome, Togo; Abidjan, Ivory Coast; Iraq; Lagos, Nigeria; Ikoyi, Nigeria; Accra, Ghana; Virginia, USA
Phone: 7205238805, 3128788725, 8782075633, 5183037753
On websites: Tagged
Report: Information used in scams
First name: Nana Blessing
Last name: Ankrah
Aka: Saadu Issa, Sandra, Rita Philipe, Diakite Alimata, Sonja Joy, Catania Cruza, Irina, Anastassia, Olena, Yasmina, Camille, Zaya Monday, Angela, Mariya, Olga, Elena, Alisa, Kattylia, Luba, Inna, Amy, Jessica Francoise, Happiness Okoiji
Age: 31
Location: Dakar, Senegal; New York City, NY, USA; Sobinka, Vladimir region, Russia; Glazov, Russia; Bel Tiaski Boki, Senegal
Phone: 4322513239, 4422421202, 4843499649, 4704275200, 7326302330
Email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, LIL.ANGEL212@YAHOO.COM,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
On websites: Tagged
Report: Information used in scams
First name: Dorcas
Age: 30
Location: USA
Address: 23 Ventura Pl NE
Phone: 5877774512
On websites: twitter
Report: Hello Falco Ok hi who is this. And how can i help you today. I guess i missed you. Sorry Hi nice meeting you on here Ok yes and how can i help you today. Oh and also who are you please? Am Dorcas Glover You gave me your email address on a dating site Oh ok i see its bean quite bussy and a bit confusing the last while for me. When are you normaly on so we can have a chat? Hey falco Give me a text on 562 373 5303 Hey Falco Hey good morning how are you?did you sleep well? Am fine i slept very well Hope you had a great night also well it was a bit restless to many things on my mind i guess its difficult to find peacefull but I am once again awake and feeling it, do you have plans for today? Not really I just have to get some items from the store What are you doing now...? I am in the boiler room getting ready to replace a curculator pump that faild last night and gave me an extreamly shocking and exilirating sower This morning Have you had our coffee already No i haven't i am looking forward to it with you later on if that's okay Okay Just let me know when you are on break and send me a picture of you taking Coffee There's a bit something special in mind this morning some Baileys Am getting my coffee made will let you know when it?s ready I can wait i will just get a refill. So how is your day progressing? My day is going great What are you doing now Ooo . Just looking at your cup and realized I have a mouse in my house and I'm getting another refill nice picture by the way thank you You know just being able to share pictures like this kiss me that sense of security I wish I was a people would be able to do the same Loll You have to kill that mouse in your house Yeah LOL they really got at work on this speech recognition that is my plan I had mice last year in my trailer in the fall I thought I had one there were 18 Am really scared of them I would protect you from those nasty mice You really have to I know a few other people that are like that too And I would certainly not put you face to face with a mouse without some kind of protection Like maybe one of those electric tennis rackets you know for mosquitoes They really do work quite well I know I tried it Poor Mouse Try and kill them all We had one mouse last year but a neighbor helped me kill it Peanut butter the best solution to all Mouse infestations good to the last drop LOL Drop dead mouse that is I really hate them They chewed my money on the table Will only children like mice for pets go figure. Your money lol lol thats kind of funny. It provably used it to pay its mortgage have you ever watched the movie Mouse hunt I was literally in tears it was so funny So anyways what you do you find a out-of-the-way spot where mice would tend to go get yourself one of those little mouse traps tie a string to it tides at string to something heavy so the most can't run away with the Trap put some peanut butter on it and leave it there you'll catch the first one something I should have done this time around but forgot You have to do it then One of your little far away to to do that right away I'm sorry I must be having a brain fart where is it you live again Oklahoma it's something age is getting the better part of me today me thinks Kansas Where do you live now tell me Are you done fixing cars I live in Okotoks Alberta and there are no cars scheduled to be fixed today. as for done probably not it helps pay the bills i do however hate working on them I will be happy to work on yours though. well cars aside i must get back to work so i bid you a good, no most excellent day ever and may all you do go the way you want ti to and prosper, bye for now with love Falco Okay Get them done just let me know when you are less busy and want to talk Thanks for the sweet words For you..always. You are really a great person Good Morning Falco Good Morning Dorcas Good sleep? myn was good but i should not have had the deep fry stuff yesterday, i am paying for it today Good mood Falco How is your day going today Lovely picture What are you doing at the moment sitting hear having coffee and arranging priorities for my dayes duties That?s good I spoilt my phone last night It fell on the ground oh that's unfortunate about your phone. they don't like to hit the ground, i don't think they mind falling to much its the sudden stop they dont like, so it isn't working anymore? what kind of phone do you have? I fix phones and have spare parts for some. It?s an I Phone 6 Do you really fix phones yes among many other things is your phone dead or just screwing up? It?s screwing up It?s typing by itself you crack the screen, its called a digitiser, its the layer over the display that resonds to the finger touch Am very unhappy yes that is unfortunate, a digitiser is not very expensive, about 40 dollars Okay I hear I will try and see if I can get one to buy If you are good with your hands you can change them out yourself, i can send you all the instruction videos you will need to step you through it, yes definitely broken. ouch. is your screen still showing a full clean pic underneath It?s not coming anymore show me one with the phone on so i can see, if it is still a clean screen underneath that is all you kneed, Digitizer, and a hairdryer. It?s not switching on not powering is probably detecting the finger press and you cant push 2 keys at the same time I want to cry It?s blank aww, was the screen lookng ok like a full picture? no wories it can be fixed It appeared white exactly I switched it On Now it doesn?t want to come anymore ok no worries the screen is ok then,you just need the digitiser, and i can walk you through the repair. How much does that cost will check for you Its a 7 right? Yes What type of phone do you use digitizer is $25 canadian complete replacement screen and digitiser replacement kit is $115 canadian Are you in Canada that incudes all the tools, but you can get what you need at the doller sotore yes canada Which part are you staying So how much do I need to fix my phone now if the screen is ok and it was full with nothing missing in the picture then it will cost you 23 or less because of exchange rate, you will need a hair drier and a guitar pick 2 picks and one more flat longer piece of rigid plastic sheeting. oh and one philips precition screwdriver Am broke for now will get it fixed as soon as I get some funds The phone as really made me feel unhappy trough out the day i believe you, i feel naked without mine I would sugest a nice case for your phone Really what case is that any one that protects the screen there are lots of diferant ones out the for iphone Yeah I know I will have to get a screen protector and a case for it got to head to work now , have a better day , the digitizer i likely quit a bit cheaper for your in the us, ok gye for now iPhone 7 Plus Screen LCD Replacement Step By StepiPhone 7 Plus Screen LCD Replacement Step By Step Okay It?s a nice procedure Hey Falco how is your day going Everything is fighting me today. But i am deturmand. Thanks for asking. Skipping lunch today. Want to get this one out of my way. Okay Are you busy at the moment Sort of but i can spair a moment. Whats up? hello, i am taking a brake right now, Is there somthing i can help with? Okay Joshua work going How is work going lol, timings a bit off, i am just about to head back to it for another couple hours, get this finished, its all fighting me a bit today for some reason, off my game i guess. thanks for asking That?s good to hear so do you figure you can handle the digitizer swap? Have not gotten the digitizer no time today, woke up late, have to catch you after work sorry, bye for now Bye talk to you later Hi good morning. Good morning falco How are you kind of listless feeling today, I cant believe how many times i am being hit up for a scam now, adding up the requests for money in the last 24 hours it over $1200 Who?s are you giving that amount to there are 5 people , diferent people one is 550, the other is 250, then 100, then itunes cards, ext i just keeps going Hmmm That?s the same way I got scammed You have to Block all of them the last one this morning was a verification scam, for dating sights. yes im going crazy, check this youtoob out Online Dating Scam: Date Verification Part 1 - Your
First name: Anna
Last name: West
Age: 37
Location: Michigan
On websites: google hang outs
Report: no good scammer and i have been chatting with her for over a year now, she wants a i-tunes cards or wall mart gift cards
First name: Helen
Last name: Bruse
Aka: Oleksandra, Galyna, Berlinda Nelson, Linda, Grace, Darya, Larysa, Inna, Alisa, Elena, Katya, Ekaterina, Luba, Olena, Adelina Nasyrova, Cathy Taylor, Nylie Smith, Ella White, Juliet, Rachael, Priscilla
Age: 28
Location: Sacramento, California, USA; Los Angeles, California, USA; Lagos, Nigeria; Miami, Florida, USA
Address: Lugovaya 11-12, Evpatoria, 97420, Crimea, Ukraine
Phone: 4016006575, 5073530878, 7205238805
On websites: Wonder Dating, Wamba
First name: Eliska
Last name: Annabeth
Aka: Katherine
Age: 29
Report: I just now found your page, and I'm actually all moisten because of your images. I've already been waiting home for weeks, with no, clearly you know exactly what I am talking about and I got some shots only for you...
First name: Oksana
Last name: Noskova
Aka: Anna Batigova, Alyona, Bella Smith, Bella Catherine, Catherine Bella, Katya, Luba, Elena, Larysa, Inna, Clara Bettina, Gladys Herz, Micaela Albanese, Roseline Mawena, Sarah Prenant, Donna Kathy, Dannah Watson, Evelyn Bruce
Age: 33
Location: Moscow, Russia; Lugansk, Ukraine; Chistopol, Russia; Mariupol, Ukraine; Accra, Ghana; Houston, Texas, USA; London, England
Address: Ukraine, Lugansk, kvartal Mirniy, 2, flat 7
Phone: 380501379617, 79381061408, 79034011120
On websites: Tinder, Meetic, Badoo
First name: Lillian
Aka: Alisha.H
Age: 26
Location: Chicago USA
On websites: Myhornylocals
Report: Alisha H. ? Chicago ? 26 ? Hello! How are you? Alisha H. Do you like me? I want a man that is so charming, just looking at him will get my lady juices flowing. Write to me if you like me
First name: Anna
Last name: Batigova
Aka: Lucy, Yulia, Anastasiya, Irisha, Elena, Alina, Tetiana, Larisa, Jenya, Olga, Valentina, Sofiya, Larysa, Adira Simon, Lucia, Cassandra Abdel, Myroslava Kanievska, Mariya Petriko, Ellen, Jennifer Lumba, Rachael Ann, Janne, Darya, Helenachka, Elli Handez, Susan Miller, Rebecca Wright, Patience Barnor, Pamela Mckee, Rejoice Obeng, Adelina Nasyrova
Age: 33
Location: Lome, Togo; Cambodia; Moscow, Russia; Kiev, Ukraine; Mariupol, Ukraine; Paris, France; Houston, Texas, USA
Phone: 79381061408, 79034011120, 74954568768, 9382385022, 9704328329, 7403254935, 2243779016
Email:,,,,,, Report:
First name: Jessica
Last name: Santos
Age: 27
Location: Usa las vegas nv.and texas
Phone: 5809250016
On websites: Hangout
Report: Met this person on hmu and then moved over to hangouts. We got to talking she asked if i wanred to see her said for 100 i said i could not afford she said 20 would be ok i ended up buying a google card took pic of card she then ran card and said card did not work i said great. Got anothe r card street card she saix hold on and i joked said i bet it wont work and loser gives winner massage and send naked pic to the winner she jokes said ok then now she does not answer or has she since she got card i also notice the scamners ive crosses with all call me dear and ask all time if i eat en.
First name: Fustina
Last name: Oppong
Age: 30+
Location: Ghana
Phone: +23324440737?2
On websites: Wharsapp
Report: Strong explicit and offensive photos
First name: Stella
Last name: Oliver
Age: 34
Location: Usa
On websites: hangouts
Report: Tipycal scammer. Want to get giftcards, wont show on videocall
First name: Anastasiya
Age: 34
Location: Rusia
On websites: two hearts
Report: She started the first contact with me! She said she found my email address on a contact website called Two Hearts
First name: Carole
Last name: Durant
Aka: Svetlana, Irina, Larysa, Olga, Lubov, Elena, Gifty Nice, Mary Anderson Woods, Austin Escorts, Leanne Gray
Age: 30
Location: Mariupol, Ukraine; Makarovka, Ukraine; Ulyanovsk, Russia
Phone: 221707207675, 5125963445
On websites: Tagged, Wonder Dating, Interpals
First name: Anastaysia
Age: 23
Location: Orenburg Russia
Phone: 790633527
Report: Everything so far points to being a scammer
First name: Mariya
Last name: Kochetkova
Aka: Yulia, Larisa Kolesnik, Anna Batigova, Luba, Dasha, Valeriya, Bernice Williams, Jennifer Scott, Mills Vanessa, Veronica Anderson, Sophia Grindle, Queen Taylor, Katie Joris, Gladys Maxwell, Katie Higgins, Marian Joseph, Wendy Bae, Abby Martinez, Rebecca Wales
Age: 32
Location: Russia, Kogalym; Makarovka, Ukraine; Ukraine, Antratzyt; Accra, Ghana; Lagos, Nigeria; Sydney, Australia; Babensham, Germany
Address: Russia, Khanty-Mansiyskiy avtonomnyy okrug, Kogalym, Rizhskaya str., house 41 Ukraine, 94612, Lugansk region, Antratzyt, Petrakovskogo str., 3/29
Phone: 380994239527, 79381061408, 79034011120, 6466016936, 2252575382, 233542985360
On websites: Plenty of Fish, Tinder, Meetic, Badoo, Wonder Dating
First name: Julia
Last name: Sand
Aka: Aida, Alena, Lenzy, Elizabeth Storey, Olga, Elena, Anastasiya, Inna, Rose Linababe, Sarah Gert, Helen Williams, Helen P. Juliane, Melissa Ordway, Jahn Yvonnem, Angela Coker, Felicia, Clara Hannah Davis
Age: 30
Location: Almaty, Kasachstan; San Antonio, Texas, USA; Los Angeles, California, USA; Villa Ridge, Missouri, USA; Kenya; Palm Harbor, Florida, USA; Accra, Ghana
Phone: 8144190371
On websites: Facebook, Tagged, instagram
First name: Theresa
Last name: Sanford
Age: 30
Location: Canada, Cloverdale
Report: This is the first email she sent me (and later she asked me for money):
First name: Tatiana
Last name: Krasnobaeva
Aka: Galina, Queenmo, Darlene, Nicole, Jill Rictacita Mike, Karina, Anastasiya, Olga, Oleksandra, Marilyn Clara, Theresa Owusu, Nancy William, Angel Brooks, Allison Emily, Shania William, Wendy, Vanessa, Laura Lawrence, Gina Enyo, Stacy Clarke, Belinda, Wilfred Kadishian, Dominique Francoire, Ellis Atraicey, Hareem Madil, Marry Tom
Age: 29
Location: Grand Canyon Village, USA; Dnipro, Ukraine; Noblesville, Indiana, USA; Paris, France; Manitoba, Canada; Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire; Kabul, Afganistán; Accra, Ghana; Lagos, Nigeria; Greenville, South Carolina, USA
Address: Ukraine, 49125, Dnipro, Bogomaza str., 202, apt 58
Phone: 2348033954214, 380981231231, 3128788725, 9804499568, 9853084771, 2817890551, 14122652163
On websites: Devoted Singles, Facebook, Interpals, Wonder Dating
First name: Awa
Last name: Turkmani
Aka: Anastasiya, Camila Vladine, Emily Fogle, Mary Lee, Smithy White, Caroline Duran, Elizabeth Williams, Eva Jamal, Lyn Herster, Jane, Daisy, Sarah, Joanie Gilmore, Bailey Whitney, Wendy Bae, Shania William, Hareem Madil
Age: 28
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Phone: 5185350422, 9207775452, 4129306113
On websites: Tagged, Wonder.Dating
First name: Mariya
Last name: Kochetkova
Aka: Larisa Kolesnik, Angelina, Natasha, Tatyana, Yuliya, Claudia, Emma John, Leticia, Svetlana, Anastasiya, Natalya Buda, Alena, Darya, Elizabeth Storey, Olga, Oleksandra, Viktoria, Rosalinda Dehoyos, Vicky Sarah, Laura Bianca, Elisabeth Clara, Lola Hanson, Clara Craig Bella, Rachael Koomson, Lorey, Alberta, Michelle Kendrick, Lisa Milli, Denny, Kelli Smith, Sheema Khaja, Sheila Smith, Bea, Sarah
Age: 32
Location: Antratzyt, Ukraine; Volgograd, Russia; Moscow, Russia; Saint Petersbourg, Russia; Kumasi, Ghana; London, United Kingdom; Charlotte, USA; Accra, Ghana; Abbey Wood, United Kingdom; New York City, NY, USA; Bronx, Idaho, USA; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Falher, Canada; Rotterdam, Netherlands; California City, California, USA; Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA
Address: Ukraine, 94612, Lugansk region, Antratzyt, Petrakovskogo str., 3/29; Russia, Khanty-Mansiyskiy avtonomnyy okrug, Kogalym, Rizhskaya str., house 41
Phone: 380994239527, 79096054213, 7244912395, 3043717636, 3216136349
On websites: Meetme, Wonder.Dating, Facebook
First name: Eva
Last name: Parhomenko
Aka: Elina Shaymardanova
Age: 37
Location: Kiev / Ukraine
Phone: +380 999 491 633
Email: ; Sunny Elinok
On websites: Google hangout
Report: Use third-party images from Kseniya Shipilova and Anastasia Reshetova
First name: ajara
Last name: osman
Age: 30
Location: kumasi ghana
Phone: 233 577355171 ore 024789600-1
On websites: skype whatsapp
First name: Anne Marie
Last name: Droulez
Aka: Linda Austin, Constant Marek, Sophia Barzanji, Anita Martina, Natalya, Jane, Nadezhda, Darya, Oleksandra, Anastasiya, Polina, Elizabeth Storey, Karen, Vicky Laura, Emma Sadia, Mary Rams, Confidence Agudah, Patricia Judy, Katie Freda, Freda Mensah, Judy Lagasse, Alberta, Rachel Hogsed, Justina Juliet, Quaye, Nicky Gile, Sweet Nekey, Sweet Ammar, Rasha Terry, Shelly Stephanie, Adrienne Hinton, Rosa Linda Dehoyos, Susan Mark, Alisson, Stacy, Pearl Obaapa
Age: 30
Location: Sunyani, Ghana; Queens, New York, USA; Alabama, USA; Novosibirsk, Russia; Ilorin, Nigeria; Accra, Ghana; Dallas,Taxes, USA; Belgium; California City, California, USA; Agoura Hills, California, USA; Nettelhorst, Gelderland, Netherlands
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On websites: Interpals, Tagged, Wonder.Dating
First name: Oksana
Last name: Pecherskih
Aka: Love Drop
Age: 30
Location: Cherkassy Ukraine
Phone: +380631049103
On websites:,
Report: This young lady hounded me with email and photos until I responded. Once I had responded, the pity party began. She had no money for food or clothing, and no winter coat. She then began to ask if I could help her in some way. I did forward her 500 US dollars over a couple of weeks. She kept in touch on Viber and sent me a photo of the coat she had purchased. The coat looked old and used. Then I received an email on the website that her purse had been stolen on the bus in town and her phone was in her purse so she could not longer keep in touch. She even stopped visiting the website. At that point, I knew that I had been scammed and have no idea whatever happened to her. I have not encountered her since.
First name: Ylyana
Last name: Reznikova
Aka: Marina, Esther Phillips, Annabelle Sarah, Nadezda, Yuliana, Anna, Mariya, Duha, Lillian, Yuliana, Oleksandra, Ekaterina, Julie Wang Lam, Elena Smiths, Perra Marlin, Juliet Gary, Ryan Hahn, Sadia, Regina Ade Styron, Sophia Challote, Elsie Phillips, Linda Sorena, Henney Queen, Zainba, Rachel Hogsed
Age: 29
Location: Dakar, Senegal; Bam, Iran; Mexico City, Mexico; Voronezh, Russia; Yoshkar-Ola, Russia; Indonesia; Melbourne, Australia; Hong Kong; Washington, D.C., USA; Lagos, Nigeria; Winter Park, USA; California, USA; Accra, Ghana; Singapore; Belgium
Phone: 5512621317, 4804930768
On websites: Tagged, Eskimi, Russianflirting, Interpals
First name: OKSANA
Last name: ABRAMOVA
Age: 29
Location: Moscow Russia
On websites: GM Mail
Report: She is trying to get you with Nude Pics
First name: Marry
Age: 30
Location: Accra Ghana
On websites: Google Hangouts
Report: Met her 5 yrs ago on Google Hangouts wanted me to pay passport 350, visa 250 and medical 450.and flight to upstate New York for two week trip 2500.told her no. She then said that if I did she would bring gold with her to pay me back. She went by the name Marry don't have the rest of the information because she kept on bothering me so I got a new phone and changed the number.
First name: Anita
Last name: Leya
Aka: Riena, Alisa, Eliza, Irina, Anna, Oleksandra, Anastasiya, Polina, Elena, Svetlana, Mary, Racheal, Bella Rose, Alina Alova, Rebecca, Tracy Brown, Regina, Sandra, Stacy, Melessa Freya, Karen
Age: 29
Location: Italy; Kutaisi, Georgia; Voronezh, Russia; Alexandria, Indiana, USA; Jacksonville, Florida, USA; California City, California, USA; Iliassa, Senegal
Phone: 5086847033, 5058006067, 2532001063, 9042932420, 2815843395, 7085840386
On websites: Wonder.Dating, Galactic.Love, Loveplanet
Latest female scammers
Name: Angela Robinson
Age: 37
Name: Olga
Age: 42
Name: Anastasia Nazarova
Age: 40
Name: Sophia Keira
Age: 28
Name: Diana
Age: 35
Name: Sharon
Age: 46
Name: Kylie Williams
Age: 38
Name: Betty Taylor
Age: 29
Name: Janice Lockhart
Age: 37
Name: Linda Asare
Age: 33
Name: Maria Clara Alexander
Age: 30
Name: Julie Karlla
Age: 23
Name: Oksana Sheverina
Age: 36
Name: Alicia Graham
Age: 30
Name: Margaret Tyler
Age: 60
Name: Mercy Sol
Age: 33
Name: Maria
Age: 32
Name: Jennifer Benson
Age: 30
Name: Aria Richard
Age: 30
Name: Victoria Ankomah
Age: 29