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Name:  linda hills
Age:  30
Location:  Benin
Address:  Street 1850, Square N°4452, behind Green horse de Hotel.Vênamédé, Akpakpa,Cotonou,Du Republic of Benin
On web sites:  yahoo and hotmail and other singles sites
Report:  Met Linda on Latin American Silgles last August 2006. The conversation was brief, and a while later she contacted me and wanted to chat. Wel did that for a couple months until she said she lost her job as a nurse and didnt have money to send her 8 year daughter to school, if i could send her some money. I thought since it had been months since we have been in contact, why not. I sent $100.00 and she said that now daughter was very happy. A couple months past and now she decided she wanted to come here to meet me, but since the child didnt have a passport, she will have to get one. so i sent her $100.00 for the passport which she sent me a scanned copy. now the visa was the issue. so that was another $400.00. apparently that took 2 months to get and no sooner she got the visa, which she sent me scanned copies, she wanted to fly out. She called me and said she sold everything in her apartment and made $1450.00 and needed $1000.00 to make up the balance. Stupid me, then sent her the money via western union. Well, after she supposedly bought the ticket, the agent or airlind tole her that she would need travelling money, so another $200.00 was sent, hoping that things were going well. All this happened within 4 days. She emailed me and said she was leaving for the airport and when she gets there she will call me. I didn't get the call until the next day, some man named Frank calle me, saying he was the doctor, and said they (Linda and her daughter) were involved in an accident the the child died. I was horrified, but in the midst of the conversation, i asked this person for a phone no. that i can check on them to make sure everything was ok. He abruptly said that he was calling from a phone booth, because they cant call from the hospital. i knew then i was scammed. that was a friday. i went that weekend, just hoping that my suspicions were not true, but to my surprise, there she was (linda) on monday asking for $100.00 to get a few things she needed after the accident. no mention of the child, except when i asked and there i was put in my place that she will do everything to make my life miserable, to get me fired from my job, to send me to jail, and on and on and on. Up to this moment, i still cant beleive this woman turned out to be this evil. ZB (NEW JERSEY)
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Name:  Anny Smith
Age:  46
Location:  Indonesia
Report:  Supposedly ill with breast cancer, has money she's hiding from relatives, wants representative to help the needy and poor, her doctor and lawyer are both in on the scheme....don't fall for it!
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Name:  Ekaterina Tarasova
Age:  26
Location:  Russia,Cheboksary
Address:  Gagarina street,house 15,appartement 101,428015 CHEBOKSARY
On web sites:  MSN
Report:  Met her at Msn She is writting me through mail. I'am not convince she is a scammer. Last week she told me she need 320 euros for passport and visa.
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Name:  love mabou
Age:  22
Location:  senegal dakar
Address:  unet 12
Phone:  1213165
On web sites:  so good so nice
Report:  so good so nice and lovely one so good so nice and lovely oneso good so nice and lovely oneso good so nice and lovely oneso good so nice and lovely oneso good so nice and lovely one
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Name:  Anastaia Lozovaya
Aka:  Anna or Ania
Age:  supposedly just turned
Location:  at the
On web sites:
Report:  This young lady and I,just recently started a correspondence in the first few weeks of this past February. At the time it was about basic info between the two of us...her family,being a university student,her dreams of having a family,and meeting the
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Name:  oksana eshigova
Age:  28
Location:  perm
Report:  je ne sais pas si elle fait partie du site
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Name:  Ekaterina Koltsova
Age:  29
Location:  Russia Kozmodemjansk
Address:  Street Soviet 29 apartment n.5
Report:  Hello. I have received letters from Ekaterina Koltsova. I think she is a scammer. She was asking me money for travelling.I sent to her e-mail from different e-mail address and i could see identical letters and pictures of her. Thanks.
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Name:  ELENA 
Age:  29
Report:  Dear Sirs/Madams, I am reporting a possible scam: yesterday and today I received 2 e-mails from a
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Name:  Yulia 
Age:  25
Location:  Sayanogorsk, Russia
Address:  Mira Street. 89-19
Email: &
On web sites:  Yahoo! is where it started, and where I get all these scams.
Report:  This started about the 1st of March with an email for an invitation to chat. It is the same letter I recieved from another scammer, with just the name and some other details different. I looked through the data data base on this site and did not see her. I am in the middle of communicating with her, and if she send the letters in the order that I got from the last
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Name:  Elena 
Age:  26
Location:  Russia
Report:  Joan, many thanks for your letter!! It is a pity to me to hear what your mum has a sick hand, correctly??? To me one also is not absolutely clearly, it seems to me, that you do not want, that I have arrived to you!! When I begin conversation on ours a meeting, about mine a problem concerning arrival to you you answer nothing on it!! I think, that we should solve my problem, and we should meet each other in the person!! If to be fair you force me to suffer!! I do not want to live more without you!! I want to meet you in the person!! I want to buy insurance and to arrive to you!! I wait your help with it, but you not help me!! Why?? Why it occurs???? I understand, that you very much occupied, but I think, that it is time to you think of us already!! You should solve for yourself: whether I Am necessary for you whether or not???? Please, to answer me it!! Yours Elena Of course I didn't send her any money. I'm not stupid!
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