First name: ekuma
Last name: alicja magdalena
Aka: 09/10/1989
Age: 25
Location: poland, cracovie
Address: osiedle 30 lecia 39/1b city wodzislaw slaski 44 - 300 poland
Phone: +48 576065260
On websites: meetic. fr. tinder, happn
Report: she always call me , and wrote, she wanted to come to visit me in belgium, she asked me to paid a fly tocket fo her
First name: Nelen
Last name: Gatela
Age: 33
Location: bulua,Cagayan de oro city,philippines
Address: 765 Mabini Street
Phone: ?+63 926 083 7708?
On websites: Craigslist
Report: She convinced me to send her over $800 in two days and later on found another ad she posted on Craigslist of a different person but same name.
First name: Comfort
Aka: Comfort 1
Age: 63
Location: Ghana
Email: Unknown
On websites: Match 1
Report: Comfort 1 operates with Salia Larry, and tells you that she is the mother of Salia Larry, they gang up on you to send money for food and internet and clothing big ticket items, They use guilt so you will send money.
First name: Jennifer
Last name: Lopez
Aka: Jennifer Lopez
Age: 42
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Email: Unknown
On websites: Zoosk, Match 1
Report: Claims her mother and father died in a car accident at a very early age and looks and lives with her grandmother, Wants to come to the country where you live for a better life, eventually tells you her father left her money in the form of gold but it is only obtainable from Ghana, tells you her grandmother has gone to Ghana to retrieve the gold so it is obtainable and she will share it with you to start a new life, the scam is she wants you to send money for a visa and medical to come to you,and the grandmother is stuck in Ghana because she can't pay for food, a hotel and she want you to send money to these men who her grandmother knows there, all men, be aware she is very crafty.
First name: sophia
Last name: see
Age: 32
Location: washington/ nigeria
On websites: yuji
Report: she says she is in the army, in iran / iraq, not true. asks for money to get married, she says she inherits her fathers legacy , has a so called lawyer living in spain. found out she is in nigeria ,
First name: Anastasia
Last name: Gonchar
Age: 26
Location: ukraine kiev
Address: I do not want to say
Phone: I do not want to say
On websites: godatenow
Report: I had a fantastic corrospondance with the ******* for about 2? month and thought wow she is so nice and my dream girl so i buy a ticket to ukraine to visit her from 27th september - 9th october. During corrospondance I became aware of the previous report about her being on many different websites, so I asked the girl to send me a selfie with my name on a piece of paper.. and she did.. However corrospondance had the same classis paterns and I suspected something was wrong for some time and my feeling turned out to be right. About 4 days before I arrive in kiev she all of a sudden maybe have to go on business trip, was promoted to team leader, had problems at work, fathers resturant had problems, and she had to held imporant lecture about their findings in Aids research... To make the story short, i by her contact information and send her flowers.. The flower delivery had problems contacting her, and first time another girl answer the phone so they did not deliver. Second time flowers and chocolate was delivered.. AND she could only have know about this if she or maybe a translator recieve them.
First name: Evelyn
Last name: Mcroy
Age: 40
Location: Ghana, Accra
Email: Mcroyevelyn@gmail
On websites: Google's hangouts
Report: She found me on match date site.
First name: Karen
Last name: Smith
Age: 29
Location: Paradise Valley, Arizona
Phone: (480) 739-9836
On websites: Adult Friend Finder
Report: Met her on Adult Friend Finder, says we was in Nigeria for doing work, thought she wanted a serious relationship until I found out it was too late, I got scammed with some money because she needed it because the food was making her sick, I now realize she does not exist.
First name: AALEE
Last name: HESHLEY
Aka: Victoria Otubea
Age: 33 (October, 01)
Location: Germany
Address: N\A
Phone: +49 157 59620541 \ +1 00149157596
On websites: Google
Report: I have alot of pictures of this women that were sent to me by her
First name: josie ann
Last name: miller
Aka: josie model
Age: 30+
Location: kamasi saume ghana
Email: not known
On websites: skype
Report: the person above was in contact with me3 days ago and was using fotoes ove someone i know and is on youre web site
First name: Anna
Last name: Babkina
Age: 43
Location: Russia Wolsk
Address: Stra?e Maxim Gorky 10
On websites: lovoo
Report: She likes you on lovoo, then she send her email-adress. with the first emails pictures of her and her adult children are sent. her husband died 1,5 years ago with an autounfall and you look like her husband. she does not want to be alone anymore. I wanted to visit her in Russia, but she said I could not speak Russian and it would be better if she came. she can always write only from work. in 2 weeks she should suddenly be unemployed and she wanted to come to germany for 90 days. she has applied for a passport and a visa. I got a call from the visazentrum. after a few days she wrote to me that she can get the visa but she must show 4500 ?. she did not have the money but. I then called at the German embassy and asked if it also goes with a declaration of compulsion. Answer yes, only there was no application for a visa.
First name: Mirjana
Aka: Vilyna Otoubreva
Age: 29
Location: Uzice, Serbia
On websites: unkown
Report: This person contacted me on 09-17-17. I knew right away that this had to be a scam. I even traced the email address and it came back that is was sent from Brazil. I have scanned the other emails and they are now coming from the US East and West coasts, it changes from email to email. After searching your database of letters I got a hit with the last email she sent, amazing how these people have scripts they use. Too bad this isn't the first time I have had something like this happen to me. Anyways, thanks for the info on this site I was able to confirm my suspicions. By the way, they are using different pictures.
First name: Juliana
Last name: Donkor
Age: 31
Location: Ghana kumasi
Address: Block 1 plot h Bantama high street
Phone: + 233555410038
On websites: WhatsApp
Report: This women tried to con me out of money and claimed she had inherited 120 kilos of gold and needed 30,000? to get it released from a goldlinkcompany
First name: barrister clifford
Last name: akana
Age: 40 ish
Location: kumasi ghans
On websites: all
Report: supposidly bonifida lawyer in kumasi please confirm
First name: SHIRLEY
Last name: FELTHAM
Age: 32 ? - 40 ?
Location: United Kingdom
Email: /
On websites: Dating sites
Report: I Found her on some datesight but dont remember which . We chatted for a week then she said my father died when he was 21 and mother died recently in cancer in Sweden ( Where i Live ) and she was back in the UK and lived in her fathers HUGE house she sent pictures of it too , probably from some house selling sight ! Then she said on Friday i travel to GHANA in Africa to sell my fathers gold claims they are worth 500.000 Pounds and the House were on sale for 560.000 Pounds . She said ill mail you when i land . I didny hear anything for 3 days !! Then she mailed me with a picture and said they were been attacked by robbers in middle of jungle and took all money and i was unconcious for 3 days and my wrist is broken then have to do surgery can you please send me money cause i done have any , i asked her to go get a nurse because we used whatsup app sa i could see her then she came back and said all nurses are asleep and it was 10 am LOL !!! So idelted Whatsapp and after that i havent heard anything at all !
First name: Sandra
Last name: Alex rita
Age: 29
Location: Nigeria lagos
Email: Unknown
On websites: Hangout
Report: She says she is a nurse and also want likes to date older men after a while she starts asking for money
First name: Blue
Last name: Fernandez
Age: 36
Location: Davao City, Leyte, Cebu
Phone: 09479559786
On websites:
Report: She published herself;f on, accepted my friend request stating that she was cheated upon. She then wrote a love letter to me like it was true. She wanted to immigrate to the US via fiancee visa. Along the way here stories were realistic: 1. Bidding for Sinulog in Cebu then defaulted on equipment due to non payment of contract. That was the beginning, then she asked help top transfer to Bagangga, Davao where she allegedly own a farm. The farm will be used to finance her visa and pay me back. She scammed a total of $300,000 and has now disappeared after three years. I have receipts from Western Union, Xoom, Share money, Sendvalu moneys transfers
First name: Margarita
Last name: Margo, Rita
Age: 36
Location: Krasniy Luch (Ukraine); Lugansk (Ukraine)
On websites: My Beloved Net
Report: This cheat uses war to earn money, she has made a passport that is genuine but has swapped photo with another, she uses photo from a photo model and believes it herself, passport is now fake because she has swapped photo with another she can not travel with it, beware she is sluggish but very malicious cynical and ill cheating, the passport as you can see, she can not travel with the false now, do not trust what she says she can only lie and play with you .
First name: Michelle
Last name: Talent
Age: 32
Location: Indianapolis Alabama Dubai
On websites: Tagged
Report: She is a romance scammer trying to use your dad's will testament
First name: JEPCHUMBA
Last name: IRENE
Age: 22
Location: KENYA, Chuka, Meru, Nairobi
Phone: +254 795 934 310
On websites: Chaturbate
Report: charming girl of 21 to 22 years old, practices on site cam Chaturbate under the name of Babyblackemo (before naughtynloved or berryinn), who asked me to transfer in 8 months the sum of 5000 ? (by Western Union), inventing different needs emergency, medical, school, housing, eating Promising to join me to live together. she acts in complicity with a so-called cousin: Njoroge Mbaya Rufus, living in Nairobi in Kenya.
First name: Michelle
Last name: Hernandez
Aka: Deborah
Age: 45
Location: Hendersonville, TN/Woodbury, TN/Nigeria
Phone: 347-353-1977
On websites:, Zoosk
Report: Met her on; she contacted me. Said she lived in TN, but had a business selling fabric and was in Nigeria checking on shipment that had been held there. Said her laptop died and asked me to purchase her a new one as all her documents regarding ship were in the cloud. Sent me a check made out to her for $43,870 to hold until she returned. Later asked for additional money to get shipment released (bribe to officials). This occurred over about 2 months. I eventually called the issuer of the check and was told that it was a fake. Scammer told me she was headed to the airport and would call me when she arrived back in Nashville. Never heard from her again.
First name: emily
Last name: keen
Age: 35
Location: usa
Address: dallas texas
Phone: unknowni18544444759
Email: facebook
On websites: facebook
Report: she contacted me through facebook trying to get money when i confronted her she said i was going to die
First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Krivova
Aka: Katya
Age: 26
Location: Wolgograd, Russia (I think it is Egypt or RPA)
Address: street Safonova, 1a ,Apartment 52,Volgograd, Russia 400120
On websites: gmail,yahoo
Report: e-mail from any e-mail database... In first letter write age and country and simple text about herself next - half or ***** pictures - model. She works as ***** dancer or Medical University (student). Want money via moneygram etc. (about 10 e-mails later) Has a best friend - girl. Call me - angel or kitty, my tiger etc... she loves *** of course. and wait 6 months to go to my/your country to live there. want about 295 euros.
First name: Olga
Aka: merlina berger
Age: 26
Location: ukraine vinnitsa kiev
On websites: +50 dating websites such as. Dream-marriage, godatenow
Report: I know Olga from dream-marriage where we have corrosponded in the past for several month. About 2 years ago we meet in kiev on a date in resturant in a basement somewhere 1km from maidan ( near river ). Olga was very beautifull and cute, and we had a good date that last 2 houres.. we both did not feel so good after being in the basment for 2 houres so we walk to maidan where our path split for that day. We spoke about meeting again other day. Next day I see olga together with a ukraine man on the main street of krematorsk and he flirted with her, and they walk away together to the subway. I sms her translator and she tell me is her friend and nothing is going on they are just friends.. Well i dont belive that since I saw how he touch her face and seem extremly happy ect.. I desided not to meet Olga again. Later i found out olga is EVERYWHERE on most dating websites and pretty much on all dating websites about russian/ukraine girls, from ukraine - hongkong and also ****** websites. She is like the TOP 1 ******* all websites adn the girl. To be honest I want to belive olga is serious/real, but I also see on instagram she write a comment to a photo with a pancake house.. ( my boyfriend tell me that bla bla bla ) Dont know if she have a boyfriend but she is extremly attractive so very plausible. She is a top model, and have some kind of blog or something, and actual I dont really know who she is or what she do.
First name: Lyubov
Last name: Shemeret
Aka: Sheremet Lyubov Olegovna
Age: 25
Location: ukraine kiev
On websites: anastasiadate, tornado of love, godatenow
Report: I knew Lyubov a few years ago. We corrosponded for two years in total and 70 send and 70 recieved letters on anastasiadate in this period of time. After 1 year we meet on a fantastic date in kiev and i only last two houres since she had to work. ( i belive her ). But we both agree everything was fantastic and very funny date. Well after this date I never meet her again and travel home. After the date we both where very happy about our date ect.. and I asked her every 3-4 weeks when she had time to meet me again. To make the story short then we spoke together 1 time every week until spring the next year and then I had become tired of the corropondance since she never answer my question and felt like she was hiding something. To make the story short i visited VK and facebook and to my big surprise I could read she had become engaged. I could also see her vacation photos of her and her boyfriend in Odessa. I informed anastasiadate about this and she was removed. ( and for the first time ever they actual give me back my money that I can use on the website ;-( ) I then send lyubov som flowers since I found out where she work as a singing teacher including a note with flowers and a letter translated by a professional... She uploaded a photo of her self and the flowers on with my flowers
First name: Eugenia
Last name: Mikheeva
Age: 35
Location: Tryokhgormy, Russia
Address: apartment 7, 38, Ostrovosky street, Tryokhgormy , Chelyabinsk Region
On websites: yandex
Report: she contacted me , wanted to know about me , i gave her my phone no , so she could call me After several message she stopped
First name: Elena
Last name: Edokimenko
Aka: Jessica Brown
Age: 25
Location: Novoaltaysk, Russia
Address: Novoaltaysk, Beloyarskiy perculok 2-6, 65804
Report: The photographs she send me match your picture on file as Jessica Brown, I first received an email from her claiming to have seen my profile posted on a dating site. I have received four letters from her so far and they match in most details the letters from Sam in your files. I got suspicious and googled the name chuzhem in her most recent email after I could not find it on a map. The google result pointed me to your website. She has not yet asked for money but if she follows the format I have seen it will be in her next email.
First name: Nelly
Last name: Banks
Aka: wilda east
Age: 24
Location: jennings, La
Phone: 5183519733
On websites: meet outside
Report: I've been through 17 of tese ***** ******* on meetoutside ALL OF THEM ARE fake this little bitck got mer $250.00 IF found please bleed out slowly
First name: Margret
Last name: Hoyte
Aka: Anna Mortensen
Age: 38
Location: Accra, Ghana
On websites: Dating websites
Report: I met this lady on a dating website - that was before she was kicked off it. We corresponded for 4 months and I sent $AUS10,000 via the USA to cover her visa and flights to Australia. As the date of her arrival approached she became more vague and even asked me to send more money to enable her to legitimately register and sell the gold that was bequeathed her. She never arrived on the due date and then I received a phone call from a 'doctor' in Ghana who said that she had been in an accident on the way to the airport. When I refused to pay for her hospital bills all communication ceased. This lady is very patient and smart. Fooled me !!
First name: Cassey
Last name: Green
Age: 30
Location: United States
On websites: Google hangouts,
Report: I received a fake email from her making me believe she was a real person to meet up with for a date then she asked me to verify by website and credit card information to verify I was a real person which I did not do. But people need to know about her scam.
Latest female scammers
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Age: 36
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