First name: Zubaidatu
Last name: Ibrahim
Age: 32
Location: Accra/Ghana
Address: Oku Street 28 West Africa-Ghana Accra-Nima zip 00233
On websites: Cheaters
Report: Hey there just wanted to say thanks for the information on this sight. I was contacted by a girl in Ghana/Accra West Africa. I was on a dating sight Cheaters when she emailed me. Told me she was looking for a truthful faithful guy. First she wanted money for her computter so she can stay on the web. Then she said she loves me after only a few chats. Then she wanted to come to the United States and if i would send her money for an passport,vista,and plane ticket. She also told me her father died last year and she is living with her mom and uncle. Thank you guys for this sight you saved me from alot of trouble. Keep up the good work and again thank you so much.
First name: Rodeliza (Lita)
Last name: Pulido
Age: 35 to 38
Location: cambodia phnom penh
Address: 147a street207,7markara
Phone: 855 118 87451
On websites: msn
Report: This person has taken about 10,000 usd from over a period of 2.5 years with the promise of coming to Canada to be my wife.
First name: Jean
Last name: Thomas
Age: 30
Location: Tennesse
On websites: Cupid @ least that is where she got my address
Report: The person was using pictures of a pornstar from from Private Adult web site. A few pics show her wearing some type of strap with Private and their logo on it. She was trying to tell me she was from Moscow, parents died, family revolted over her on the estate, and she was staying at Aunts home in Tennessee. Fell for me in 4 days, talking about building a family. Waiting for the money question. I found the web site, and pulled the plug. Wish we could really get these people, and lock them away for a long long time. And neuter them/casterate males and females involved.
First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Kukarkina
Age: 38 ?
Location: Petuhovo
Address: 606460
Report: She tells she needs money for a ticket and for the visa. I am sure she lies all the time.
First name: Stella
Last name: Fischer
Age: mid 30
Location: Cameroon garoua
On websites: back page craigslist.
Report: I was intresting in buying a couple ofmarmoset monkeys. They sounded like a good deal. It was too late for me befor I knew it. They asked me to adopt this pet and they would only charge me.175. For.the shipping cost. After that was sent they additionally wanted to.charge me. Before I received anything. Her name is Stella and she has a husband named Patrick. They used and.excuse that they were having a baby and needed to get rod of the pets. Total scam
First name: emelia
Last name: martin
Age: 33
Location: accra ghana
Phone: +233545629792
On websites: are you interested facebook
Report: this woman contcted me and have had conversations through facebook and ahoo her birthday does not add up with what she said and what is posted on facebook do not know if this is the woman of the pictures she sent
First name: Ashley
Last name: Cole
Age: 47
Location: United Kingdom
Phone: 1-424-224-9820
On websites: dating sites
Report: goes by another email,,, alias known as quadri sobowale, alias known as james oladapo, julie brown, a group of men and women
First name: Lilian
Last name: Wouters
Age: 34
Location: Claimed - Isle of Man
Phone: 07754153987
On websites:
Report: I was contacted via,uk dating site in the UK. I put her mobile No into google and found the same photo's on this site under the name of Jenifer Packerson. She claimed to be from the Isle of Man but her English and the way it was written are clearly not that of someone living and brought up on the Isle and Man.
First name: Vera
Last name: Mennns
Age: 32
Location: Saint Louis,Missouri & Ghana Africa
On websites: girls date for free & yahoo messanger
Report: Met this profile same as all the rest profile says they are from the USA then start a chat with them they are in Ghana Africa. All missinga family member have money problems asking for money. there are many profiles of this woman with different descriptions age, name, and locations.
First name: maame
Last name: paker
Aka: eunice lartey
Age: 32
Location: accra ghana
Phone: 233541044478
On websites: zoosk
Report: she made contact with me on email thru sent here 500.00 for papers to come to us she wants 2200.00 more for flight but i check here and found her here