First name: wasilia
Last name: gameroon
Age: 22
Location: accra, ghana
Report: look out for this chick, she fell in love after the second chat, then proceded to ask me for money, well i did, and then she tried to use my credit card number, good thing the credit card company alerted me about this, so she got no more
First name: Irina
Last name: Dolganicheva
Aka: Natalya, Lapashka
Age: 27
Location: Kirov, Russia
On websites:
Report: Visa scam. Hasn't actually asked for money yet, but stated that she paid some money up front for her visa, and doesn't think she will have enough for the rest. I'm betting that she won't.
First name: natalia
Last name: sergeeva
Aka: mariya malahova
Age: 26
Location: russia samara
Report: marriage scam
First name: Julia
Last name: Fedorowa
Aka: Maria
Age: 25
Location: Olha, Russia
Address: Lenina Street 6, Flat 19
Report: Same scam as the rest. Sent an email looking to find her love in the US. Then she will likely ask for money to get a flight here.
First name: elana
Age: 28?
Location: kanash
Report: I started correspondence with this person through a web site I was looking at for fun. I realized I wasn't getting any answers. She want to meet and want to make arrangements it all seemed fast and I have made several attempts for us to talk on Yahoo instant messanger and received no confirmation about doing that. I gave her my phone numbers but the answer was no available phone ect.. that started me to wonder if there is no phone then how are you able to email me. plus she is way to good looking. anyway it has only been about 2 weeks
First name: aisha
Last name: danjuma
Aka: ayeesha
Age: 27
Location: nigeria , lagos
Address: 22 shasa rd, Egbeda, Akowonjo
Email: gentlechic2000
On websites: myspace
Report: This person uses model pics from blackcuties website , wants money to leave country, cant pay rent, ect, cant afford internet fees, or webcam, but allways answers emails within hour. Pics were also listed on nigerian scammer website .
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Age: 25
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Age: 24
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Age: 35
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Age: 34