First name: Nataliya, Natali, Natasha
Last name: Matskova
Aka: Cleo Blond
Age: 31
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Phone: +380 67 597 43 53
On websites: On-line Ukrainian Dating, Girls-RU, Natasha Club
Report: I corresponded with Ms Matskova for 5 months before a first brief meeting in Kiev with a translator from her agency. We continued corresponding through a paid website for several more months (188 letters in all between us) before commencing a relationship. I had many warning signs with her, but she has a very fun personality and is quite beautiful. I made 4 trips in total to her in Kiev and we made 1 international trip together, following which I ended the relationship after returning home. Despite all the careful exploration by letters, she is nothing as she represents herself to be. She is very expensive!!! Be careful. I am well prepared to handle the cost of such a woman, but at the same time, always compared her to the words of her letters; which turned out to be a foundation of lies and mistruths. She can be ok about a relationship of not loving you in exchange for very expensive gifts, lifestyle and most importantly a Visa out if the Ukraine. She was back active on the Internet within just days of us ending a very supposedly serious relationship. Thankfully, I had my letters from her to compare my experience to the expectation that she had given me in order for me to see the truth of her. It cost me some money, but I can afford it. The big loss, was an emotional one, I was committed and open to her in this whole time and it cost me a year of my life!! Be careful of this woman.
First name: mae
Last name: medina
Age: 33
Location: china
Phone: +8615118374190
On websites: dating web sites
Report: Will befriend you and talk you into helping her to come and live with you. She will the introduce you to a company called worl fly with us who have a legitimate web site. both her and the company are bogus and if you send any money you will not see this again
First name: Tatiana or Tatiana
Last name: Kasko
Age: 41
Location: Kharkov, Ukraine
Address: Str Komandarma Korka, H.54, Apt 227 , Kharkov, Ukraine 61095
Phone: 380968124974
On websites:,, all beautiful girls catalogue
Report: I corresponded with Ms Kasko for more than one year before meeting her the first time in Kharkov. Following this I visited her once each month in the Ukraine or we traveled outside to such destinations as Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and other locations not requiring a Shengen Visa for 1yr. We became engaged in this time and I commenced application with INS for a K-1 Visa for she and her son. In all respects she seemed perfect and I had no warning signs about her, but regardless I was being careful, deliberate and not rushing. Then without warning after an international trip together, she ended our relationship by text message. She sent e-mails to my former wife and to my employer trying to create great difficulties for me. At the time, I could not tell if she was in some type of trouble, was mentally unstable or if a cold & calculated move. She also broke contact to the website and marriage agency where we met. I have since learned on my own and through unsolicited contact from others that in all our time together, even after engagement, she sought and actively participated in online dating while I fully and financially supported for her and her family. Be careful with this woman, she has played this game now for 15 years. The photos she uses on the Internet are at least 10 years old and she has not aged in real life quite so well.
First name: Natacha
Last name: Allanche
Aka: Nataliya Marko
Age: 35
Location: Ukraine
Address: Odessa
On websites:
Report: The recipient is being very abusive and threatening me. She emailed me and I replied back to say hi and she is accusing me of all sorts! she was previously posing as Natacha Allanche, but now she is claiming to be Nataliya Marko! she is now asking for my details: I am NOT a scammer and I have not asked anyone for anything!! Please see below the email from her to me: old foreign mister, I am a police officer, investigating a compliant against your scamming and harassing. Send us the copy of your ID and at least two clear photos to run against our scammer's and Internet fraudsters database. A failure to provide it will result in you being featured in the said database. Sincerely, Nataliya Marko, investigating detective Internet Crime Unit. ---------------------------------------- This are ridiculous accusations and I am taking my profile off the website immediately! This is purely for your information. Thanks
First name: Victoriya
Last name: Yunyk
Aka: Viktoriya Igorevna
Age: 27
Location: Keiv Ukraine
On websites: Ukraine Brides Agency
Report: After weeks of letters translated very badly supposedly by and agency in Lugansk. She was telling me she loved me after only a few letters. But the letters were not from her. I had a video chat with her. which took a couple of weeks to set up because she was supposedly no longer in Lugansk but in Kiev. She couldn't answer any questions about previous correspondence. Questions she should have been able to answer based on her own letters, she had no clue about. There was a lot of evasion techniques used by her and the translator, specifically excuses like
First name: Josephine
Last name: Ampofo
Age: 30
Location: Accra
Report: she is a hair dresser coming from Australia She is blonde nice looking Living with her Mum and uncle invited me to the hotel problems with webcam she wanted me to pay her internet bill she talks a lot about marriage and love
First name: Linda
Last name: Amoakwah
Aka: Gifty Amoakwah
Age: 30
Location: Agona Swedru
Address: P.O. box 226
Phone: 233541751683
Report: she sent me picture of herself and said she wanted me to buy her visa and plane ticket to come live with me i found this site and did some research and found the picture she sent at a web site called every under the model name of sunny leone she if it is a she got 90 dollars from me before i found this site but i guess i am going to have a little with her to get my moneys worth
Last name: LIMNYUY
Age: dont know
Location: Douala,Cameroon ,00237
Address: 00237
Phone: 0023799274870
Report: This is the people i had to send the money too, i sent them 350.00 and am mad i want my money back, am gonna sue them,
First name: marie
Last name: nhabit
Age: 45
Location: doula, cameroon,
Phone: 01123799274870
Report: She has scamed me out of 350.00 and i want someone to stop her from scamming others i want my money back,
First name: Abdulrahmann
Last name: Yussif
Aka: Princess Sharon, Sharon
Age: 36
Location: Accra, Ghana
Address: PO Box GP 17683
Phone: 233-243-281281
Email: +
On websites:
Report: Claimed her mother died Helped pay bogus funeral expenses Gave money for travel Habitual Liar Sends nude photos to get your attention