First name: Abigail
Last name: Anderson
Aka: Abby
Age: 33
Location: Ghana
Address: 816 Winterberry Pl NE
Phone: 233 20 486 2769
On websites: AFF
Report: Claims to work for WHO, wants to leave Ghana, and WHO will pay half her flight to where ever she is going. Needs money for BTA as well.
First name: Jane
Last name: Smith
Aka: Jane Bismarck Smith
Age: 33
Location: Malyasia, Witchita
Address: 816 Winterberry Pl NE
Phone: 3193932565
Email: Jane Bismarck Smith
On websites: Ashley Madison
Report: Claims to be an antique and art dealer. Continually asks for money to help her get out of Malaysia and return to US
First name: irina
Last name: Kvitka
Age: 27
Location: Ukraine kiev
Email: various
On websites: Don't know
Report: Send emails out of the blue saying coming to England and needs somewhere to stay. Then got serious want money to buy dresses to keep me company Visa+flights money when she doesn't know about where I live plus taxi fare although I told her 3 times I live near the airport. Very heavy words when I said that I would be pleased to go to her birthday party in October Called me a Scammer ha not wrote for 4 days so Watch this space.
First name: Barbara
Last name: Capellan
Aka: jessy
Age: 28
Location: Nijeria
Phone: +2348132429835
Email: Barbara
On websites: facebook
Report: My Husband is been scammed by Barbara capellan is been scamming my husband with several thousands dlls. look her profile my husband is not the only one. these more d@@% guys. i think the place where she said it work, the guy it's a scammer the jess Stay. so please beware.
First name: Leven
Last name: Lenkov Stoyanov
Age: 28 or 31
Location: Bulgaria
Phone: 9636959 or 2090203
Report: She is a scammer I would like to share her photo,in order to stop her.
First name: Janice
Last name: Tom
Age: About 36
Location: Germany and uae
Phone: +971 58 826 3652
On websites: Hangouts and French web sites
Report: She comes on to you and in no time wants to meet you but is looking after her old uncle in Germany but wants to come and meet in your company but soon has to go to uae , to sort her late fathers estate out, she rings you from uae and also her lawyer does the same, and is soon asking for a advance to the amount of ?54,000 to get her gold back to the uk ,
First name: Deraga
Last name: Galy
Age: 27
Location: Brno
Report: After a few emails she claimed she had to go away on business to buy gold and jewelry (she said she was in business for 2 yrs) and met a Polish man who said she should buy in bulk and get a better price for it, it was to good a deal to miss.Polish man then claimed the jewelry was in fact in Russia so she had to travel to Russia. When trying to leave Russia customs demanded a permit which she did not have and had used up all of her money on the purchase of the jewelry so could i just loan her 30,000 euros for said permit which she will pay back when she returns home. Now if she had been dealing in the sale of gold she would have known these things. I told her politely i didn't have that sum of money oer savings, I haven't heard from her since
First name: Sonia
Last name: Mends
Age: 28
Location: Ghana Suyani
Address: 00233
On websites: Adultfriendfinder
Report: I am calm and well-balanced person and open-minded. I like to travel, meet new people on my road of life. But what I treasure the most is time with my family and kids. I always put my family in the first place and it is the reason why I have a dream to build a family where love and respect will be the foundation in our relationship. I think that I have personal qualities like tenderness, kindness, tolerance and openness which will succeed me in it. So, I just need to meet the right man to make my dreams real.
First name: Olga
Last name: Nikolaeva
Age: 22 Oct 1986
Location: Bobylsk Russia
Report: I don?t know why but I was a bit uncomfortable with her from the beginning. She was very greedy on her photos and send me several times the same. Anyway at a given moment I invited her to come to my place,she was very entousiastic and neglected my proposal to buy her tickets. She told me she was going to a travel agency and everything would be fine. She let me know when and withwhich plane she was going to come and that she soon would have her passport and that she was going to send me a copy. The copy came along with the message that she needed to pay an extra 300$ to the agency in order to get her tickets from the agency. I on the fly was alerted and recognised the scamming so I told her that I would not do that unless she first arrived in Brussels. She begged and plated but I hold foot by stuck and let her know that I in the first place was prepared to buy her tickets so I was not against tonsoend this 300$ to the agency provided she first arrived. Then she argued that she personally must give this money to the agency and I told her again what I stated before. In my oppinion this is a clear scamming case. The copy of the passport is of very low resolution so impossible to make sure that it?s a froid but in my oppinion it is!
First name: Elena
Last name: Podgornaya
Aka: Olena pidgorna
Age: 38
Location: Kharkiv Ukraine
Address: unknownHvardiitsiv-Shyronintsiv St, 91, Kharkiv, Kharkivs'ka oblast, 61000
Phone: +380505962605
On websites:
Report: Professional dating, gifts trips for her and family, still married lives with husband.