First name: Enchill
Last name: Abrhmms
Age: 31
Location: Nigeria
On websites: unknow
First name: Lana
Last name: Demidiuk
Age: 34
Location: Russia, Bryansk, Bryansk region.
Address: st. Gorkogo, 15A, Bryansk, Bryansk region., 241050.
On websites:
Report: My love,Bart, good afternoon! I'm sorry that my answer made you wait. I could not find an internet cafe for a long time. The road to Moscow was not easy. I got to Moscow by bus. The whole journey took about 3.5 hours. You know, dear, when I got off the bus. First thing I thought was how to find a hotel. I stopped not far from the station where my bus arrived. This is quite an inexpensive hotel (hostel). The prices are pleasantly associated with my city Bryansk. But the order is more expensive. I rent a room for 2500 thousand rubles. Approximate ratio to the dollar is $ 60 per day. I have necessary savings and I pay for the hotel. Now the money is very important for our meeting, and I strive to save on everything. In my room there is a TV, a bed, a shower, a small kitchen. This is all that is necessary for me. Today I already visited the embassy and the airport. I managed to do everything that is planned for today. Bart, today I wrote a statement to come to your country. There was a conversation with the consul of your country. I was surprised at their affability. I thought that it would be a bit stricter .... I was asked the purpose of the trip. I answered that it was a tourist trip. They asked for knowledge of my English language, followed my speech and me. I provided all the necessary documents. I was glad to see the consul's smile. They approved me and said that my visa will go into the process. My love, now our question with you is with air tickets. I can buy airline tickets more cheaply than before the flight. Earlier booking will help us with a favorable price. My dear, I got to the airport by metro. I looked at the airport at the airport. I looked at economy class air tickets. Bart, air tickets cost 1300 USD. I told you earlier that you need two air tickets. In two directions. My dear, I already paid the embassy registration of documents. I made medical insurance. I also paid for the hotel. I need money to live in Moscow. My dear, I can not independently purchase air tickets. Therefore, I asked you to assist my flight to you. I hope that you will not leave me alone here and help me with our meeting. I think that all this time you were serious about me! Our happiness with you in the future, and our meeting with you is priceless! I do not think about the money I spend now. I put off my savings for a serious moment. And now I'm here in Moscow, I'm writing you this letter. With great hope for your understanding. Bart, it was important for me to know how to solve the issue with the transfer of funds. Never before have I encountered this. The bank explained to me that in the World there are many systems for transferring money. What I understand from the words of the co-workers of the bank is that we can use Mani Gramm. Have you heard of this system? I wonder how it works ... Now I will tell you the information you need so that you can give me help. My full name: Iana Demidiuk (Mani Gramm) Address: st. Sretenka, 1, Moscow, 107045 ?I hope that this works and you will be able to help me buy air tickets. Please take my information correctly. I do not want to have any problems. My visa is already in the process of registration. I'm glad that I managed to start the visa process. I hope that very soon we'll be together. I'm waiting for your help in the near future. I need 1300 dollars . I was informed that you must inform me the MTCN transfer control number. Let me see the receipt of the transfer. I hope that you see my letter. I have done many things today. Moscow is a big city, and takes a lot of energy. I'm very tired ... I'll go to the hotel now. The most important thing that is necessary for me now is your support and support. I want to feel your arms and relax! I saved your phone. I'll look for a telegraph to call you. Why do you need my passport? I will make a copy and send it to you. Bart, I love you! With great impatience I look forward to our meeting! Please write to me soon. I send you all my love! I send you many sweet kisses! Now I do not have my photos. I said that I'm here without a camera. With love, forever is your Iana Demidiuk
First name: Marina
Last name: Smorodinova
Age: 41
Location: Russia, Irkutsk
On websites:
Report: Good afternoon, my Bart I work in an agency and know all the prices and ways. Tickets are not important! The main thing is to get a visa. If you get a visa yourself, then you need to go to Moscow to the Embassy. I do not want to go to Moscow myself and waste time. The agency draws up a full package of documents. Visa, Insurance, tickets! If you make out everything in the agency, it's faster and cheaper. 1) visa cost 150 $ 2) medicine insurance; $ 600 3) tickets 1600 $ 4) passport. (I have) 5) medical examination 60 $ 6) The commission of our agency is only $ 200. The total cost is 2800 $. I spoke with the parents, they also approve my decision. You understand, that I will go to other country and I have fears. But for the sake of our happiness, I am ready to overcome in myself this fear. I suggest you to pay half-and-half all expenses. I pay 1400 $. It is very cheap, in comparison with other offers, and I hope that you have the opportunity to help me. I do not have the opportunity to pay all trip. Do you realize that in Russia has risen very whole currency. And the ruble fell by 50 against the euro and the dollar. So now for me it was expensive. I do not want our relationship depended on the money. You know that I am an honest woman. I come from a good family. But the most important thing is not money .... yes, i understand, that may be, but can not buy money, but not good, can buy Never love .... I hope, that you understand, and that you agree with me? I am so upset all day. I thought, where can I get so much? But I could not find an answer ... but I still believe, that everything will be ok And we will be together .... Soon we can enjoy the sweetness of our lips and warmth of our gentle embraces ... To be honest, I was at the shock, and now I do not know what to do. But I really need you so much ... I can tell you safely to everybody in this world, that I need you so much ... Every time, when I go to bed, I have dreams only about you ... I close my eyes and I see us together ... I want to be close to you and enjoy of our relationship. But it is not possible. I really like so much our community ... but we should go farther and to develop our feelings ... I will you honestly, I already think sometimes to collect all my things and small baggage .. and to go on foot to you ... in different weather ... collecting all My power ... But I want to meet you so soon !!!!!! And I cannot do anything with this. My heart forces to move and to take some decisions ... I know that we have much distance ... when I think about this, I feel so big pain in my heart ... I do not know what, what to think ... Bart, please, answer me as soon as possible .... I will have my next vacation only in a year. I wrote to you that I signed the contract for one year ahead. I need to know whether to sign a contract or not. If we decide to meet on the date of my vacation, then I will not sign the contract. I can come to you myself. I hope that you have understood my idea. I'm an honest decent woman. I want to change my life. I met you and I think that this is fate. It's a pity that I myself cannot do anything about paying a full ticket. Really for me it's expensive. I need to know your specific answer. I need to plan my vacation. I worked a lot the last year and I want to rest. But I do not want to stay in the four walls, in the apartment. I know that we will be together so badly ... Yours Marina
First name: Sandra
Last name: Ahama
Age: do not know
Location: GHANA / ACCRA
Address: unknownZIPCODE: 00233
Phone: 5408605452
Email: do not know
On websites: Hang out
Report: she is asking me for money
First name: Mary
Last name: Tagum
Aka: Kris
Age: 24
Location: Philippines San Juan Iriga
Address: 148 Tinago st 4431 camarines sur
Phone: +639207584342
On websites: Instagram
Report: She's a middleman she's the one you would send money to because she's got to clean ID
First name: alimatu
Aka: zulfawu seidu or zoe
Age: 34 or 36
Location: accra ghana or lagos nigeria or usa
On websites: zoosk
Report: shes very beautiful and plays to need passport money and visa money along with airfare ticket money to come to us a to marry you.. very persistent and very persuasive... ha ha she only got me for 100 dollars ...lesson learned beware fellow men shes an assassin to a bleeding lonely heart
First name: Lee
Last name: Waibel
Age: 32
Location: Ohio USA
On websites: Dating site
Report: Again this woman is using other person pictures to scam men. I have several that are also on your site.
First name: hilda
Last name: boateng
Age: 45
Location: ghana, accra
Address: 00233
Phone: +233 54 096 9999
Email: flonjd2345
On websites: okcupid
Report: Contacted me for a flight to come and live with me.
First name: Menissa
Last name: Benitez
Aka: Menissa Benitez
Age: 29
Location: Canada
Phone: +229 99767302
On websites:
Report: i ve received the first letter from her she was want Acquaintance and here is her email but she gave me offer to attending conference in Canada She was say that she is an employee of the organization . that organize the conference and she told me that she will help me in immigration to Canada. then she gave me the email of Organization of the Conference in Canada the email is then i communicated with them and they request 500 $ as fees to attending conference then they gave me forms to fill it .they was request paying a fees via western union or money gram and the information of sending money is to Benin country .they wasn't tell me to applying to conference visa and paying fees in the embassy . i discussed this matter with her she told me that i should pay the fees. then i discussed the matter with my older brother he advised me to cancel the idea of attending conference because it is scam and fraud. i discussed the matter of conference with her again and i told her to give me Guarantees and i told her that i dont have money and i will not take loan nor pay until i get visa and flight tickets because they dont have office in Egypt and i don't pay in advance to stranger and to person whom i didn't see him in the real life but she refused to give me Guarantees and she refused to paying the fees for me. she told me that if i dont trust in her organization she will leave me. but i dont trust in her nor her organization anyway. she is scammer and swindler.
First name: Enock
Last name: LISBON
Aka: This us a male
Age: With female accumpliice
Location: Believe Nigeria
Email: Uses HM Inspector of Taxes. Uk london
On websites: HM Taxes
Report: Is sending our tax demands for goods supposibly attracting uk Taxes being sent from abroad. The mistake is he is claiming tax on goods that are HM customs. He has no idea of uk system . Latest demand is ?5000 outstanding dues on a parcel said to be address uk addressee. No idea what is contained , but certainly not paying any fees . Threatens to advance the case to court. The give away is it's all done on internet. Any uk biz or customer uk knows uk taxman dies not use Internet only letter or telephone .
First name: Ayisha
Last name: Ibrahim
Age: 34
Location: Accra, Ghana
Address: unknown35 Alata Street
Phone: unknown405-309-2058
Report: This young lady is very skillful. She acts so innocent and is easy to fall for. Acts like she really wants to be your woman. Played me for a passport, VISA, airline ticket to the USA, a African family wedding ceremony, 4 thousand in her personal account to leave Ghana (claimed government requirement) and a BTA for the flight(true). Then never took the flight to Amsterdam(first stop) and claimed she was arrested for having a diamond necklace on her and had no papers for it. I checked the airports, the police in Amsterdam and she never was there. Left me standing at the airport because she never left Ghana. 17,000 dollars she scammed me for. Do have anything to do with her.
First name: vivian
Last name: yawson
Age: 35
Location: ghana
First name: Christine Lopez
Last name: Saso
Age: 20
Location: Tagum Davao City
Address: University of Mindanao Tagum
On websites: Facebook
Report: This student is a bogus buyer in many onlinrle shop and also a scammer. She will waste your time by simply keepin' in touch with you and make orders from you and also will make you believe that she needs help. she likes to tell stories but all are just dramas. And will just block you after she gets what she wanted. Beware of this lady.
First name: Nataliia
Last name: Chukanova
Age: 29
Location: Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk
Phone: 380996502339
On websites: Craigslist personals
Report: Met her on Craigslist Ukraine. We emailed for 3 months everyday until she decided to come to the U.S. We had Skype called 1 time and phone called several times but always for a short time. I sent her money for the flight ticket and then she said that she needed other money to obtain a travel visa so to show the U.S. government that she had funds in her account to spend while traveling here. So I sent her some more. In total I sent her $1,250.00 USD. She said that all was good then sent me a message the day before the flight and said that something in her life happened and we can't be together. She wouldn't answer calls or messages after that.
First name: Diana
Last name: Mikhailova/Mikhaylova
Aka: Diana Mitchell
Age: 30
Location: Russia Krasnoyarsk
Address: Yastynskaya 8 Flat 70 Zip 660131
Phone: +7(986)713-91-25
On websites: Badoo
Report: Just wanted to give a heads up to other guys about this scammer. I have been emailing back and forth to this person for about a month. Writing to one another daily. I was skeptical at times but she knew exactly what to say to dispel these suspicions. We decided that she would would come to visit me in Canada. She claimed she had a savings acct. that she would use if I were willing to pay the rest of the money. Because of my lack of trust she explained she already had both regular passport and international passport. She told me she would need to make 2 trips to Moscow as this is where the Canadian Embassy is located. This is where she would obtain her tourist visa which would allow her to visit me in Canada. She told me she started the process of getting a travel agent to plan the trip for her. So I agreed to pay the deposit to get the ball rolling. She told me she made a trip for an interview for the visa. Then she made a second trip to pick up the visa. She said she passed the interview, but when she went to pick up the visa the consul said she needed $4500 us in her bank acct. to prove she could support herself in Canada. I told her I didn't have the money so she would need to postpone her trip. Then she said that all of her savings and the money I sent her were all spent. That if she waited that all this money would go to waste. Because it was an economy flight there was no refund allowed. So after figuring out a way of the getting the money for her. I messaged her and told her the good news. I haven't heard from her since. I have since sent 2 emails with no reply. I had even seen her on skype a couple of times. But the internet was so terrible I could never hear her voice. It was a bad connection this I know for sure. Her skype is Diana Mikhailova live:dianamitchellmdo. Please don't get taken by this person like I did. I also have lots of pics of this person. It was definitely the same person on skype as her pics.
First name: Ornella
Last name: Koht
Aka: ?
Age: 36
Location: Sainte Florine France
Address: ?
Phone: +1 00 225 760 967 34
Email: ?
On websites: Facebook, Messenger,and text messaging
Report: She got my me by a dating service she says, but I think she got my profile through Facebook. She wanted to be friends, I said ok we text each other for three days and then she talking about how much she love me, third day she ask for some money. She said she is getting kicked out of her apartment, I told I don't send any money to foreign woman.When she asked me money I gave up on her as I know she was scamming me.
First name: Debrah
Last name: Godson
Age: 22
Location: Newyork, Alabama
Address: 4201 E SILVERWOOD DR, 4
Phone: 4807205814
On websites:
Report: Found this idiod on a dating site for persons with disabilities.
First name: Alevtina
Last name: Pleshneva
Age: 30. 6/8/87
Location: Russia
On websites:
Report: She scammed me out of 700.00 Then she wanted 3070.00 for customs at airport this is her pic The pretty blond on right I would like to see her smile from behind bars of a jail cell! I have some pics of her! I want to send pics?
First name: Ayisha
Last name: Patterson
Aka: ayisha love
Age: 29
Location: Ingram, Tx. USA
Address: unknown204 Clovin
On websites: google hangouts
Report: this girl started out saying she lived with her Uncle in Jonesboro, Ar. then moved to Ingram, Tx. to visit mother and come to me from there. she aquired $1750 from me to come here by bus and as you can think she never showed and then stopped talking to me
First name: karen
Last name: ward
Age: 38
On websites: facebook
Report: she tell she might be in the united states but out of the country be gone now over 3to 5 years but she scams people for money by the enter net and using her photos to get it done I think that is elegal to be doning and i need to be stop fast .
First name: vera
Last name: agafonva
Age: 30
Location: kovylkino russia
Address: gagarin 16-8 kovlkino russia 431350
Phone: work 927274308 +79272743084
On websites: internet shop
Report: took me for $8,000 Australia
First name: Oksana
Last name: Efremova
Aka: Ksusha
Age: 29
Location: Ukraine krivoy rog
Phone: +380 (97) 303 30 58
On websites:
Report: She she promises that she is an honourable woman but will never let you see were she lives or anything like that and she's always asking for a smoke on the mountain money to buy medicine for her mother or her sister
First name: Kristina
Last name: Sanderson
Age: 33
Location: Ghana Accra
Address: 8th Lane, Oxford Street, OSU, Accra
Phone: +233267835588
Email: Not know, only contacted me on Hangout
On websites: Not know
Report: She starts off as living with her uncle, and asks for money to feed them both as she looks after him. Both her parents died in a accident in the states, she is from New England. Then she gets chucked out and lives with Victori Love. She then needs money for data and food. She fall's in love with you and sends naughty pictures. Then suddenly she finds out that she inherited gold from her dead father and Hesse &Hesse want ?2000 to ship it to yuor country so that she can live with you and live happily ever after. Note her phone can't record? And she will ask for money for a.web cam
First name: Linda
Last name: Smith
Aka: Linda
Age: 30
Location: Mount Vernon Washington
Address: 1506 East Pacific Olace appt B
Phone: 309-512-0957
On websites: hang out, gmail
Report: romance scammer, medical money seeker, or Unisef travels
First name: Sviatlana
Last name: Filipava
Age: 25
Location: Belarus
Address: Gagarina St House 36 #79
Phone: +375255304462
On websites:
Report: Very smooth operator had a few video calls. Genuine single mother seemed like ...sent her tickets and money for Visa post which she deleted her pics on Viber aad vanished
First name: Olga
Last name: Alexandrovna
Aka: iangabysheva olga aleksandrovna
Age: 29
Location: Megion, Russia
Address: Hanty-Mansiyski avtonomniy okrug, Megion, Sadovaya 25-12, 628684
On websites:
Report: Contact was initiated on May 9, 2017 when an attractive blond haired and blue eyed Caucasian woman made me her favorite on, and was located in a community in either Vermont or Massachusetts, either being close by to New York, where I am located. To date, we have corresponded 61 times with one another and the contact continues as I have discovered her identity on this website and confirmed it by her request for funds from Chuck (USA) who reported her in March of 2017 to this website. The bank numbers for money transfer matches exactly, but the pictures of the woman are different, as are the contact email addresses. The first thing that raised my suspicions was that her picture on Match was different from the ones she provided after our correspondence began. I requested and received a picture of this new and much finer looking woman holding my name in a photo which at least confirmed to me that the photos of the writer were authentically the writer. I will include the original Match photo and as many of the authentic photos as will allow. Olga sold me on her with her own demands. She was approaching age 30 and was unmarried, and she wished to start a family with someone who would not dump her. Her original photo was **** as ****, but what followed were dated photos of her being younger, and she explained that she wrote from a library computer in the city of Megion where she took a bus to after a day's work at the Veterinary. Access to technology was limited, and she liked this as she was not much interested in technology
First name: bella
Last name: williams or william
Aka: ??
Age: ??
Location: I am the Chief International Relation Foreign Remittance Unit and the chief Auditor to my bank here in United Kingdom.
Phone: ??
On websites: e-mail
Report: MY DEAR . I am very happy to receive your response, How are you today? I have a strong feeling after receiving your message, I have a feeling that you are honest person and courageous and because of that honesty I choose to have this confidential deal with you. Dear, I want to inquire from you if you can handle a transaction for mutual benefits/life opportunity for you and i. Like i told you earlier, I am the Chief International Relation Foreign Remittance Unit and the chief Auditor to my bank here in United Kingdom. I have an Opportunity to the Sum of fourteen Million,Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$14.500.000.00) to transfer into your bank account in your country, This fund was deposited by one of our noble customers from Libya and the fund has been in our bank since been deposited till the death of the our customer and no one has come up for the claim as the next of kin or the deceased relation and the bank Board of Remit Organization had a meeting last Month on how to move this money into the bank Treasure as an unclaimed fund and for their own benefit but i see it as an opportunity for me to reap the fruit of my good work all this years of hard work. I will provide the full detail of this business transaction when once i have heard back from you as business is done with trust, I personally contacted you and you alone, Because of the love and trust i have bestowed on you that is why i took some days to know little about you, Now we must solidify our relationship with trust and this trust we must start it now, i would not like you to betray this trust i have in you, i believe my heart that you are the right person for me that would handle this proposal well for both of us. The fund will be shared at the ratio of 58% for me, 40% for you and 2% will be set aside to cover any expenses and tax in your bank during the transfer processes, We will use the fund there in your country to build companies and for investment which both of us would manage, Please this is an honest request for you and i to keep this deal between us alone. please dear, make this transaction a top secret because we do not have to trust anyway unless you and i alone. Please treat this business proposal with utmost confidentiality and send me the following Information(s) for further application for this transfer if you are interested. 1. Full Name, 2. Address 3. Identification copy I will be glad to hear from you soon Yours Faithful Bella Williams.
First name: Edina
Last name: Serwaa
Age: 30
Location: Ghana, Accra
Report: Edina Serwaa is not a scammer, i know her in person, did visit her tree times. The pics are stolen, thats not Edina. I told her that i found her here, she found out that a serviceman for computer and mobilephones had stolen her personal dates and notified it to the police.
First name: Iangabysheva Olga
Last name: Alessandrovna
Aka: Olga Alexandrovna
Age: 29
Location: Megion, Russia
Address: Hanty-Mansiyski avtomniy okrug, Megion, Sadovaya 25-12, 628684
On websites:
Report: Thanks that I can read through your fine and gentle letter. Your letters bring to me happiness and a smile. To me it is very pleasant, to read about that as you you dream of our nights. I very much hope, that I shall soon feel heat of your hands and your breath, I very much want, that it has occured as soon as possible. I constantly think of that as we shall spend together days and nights. Bill today in the morning I went to bank to learn about that as you can transfer money. Bill, you can send funds to my bank account. For this purpose you should make Swift transfer. Do you know about Swift transfer? You will need in information: ---------------- Beneficiary: iangabysheva olga aleksandrovna Beneficiary's Acc ?: 40817840406390000766 (USD) Correspondent bank: JPMorgan Chase Bank NA 270 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017, USA Account: 400130726 SWIFT: CHASUS33 Beneficiary's bank: Alfa-Bank Moscow, 27 Kalanchevskaya str., Moscow, 107078 SWIFT: ALFARUMM ------------ Bill when I have received this information the employee of bank has told me and you that we strictly watched correctness of a writing of the information. He has told that it is impossible to suppose mistakes in one symbol. Bill after you will make SWIFT transfer, send me a copy or a picture of the receipt then I without problems shall receive money. Bill I very much hope, that you will make it as soon as possible, our meeting depends on it. I do not wish to lose any day, every day delays are stolen from us with day which we could lead together. The life flies by quickly, I do not wish to lose days of our happiness. Bill I very much hope, that you will write to me about when you can transfer me of money. I wish to plan all so that our meeting took place as soon as possible. Bill thanks for a picture you as always are happy and well look. I love you yours and only yours Olga.
First name: Jane
Last name: Curtis
Age: 31
Location: Org
Address: Unknown
Phone: 5034435617
Email: Unknown
On websites:
Report: She (Jane Curtis) contacted me via my add on and left her phone number asking me to text her when I did said she is a nurse in the military her picture showed her in a us army uniform with her last name on it and she had a phone number from .org area code but when she refired to military personnel she would them comander and the US Army do not have comanders she asked me for an I tunes card so I sent her one for $25 she told me she was an camp and not allowed to use her phone because she didn't have a phone permit a few days later she said got caught using her phone and they (military personnel) were coming to take her phone and her away yea only chance of not going to nail was to buy a phone permit at $600 I told her I didn't have that kind of money about 6 or 8 hours I hear from her auint telling me she took a lone out on her car and came up with half I still said I didn't have it her aunt said she only had 2 days to get her a phone permit and give the money to her laywer I got the laywer s phone number I was told he was a military laywer after all the pleading from her aunt I broke down and sent the $300 it took to get her phone back well I heard back from her after a few days she asked my address she said as soon as she gets out of camp she was coming to my place to live well a few days after that I received a dozen roses from her I thought for sure this girl is real and I was looking forward to seeing her well a couple of days ago she told me she might be getting deployed to Afghanistan if she wasn't married I said sure I'll marrie you she told me about an inharitance from her dad of $8,000,000 And I can get 20% if I was her fiance and to contacted her laywer witch was her friends dad he was a big time laywer in Arizona And gave me his phone number he was going to get us a marriage certificate I called him and he told me it would cost $6500 for this certificate I laughed and said I can get a marriage certificate for bout $ 75 And I have a friend that is a pastor and he can marrie us right over the phone well she instated that Wong work I told her there was no way I can get that kind of money no way no how and I have not returned her text messages and come to think of it she did question me bout my home asked if I own it out right or I made payments I do make the payments she also asked if I took a loan on it how much I could get and asked about my truck what it was worth and things like that over the course of the month we chatted And also the laywer I called about the marriage certificate was the same laywer I called about the phone permit and when I told her she sounded like surprised but it was her friends dad how could not have known it was the same laywer any way I'm still getting text messages laying a guilt trip on me about being deployed to Afghanistan I have wrote an e-mail to the army telling them about this and have not heard back that was today Sunday the 9 th of July at the end of this in order to sumbit this report I can't unless I check mark the box that says I'm a 100% sure she is a scammer well I'm not 100% sure I took the scammer test and this web site said there positive she is a scammer thats why I'm summit this report based on your websites anayles
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