Name: Svetlana Agafonova
Age: 34
Name: Lina Brown
Age: 33
Name: Linda Adou
Age: 27
Name: Olga Kosovetz
Age: 28
Name: Blessing Mbaye
Age: 25
Name: Ekaterina Hotei
Age: 28
Name: Angel Smith
Age: 33
Name: Mary Micheal
Age: 32
Name: Mavis
Age: 29
Name: Yana Malinina
Age: 29
Name: Olga
Age: 35
Name: Ekaterina
Age: 27
Name: Marina Pakeeva
Age: 28
Name: Tatyana
Age: 29
Name: Marianna Gastin
Age: 38


First name: Stephanie
Last name: Matto
Aka: Stepanka Matto
Age: 30
Location: Leitchfeild, Connecticut
Address: 532 Madisson Avenue,Daytona Beach, Florida, USA, 32114
Phone: 1-818-850-2161
On websites: Hangouts, Instagram, Youtube, WhatsApp, TwitterYounow, Pornhub, Redgifs, Onlyfans, Facebo
Report: She came to contact me 2 years ago on this site and we started dating, she started to ask me to send her money cause she had nothing to eat, so that's what i did. i sent her a few times 100.00$ by Steam cards and once last year i sent her 1000.00$ twice. For a total of 4500.00$ i sent her and on she was making 1500.00$ a day! She continue asking me for money every month and what i discovered last year that she had in her driveway of her house in connecticut 2 Porsha , one panamera Porsha and a Porcha Tycon plus a Ford cherokee SUV and she was sailing nudes and videos of her.She has a house in Connecticut and a appartement in New-York! And when i decided to stop sending her money She got engaged whit two mans and the last one she's getting married next month ! That's what she posted on and the last conversation i had whit her she told me that she made a few thousands dollars out of me ! And when i confronted her about her post that she was engaged she answered me YOU DID NOT BELEIVED ME WHEN I TOLD YOU I LOVE YOU AT LEAST I MADE MONEY OUT OF YOU1 And i kept all the text messages about that if you need them! Thanks for helping me out i'm so destroyed! Guy Fournier
First name: Elena
Last name: Davis
Aka: Marlene Lewis, lilah, Natusia, Olga Vladmir, Lyuba, Svetlana, Evgenia, Liana, Lana Rhoades, Amara Maple, Sabrina Nichole, Hannah Winterbourne, Catherine, Bariah Nada, Nadra Gifty, Tinah Wayne, Kathy Gray, Stephanie Rodriguez, Jennifer Turner, Emily Jackson, Emily Jones, Aina Vitale, Grace Anna, Mary Sandra, Carolina Molly, Betty, Kelly Chew, Roseline Anna Dubois, Natasha Amber Smith, Tiram, Tera Michelli
Age: 34
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First name: Alliebeauty
Aka: Carolevans
Age: 35
Location: USA and Mountain View
Report: Scammer's IP Address Country USA State California City Mountain View. The scammer is using fake profiles and photos for catfishing. Advise to stay away and report to the authorities. Hi, are you ready for a hot date? Hi, I am single and live alone. Open for anything, and i dont care if you are in a relationship or not. I can be descreet and you can trust me. I want to see you asap, hope you like action right away? You can see **** pics of me if you want. Write to me now here so we can hook up discreteely asap. Best wishes. Alliebeauty
First name: Ilona
Last name: Pookie
Aka: Inna
Age: 29
Location: Ukraine and Kharkiv
Report: The Scammer's IP Address Country location Ukraine Region Kharkivska oblast the City of Kharkiv. This scammer is using fake profiles and photos just to get acquainted get money by asking favors such as bitcoins, bank accounts to transfer illegal transactions online, gift cards. and money transfers. Advise to stay away and report to the authorities. And below is the letter from the scammer. I don't have enough words to express how I love you Hi! here I am - Ilona . Are you still lonely? If so, My profile information is here: My location is your city. no kids. My age: 29 y.o.. Hair color: blonde, long. My eye color is green. My *******: no silicone, cup size B. family status: never been married. Employment: I am employed. languages I speak: English,Spain, Germany,Fr a little bit. U can find me at . Describe yourself and what are you looking for? Well As for me: I've a good sense of humor, I love wearing dresses, enjoy cooking, I love nature, I enjoy fishing, boating, reading books, fitness, swimming, cycling, dancing, watching movies. I will let you know more about myself as soon as I see your honest reply. And what type of man I'm looking for? - not taken, adult, kind, Complete Honest, responsible,smart, with hobbies, Without criminal records. I'm looking for a long term relationship ONLY serious intentions, please. I will give you my telephone ? so we will be able to speak by phone and meet after that. But first of all let me know you better, Ok? answer me, if you are not just for games. If you aren't interested, or if you found your second half already, please, just ignore this message and don't write me back, cause I only want serious relationship and I don't have time or desire to play games. I am sending you my Photo. I wish you to have a wonderful day!.
First name: Diana
Age: 35
Location: Lliv ukraine
Report: I have been conversing with here and exchanging letters on a daily basis and pics. No demands made ?just friendship so far
First name: Harlene
Last name: Triplett
Aka: Alice Martin, Helen Brown, Belinda Darby, Alexandra, Clara, Tatiana, Svetlana, Gillian Namara, Victoria, Olivia Sosa, Anna Wills, Priscilla Boye, Camara Calantha, Liliana Vad, Caroline Keaton, Sandra Moore, Mariam Debby, Kate Reymond, Alina
Age: 30
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First name: Maria
Last name: Steves
Aka: Josephine, Katherine Schwamzer, Olena krasnikova, Natalia, Clara
Age: 29
Location: Abstatt, Germany
Phone: 19282161279, 13178092932
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First name: Nastena
Aka: Anastasia
Age: 28
Location: Belarus and Vostochnyy
Email: and
Report: IP Address Country Belarus Region Horad Minsk and City Vostochnyy The scammer is using fake profiles and photos for catfishing and asking for money like a beggar from the street example bank accounts, bitcoins, money transfers, and gift cards until your money is drained then the scammer will stop contacting you. Hello how are you? I hope that you do not mind our communication with you? My name is Nastena!. What is your full name? I live in Russia, in the city of Kirov..! Have you been to Russia before? I'm 28 years old.,, how old are you? I'm looking for a serious relationship,.. And you? I hope you can tell more about yourself,., I will be pleased to communicate with you and learn about you.,, I send you my photo,.. Hope to see more of your photos,!. kiss, Nastena.!
First name: Sharon Jennifer
Last name: Bruce
Age: Mid thirty
Location: Lagos Nigeria
Address: Am Sandhaus 31
Phone: +1719 413 8253 / + 1 970 200 8216
On websites: Plenty of Fish
Report: Claims to be a spec4 in the Us Army and a PHD in Psychiatry, may have been in the US army at some Stage But there are No US Forces in Nigeria nor have ever Been, Claims to be an Inheritor of Property in Oklahoma and Texas Left to her By her Uncle who Passed away Claims to Have Attorney Lufkin of Oklahoma Administrating the Estate Will Marry you remotely (fake cert) and charge you a huge fee Claims to have arrangement with the army to get paid 10 Percent of Wages plus Housing und Benefits for Posting abroad and saving the rest and therefore needing substantial financial support every Month. Attorny Lufkin in Oklahoma is a well established and right Respected Law Firm and has no legal knowledge of this person
First name: Clara
Last name: Blankson
Aka: Keira, Beca, Celina Williams, Victoria, Nataliya, Ekaterina, Liana, Anastasia, Alena, Amelia, Herbert, Linda Jay, Yameena Rashid, Jennifer Grey, Rachel Brisa, Gei Ji, Alison
Age: 31
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Phone: 2348056730880, 33620808660, 18704740783, 2815168726
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First name: MARILYN ANNA
Last name: Lane
Aka: Cindy Mclead
Age: 34
Location: Ghana
Phone: 2097904213, 233 245369463
On websites: AFF, Google Chat
Report: I started talking with her Cindy McLead on AFF. First week was wonderful. Claims to be a US citizen even showed me a US passport. haha Then suddenly she wants to come to be with me. Sends me a document and needs $3400.00 to come to me. I tried to verify the documents address it does not exist and there was no date on the document the official Ghana doucument. In made an excuse to delay. A couple of days later surprise her deceased daddy left her 6 bars of gold she only needs $2800.00 to process secure and ship the gold to me. Then I stumbled on to her pic on her website. I have some new pics if you want. This site saved me a bunch of money not to mention stress. This girl is very good at what she does. She will use every emotion to reach her goal. There is a cold calculating user behind that pretty face
First name: Olga
Last name: baldev1091
Aka: akirk612
Age: 32
Report: Received suspicious message from olga aka akirk612 and baldev1091 received email from and ask for suspicious love romance Also running pretend fake websites online http:/// My Mister benign! Greeting;) Let's try to model speak:) Do you Wish to know me? Im adroit Mistress:-) Currently I am looking for gorgeous man:) I'll reply to You my photo attach;) response me at Till next time
First name: Nancy
Last name: Morgan
Aka: Hester Brown, Anastasia, Kayla Manthey, Nataliya, Olivia, Mariya, Svitlana Kolobova, Ann Jessy, Lisa Tuner, Laura McPherson, Kim Carla Yoo, Caroline Owusu, Kyla Leonard, Magdalena Stefan, Janet Mary, Susan Smith, Elena Jhay, Kate Monica, Elisabeth Rech, Anita, Sharron Gill, Helena Wilson, Daniel Kevin, Michelle McGregor, Clara Bennet, Lana Rhoades
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First name: Bint
Last name: Hamiss
Aka: Helen Koranteng
Age: 37
Location: Columbus Ohio
Address: 3886 Newton Abbey Ln, Groveport, OH 43125, USA
Phone: +1 614 695 8564
On websites: Hangouts
Report: Tried to scam me for $3,500 for exam fees for a masters degree and sick relative... Lies through her teeth consistently... Undying love etc etc.. Tried phoning her on the US phone number. Always no reply... Has different aliases and is on other scammer profile sites...
First name: Sarah
Last name: Sander
Age: 32
Location: USA and Fremont
Email: and
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First name: Olechka
Age: 29
Location: Indonesia and Bandung
Email: and
Report: Scammer's IP address is Country in Indonesia's Region is Jawa Barat in the city of Bandung. This scammer is using fake profiles and photos for catfishing and to trick me by using flowery words and making excuses for not seeing on live cam or talking on the scammer's phone. The scammer wants to tell me to get gift cards, money transfers, bitcoin, and bank accounts. Advise to stay away and report to the authorities. I?m so feminine?! Hi!,, How are you? I hope that you do not mind our communication with you? My name is Olechka.!, What is your full name? I live in Russia, in the city of Syktyvkar!! I am 29 years old. I'm a nurse! Tell about yourself? I will be glad to know about you!. I'm looking for a serious relationship!! And you? I'll be looking forward to your reply and photos,.. Kiss, Olechka,,.
First name: Lina
Last name: Stevens
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First name: natalia
Age: 34
Location: I live in provincial town Ukhta (Russia)
Email: undefined []
Report: l recieve various e mail from this person, the first was sended by undefined [] l answered to ask who she find my profile, because l never was in russian dating web site. After that, she wrote to me with 2 differents mails adress I find her profile here, in your scammers listing thank you for your services
First name: Alice
Last name: Scott
Aka: Lynn Harriet, Kati Serova, Tatiana, Marina, Nataliya, Tracy Willy, Kristen, Stella, Belinda Smith, Anna Marland, Helene, Lucy Whitelock, Sandra Corker
Age: 28
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First name: Miracle
Last name: Wilton
Aka: Alicia, Elizabeth, Anastasiya, Kseniya, Sandra Corker, Elsa, Mercy Queen, Sharon Wayne, Annie Ryan, Sophia, Rose Johnson, Smith Rose, Ella Johnson, Umatalieva Marugbakhon
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First name: Susan
Last name: Hershey
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First name: Oksana
Aka: alias Victoria Berezina
Age: 35
Location: Alekseevka
On websites: Czech Single Women dating site
Report: The lady put her profile on : wrote in her profile she is living in Frankfurt calling herself Oksana. Specify: Length 167 weight 51 kg birthday May 14- 1986 Living in Samara region Russia in a small town. Works as an accountant did a technical University. Got another photo which is not on your site already in the snow. She did not ask for money, but now I saw her on your site under another name and age , I stop this contact. She uses email address: , she writes in English.
First name: Natalia
Age: 30
Location: Netherlands and Groningen
Email: and
Report: Scammer's IP address, Country Netherlands, Region Groningen, and City Groningen. This scammer is using fake profiles and photos for catfishing. This is a scheme to get money by asking favors once the scammer trick you to get acquainted I advise staying away. Good day, my sun! Hey! I would be very pleased to meet you, I hope you are a nice kind man! My name is Natalya. I'm a lonely girl looking for And I also wanted to find my love. Are you also looking for a serious relationship? If you are interested in getting to know each other better, please contact me. I will answer your letter, tell you more about myself and send you my photos. I will be waiting for your reply! Natalia
First name: diana
Last name: purtsakina
Age: 33
Location: Russia
Address: Sovetskaya 25
Report: She tried and is still trying to scam me. It all started with her saying something in german, but then quickly she resent an email in English towards me that she would love to meet me:
First name: Lisa
Last name: Paulk
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First name: Mavis
Last name: Owens
Aka: Zakaria Ayisha
Age: 33
Location: Vandailia IL
Phone: +233243505422
Report: A Mavis Owens is using Danielle Delaunay's photos, says she is in Vandalia IL, associated with a Zakaria Ayisha or Ayisha Zakaria in Ghana, scamming allot of people out of money sent to Ghana on Sendwave app. mobile number +233243505422 in Ghana. I have sent hundreds of dollars to this Zakaria Ayiash, that Mavis claims to be a close friend of. Thanks to and the real Danniell Delaunay's FTV .com forum site. I learned quickly what was going on. I learned my lesson quickly, now just trying to expose more
First name: Cathy
Last name: Hayride
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First name: Anita
Age: 23
Location: Russia
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First name: Luciana
Last name: Young
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First name: Anita
Last name: Lewandowski
Aka: Anita james rebecca taylor neale
Age: 30
Location: London southampton scotland
On websites: You tube instagram tik tok Whats app facebook
Report: She is a very good at what she does scamming me out my money through gift cards abdcsayingbshe is same town but will not meet untill i buy her a gift card and then she giveban excuse