First name: SATISH
Last name: RAJ
Age: 25
Location: INDIA
Report: I GOT A MAIL from name tina rabia., she is asking money for passport,., and the other mail from reverend evans johnson ,.this is all but a scam
First name: vivien
Last name: jany
Age: 29
Location: ghana
Phone: 233273580019
On websites: be nawghty click and flirt yahoo
Report: this person uses the above details 2 romance scam
First name: angel
Age: 31
Location: acrra
On websites: many web siet
Report: this person has taken and asked for hundres off dollers frome me her picks are stollen frommelisa minwest money for visa passport food and on and on the said part is i actly fell for her
First name: Melissa
Last name: Harrington
Aka: Melissa Lincoln/ Vivian Christine Bjarne
Age: 29
Location: Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Address: 23 Subang Jaya
On websites: yahoo, msn, facebook,
Report: If you see pics from Melissa Midwest / Melissa Lincoln those are really from Melissa Harrington. She was scamming people in Nigeria, when she was ther, now the Nigerian authority is trying to get her for counterfeit documents. Like court docs, pasport, cheaques and much more. Then i get her story that she was arrested for drug trafficing, but i found out she went to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. We start contact again and she had goods to ship, and went to a shipping office, and they contacted me, about payment, I send them a pic of her and they confirmed it was her. To me she said her name was Vivian Christine Bjarne.
First name: Hawa
Last name: Hawau
Aka: Grace Dede
Age: 36
Location: Ghana
On websites:
Report: I met Hawa Hawau on Black Planet. She contacted me to chat. After a few minutes she wanted to move over to Yahoo IM to chat. I agreed knowing she was a scammer. I wanted to get her Yahoo address and a photo. I told her I met someone who looked just like her. She began telling me how someone had used her photos to meet men. She reported them to the Ghana police, which I knew that was a lie. She than told me she met some very nice guy from Canada that she fell in love with. He was very good to her and he loved her. Hawa said he sent her $700 dollars for her birthday and $1,000 dollars for Christmas. They were planning on meeting in Canada, but she found out he was married. She then said she wants to the U.S. to be with the love of her life. So, she asked if I would be her boyfriend leading to marriage. I told her I did not want to get married. Hawa then said she would make me happy forever. I told her only time will tell! At that point she asked if I would help her come to the U.S. by giving her money to come here. I then said I remember where I saw your photo. I told her we chatted a few months back and that she tried to scam me. After that she stopped our conversation.
First name: Clara
Last name: Worland
Age: 28
Location: Australia/ u.k
On websites: Adultfriendfinder
Report: She is a scammer , she lives in palm beach on the gold coast that's what she told me, this person is a total scammer if you here the name don't go there!!!...
First name: ann
Last name: angel
Aka: favour amuzu
Age: 31
Location: unit 2 137 mttu street accra ghana
Address: as above
Phone: 233245537550.... 233243112123
On websites: and flirt
Report: i have updated information since last year she tried to get more money so she had to tell truth as a condition stated by western union and a new phone number it is the real ann angel she is 31 have seen her on live webcam no faking i can assure this all her pics on the websites are personal pics not from i am not a member on the dating sites but can access only pics so i do wink her and has sent messages which i can not read she did this after i told her i was not active on dating sites stupid woman has given herself away it is the real ann angel i am updating all this information for everybody to see thank you for 1 month bonus access for free to this site
First name: Amanda
Last name: Santos
Age: 29
Location: Victoria City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Address: 6119
Phone: 639323378360, 639081352053, 639081410970,639473880105, 639395643721, 639073835903
On websites:,
Report: On August 8th, 2011 I created an account with the online dating site On my first day I received an Interest Request from a woman whose name is Amanda (3400126). Her full name is Amanda Lacson Santos, born 25July1982. During our first interaction I asked her if she was genuine in stating who she was and what her intentions were. She said shes new to the site and that she is looking for a husband. For the first several days our chat sessions lasted from 5 to 7 hours each. Within a week or so we exchanged our personal email account information and began communicating on Yahoo Messenger and through Hotmail. As our relationship developed she began explaining that her roommate Fatima was in the process of getting her US Visa to travel to the United States to meet her fiance and that because the computer she used was her roommates she would not be able to stay in touch with me. Due to my interest in Amanda, I offered to send her $500 so she can buy a laptop. Giving her the money was not an issue for me simply because I was extremely attracted to Amanda and wanted to continue developing a relationship with her. The following day she goes with a co-worker to travel to Bacolod to buy the laptop. The following evening she reports that while on her journey to Bacolod that the taxi she was traveling in was in an accident. She explained that her co-worker suffered severe injuries in the accident to both of her legs. The news of her accident made me feel sorry for her co-worker who was also a Special Education Teacher at a school in Victorias City. I decided to send her some additional money to help pay for the hospital costs. About a week later, Amanda informed me that her employer inquired on whether she wanted to attend a Teacher Conference in Cebu. Amanda explained to me that the new few conferences, if she attended them would put her in a position for a possible promotion as a regional manager for Special Education Development in the province of Negros Occidental. Her enthusiasm and excitement at the possibility of moving up the ladder of success (and the fact that I was falling in love with her) compelled me to send her more money to help her advance in her career. The next few issues were medically related where I sent her over $1000 to pay for her surgery. To make a long story short, I send her Thousands of dollars in the span of Three months from August 2011 to October 31, 2011. On November 1st, I did not receive an email from her, nor did I hear from her for the entire month of November. At this point, I felt she was scamming me which made me feel used, lied too, and deceived. For the month of November I was very angry emotionally at her sudden disappearance and apparent betrayal. Then on the 1st of December she contacted me on me thru Yahoo Messenger to explain to me why she disappeared. She stated she was abducted while trying to seek additional work (apparently her promotion at her job was sufficient) and that for 25 days she was raped by two Filipino men who held her in the Province of Iloilo. She explained that she managed to escape (something like that out of a Hollywood action movie) and that she was afraid that she might be pregnant. I told her that the only way I would believe her story is if she would provide me with the necessary Police, Medical and Psychological reports regarding her abduction and medical check-up. She stated she would provide that to me in about two weeks. I didnt hear from her for another 30 days which she then messaged me again on or about the 1st or 2nd of January to tell me she is doing better. I inquired about the medical reports since she wanted to know if it was possible that we could get back together. She stated she didnt have any of the check-ups performed and that she did not get a police report either. From that moment I absolutely accepted the fact that Amanda L. Santos is a professional scammer and that everything she told me was a lie simply to get money out of me. Just recently, while reviewing our previous conversation history (most of which I made a copy of) I found her email account information which she willfully gave to me back in Sept 2011. Out of curiosity I logged on to her account and was able to access her email account. While reviewing her email and chat history I saw proof that she had been lying to me about her abduction during the month of November 2011 and her email traffic with up to 15 different men during the months of November through February 2012. With her email and chat history in front of my face I read email after email of her apparent efforts to con these men into sending her money, some who had already begun sending her transactions in the amount of $100 to $400 at a time. It was during one of her most recent emails to a man in the United States around the 8th of February where she told this man that her parents are rice farmers and that she is a Special Education Teacher. Her statement contradicts what she told me back in Aug 2011 which was that her Father and Mother who were also Teachers) died in a vehicle accident when she was 6 years old. The obvious contradiction plus the many other failed attempts on her part to confirm the things she told me were true leads me to believe (and affirm) that she is a Filipina Scammer. There are many other details of the 3 month (so-called) relationship that we had that I havent included but am willing to provide later. Additionally, the attached uploaded photos were given to me by Amanda. She currently has her Filipinocupid account open and attempts to continue scamming men who would give her their attention. Due to how attractive and sexy she is and based on the emails I read from her account she uses her female persuasion and talk of sexual gratification to connive men into believing her stories. In conclusion, everything Ive stated here is true and accurate based on my personal experience of knowing and communicating with Amanda L. Santos for five months. Respectfully, Louis Morales
First name: adriana
Last name: garcia
Aka: adry
Age: 31
Location: Colombia Barranquilla
On websites:
Report: Adriana is a clever scammer. She always has other boyfriends on the line and reels you in slowly. Once you have devoped a relationship, she suggests marriage and asks you to apply for her at the American Embassy. After American visa is obtained, she backtracks and breaks off the relatinship. However, she has visa in hand to come to the United States for 90 days. She also has done this to guys from other countries. I think she did this to a guy from Spain.
First name: sherry
Last name: hilton
Aka: Mills Mille
Age: 31
Location: Ghana
Email: Mille Mills
On websites: Yahoo
Report: She is already listed under different names. Mille Mills is the one she has been using with me but she introduced herself some time ago as Rither Love