First name: Ulyana
Last name: Byharena
Aka: Elena Wlasowa
Age: 26
Location: Sajansk
Address: Russia, Sajansk, Pushkina 37 Street, Flat 3
On websites:
Report: She, AKA: Elena Wlasowa has been emailing me about coming to the USA and wanting to meet me for a soul mate. She says will be here by her birthday of May 25th. Does not give a birth year but says she is 26 years old. pictures she sent is definitly same as Ulyana Byharena
First name: Joyce
Last name: Omala
Aka: omjoyy
Age: 22
Location: Cote d' Ivoire
On websites:
Report: Emailed me saying that her father was killed and left her a lump sum of money. Said he put a hold on it until she could leave her country to flee to the U.S. She needed me to put it in her account and then become a father figure to her. She said she needed $920.00 to get the work done for the transfer to begin. I sent it and she acted as if it was going through. Then I recieved an email from a company called International Financial Crime Commisson saying that I had to pay $6,700 within 48hours to get the money transfer to complete. Due to the terrorist attacks on the U.S. on 9/11. They say it was to verify the money sent over (1.5m)would not be used for terrorists. I have all the emails as well as I still communicate with her. I checked this site because I was about to try and get the $6,700 and send it to them. She told me that the men that killed her father were after her now because they knew she would have this money. Thats why I was willing to try, to save her life, so i thought. It was also very believable because she showed me bank statements of the transfer being complete, also she gave me a number to call the bank and ask for a guy named Anoma Joseph. I spoke with him twice. But when I trid to contact the number for the so-called IFCC, it was not a working number, and no one in the U.S. had heard of such a licence. (anti-terrorist license)
First name: Natalya
Last name: Vasileva
Age: 26
Location: Cheboksary
Report: Scammed me of $670 to buy ticket and visa
First name: Erin
Last name: Ellis
Aka: sharesometme23
Age: 36
Location: Washington, NC
On websites: Singlenet
Report: She's Age: 36 Race / Ethnicity: White / Caucasian Height: 5' 4
First name: Sveta
Aka: Svetlana Vasilieva, Elena Kozlova, Elena Rozlova, Marina
Age: 30
Location: Russia
On websites: match, Yahoo
Report: Good DAY !!! My name is Sveta. This letter shows you, that I live in the USA. It is a mistake. I live in Russia. I wrote, that I live in Russia, but it was said anyhow, that I'm from the USA, therefore not to be surprised. I live in Russia. The matter is that acquaintance on the Internet now is popular all over the world I have seen your profile and it became very interesting to me to read about you. I see that you want to find your soulmate and I want it as well! I think what to write to you now, and it is really very difficult to write to a man knowing him only by a picture, but your information about youself helps me to understand you and what you want. I am an educated girl, with a harmonious body; my height is 5 ' 7
First name: vivian
Last name: cole
Age: 37
Location: nigeria
Email: not sure
Report: tried to get get me to wire money ot africa. she was suppose to be a model
First name: Sunica
Last name: Nicoleta
Age: 32
Location: Bucharest - Romania
Report: I can tell you about this Nicoleta Sunica. I want to find the person who reported her : , to get his email becouse i know exactly from where she can find this Nicoleta Sunica. I know her, i kkow where she works.
First name: Sandra
Last name: Khalifa
Age: unknown
Location: Senegak, Dakar
Report: The telephone number of the
First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Pashkova
Age: 27
Location: russia
Report: She tried but failed. I done a search on her before it went to far.
First name: christina
Last name: whit
Aka: na
Age: 25-35
Location: ajax ontario canada
Phone: 1-888-474-3937
Email: na
Report: I was told I was approved for a secured garenteed loan with a 537.48 deposit I sent it and never recieved my money i
First name: Mary
Last name: Williams
Age: 26
Location: london, England
Report: there is a report on here and it the same thing this other guy said she ask me for my address and she ask for my account number for my bankand i said i it did not feel right so i said no and she got my address.i thought something was wired when she said she was sending me a check and then ask me to cash it the get her a hotel room and then send her the rest bye via.
First name: adora
Last name: dalagan
Aka: asdlady2001
Age: 26
Location: philippines
Phone: 011639179823239
Report: asking money from lots of guys...liar!
First name: Irina
Age: 28
Location: Cheboksary Russia
Report: Fell in love in three weeks. Asked for balance of money for airline ticket so she would not lose the deposit she already paid. I have seen the exact same letters on a black list.
First name: natalia
Age: 27
Report: this is a **** star known as jessie jane
First name: Gulnur
Last name: Ahmatgalieva
Aka: Gulya
Age: 27
Location: Permi
Report: pretends to be a friend very convincingly for a number of months then starts asking for money, sick mother, travel etc. She is dangerously convincing I did'nt fall for it because I was interested in penpals.
First name: Jane
Last name: Thompson
Age: 16?
Location: America
Report: I sold her some pieces of jewelery sometime last year, the jewelery was worth $1250 usd. She has not yet paid for the jewelery I sent her. Ms Jane Thompson said she will pay me for the jewelery I sent her, but I have not yet received payment she owes me. I do want my money. I can't believe she was dishonest.
First name: Olga
Last name: Kalugina
Age: 27
Location: Kalachinsk, Russia
Address: Sovetskaya Street 16-29
On websites: Craigs List
Report: sent way too many pictures of herself. I thought it was fun to get as many as possible and enjoy her. She is cute but you can obviously catch her if you are smart enough to pay attention.
First name: anastasia
Age: 27
Location: usa
Report: she is a woman who i just met on a dating site .which is match .com. i met this ******* 20th of this month . infact i really belief in this girl and was willing to do anything for this girl for sure. before this 29th of this month she ask me for 300dollars to pay for her moms bill . which i was was going to send. but unfortunately western union denied me of sending the money and told me the girl was on thier scamming list. so thank God i did not send the money
First name: Susan
Last name: Martins
Aka: Sandra Campo
Age: 33
Location: South Africa, Nigeria
On websites: iwantu
Report: The pictures are the same as this girl Susan Martins, however she used the name Sandra. She kept talking about meeting up, but I noticed she could not even keep tack of her emails and what she told me. I traced her emails to a Internet Cafe in a Mall in Lagos, Nigeria, even though she told she was in South Africa. It was easy to spot she was a fake, she could not answer questions about herself. I have more pictures of her as well.
First name: Natalia
Last name: Kropotova
Age: 28
Location: Samara
Report: Love for my, recherche scammers
First name: Vasilina
Last name: Gorunowa
Aka: Elena Volkova
Age: 25
Location: Russia-Markova(near Irkutsk)
Address: Russia, Markova, Portovskaya 41 street, flat 7
Report: I received an e-mail from this lady in which she explained how happy she was with my reaction on her profile on the dating-site. But the fact is that I haven't reacted to any profile belonging to this person. Even worse, I didn't list the e-mail adress(were i received this e-mail) on any dating-site. So now they can also find our private personal e-mail adresses. She didn't ask me for anything but considering the circumstances she is likely to be a scammer and also because the second e-mail that i've received from her was almost excactly the same as the one from Elena Volkova to Don.
First name: aria
Last name: linja
Age: 26
Location: volzhsk
Report: two letters
First name: elizabeth
Last name: aagesen
Aka: Rose Annie aka Lora,aka Sharon,aka Susan aka elizabeth akinsanya
Age: 26
Location: Lagos (Nigeria)
Report: I see this scammer is back in operation first came into contact around 28 June 2004 visa & ticket scam ... had the pics but must have deleted them all. Wish i'd seen this site before ... these ppl need to be thrown in jail & the key thrown away for the way they ***** ppl's hearts & lives soon as i saw the pic i KNEW it was her :@ profile at :- Keep up the terrific job guys thanx for the mail ****......theres always an angel from me guiding u and protecting u......i love u. i just got back from the doctor and he said it was an ulcer....mild one though, he said i should eat more often and rest he gave me some drugs that i will start taking once i get u dont need to worry much cos i will be for the details u asked for as regards paul here they are: Surname: APANPA Firstname: ADESOKAN Middlename: PAUL Address: 16 ABIODUN KUYE STREET City: OKO-OBA State: LAGOS country: NIGERIA Zip Code: 23405 i believe thats all u need , in case u need more info u can just contact me .......**** i really hope things work like we planned this time cos i really wanna be with u i love u and being with u is all i want i miss u so much it hurts baby, i have never felt this ****** in my entire life, i have let u down, all our plans have come to naught at this point, **** after the visa interview today i was denied visa on personality grounds.....they said that we had to be related before they culd grant me the visa....thats even after telling them about us...they still insisted. i even told them that the tickets i got were non-refundable they said there was nothing they culd do about it. i feel so disappointed i have really let u down, i am sorry after all u've done
First name: Nadezhda
Age: 31
Location: Salagaevo (Russia)
Email: ,
On websites: Cupid Bay
Report: Dear mine at me now another email write to me to this address I cannot answer you on any more old write to me on new email I I wait with impatience from you the new letter love you Nadezhda.
First name: Kristina Aleksandrova
Last name: Christopher
Age: 29
Location: Festival 30-74 - Cheboksary - federacion Rusa
Address: 422028
Phone: sin numero
Report: Mi nombre completo, Kristina Aleksandrova Y mi dirección: Festival30-74 La ciudad Cheboksary, 424028 La Federación Rusa lod de siempre, te amo, me pidio dinero como a todos vosotros, felizmente gracias a esta pagina he podido darme cuenta que se tratava de un timo. este es el ultimo mail que me envio : Manden el capital a este banco VNESHTORGBANK 7-8352-340034 ENTUZIASTOV 25 CHEBOKSARY, 428023, mandan sobre este banco A través del sistema la Money Gram, ya que esto en será mucho más más rápido y es más seguro mi amor.
First name: nastya
Aka: olga
Age: 28
Location: yoscar-ola
Email: isp@mail25
Report: lo mismo de sienpre
First name: Sandra
Last name: Smith
Aka: Sandra Peters
Age: 30
Location: Phoenix, AZ
On websites:
Report: Sandra has been trying to bilk me out of money trying to get her home form Nigeria
First name: Kelly
Last name: Cole
Age: 30
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
On websites:
Report: Asked for $219 in first mail for medical bills. Apologize for deleting mail.
First name: irina
Aka: Elena
Age: 28
Location: russia
Email: yahoo
On websites: yandex
Report: she is trying to get money to come to the states to see me I am still working on her to use up her internet time I will keep you posted
First name: RAMZY AWUDU
Last name: ADAMS
Age: 30
Location: ACCRA (GHANA)
Phone: 233244075313
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