Name: Alsu Muhamethanova
Age: 28
Name: Natalia
Age: 20
Name: Jessica Smithy
Age: 36
Name: Amara Cheers
Age: 30
Name: Margarita Isaeva
Age: 28
Name: Hannah Smith
Age: 27
Name: Tammy Wilson Lambert
Age: 46
Name: Jennifer
Age: 25
Name: Irina Smolenceva
Age: 27
Name: Dorina Stone
Age: 32
Name: Sonya Ruchniewicz
Age: 38
Name: Laura Bennet
Age: 30
Name: Jammie Butler
Age: 28
Name: Natalia
Age: 23
Name: Daria
Age: 23


First name: Alika
Last name: Mamyrbaeva
Age: 29
Location: Tashkent
Report: She contacted me just last week saying she was from Tashkent ( Wednesday, July 13), and today July 19 she says she is in Bishkek after a flight there and now she needs $470US for some kind of fine she would have to pay at the Bishkek airport before she could fly to see me in the USA. Man, she works fast!!! Six days!!! She sent **** photos and a video every day of a long-haired blonde dance teacher. After the second email, the letters got more and more sexualized until I just had to laugh at them.
First name: Sandra
Last name: Smith
Aka: Heather Farace
Age: 32
Location: California and Texas Florida and Ohio
Phone: 12342015690
Email: and sandraashley2019
On websites: Facebook and messenger
Report: Been fooling me now for 4 years
First name: Sonia
Last name: Wells
Aka: Donna Brabus, Nicole Barkley, Yuli Rub, Angelina, Iryna, Sophia David, Janen Odame, Theresah Shipes, Janet, Kelly Parks, Ruby May, Declan Isabella, Anita Mills, Nicky Pinch, Nancy Morgan, Alice, Sharen, Elena Jennifer Silver, Linda
Age: 31
Location: Sacramento, USA; Istanbul, Turkey; Tokyo, Japan; Cleveland, USA; Canberra, Australia; Rubite, Granada, Spain; Bremerhaven, Bremen, Germany; Arizona, USA; Accra, Ghana; Baruth, Brandenburg, Germany; Kumasi, Ghana; Dakar, Senegal; Chicago, USA; Los Angeles, USA; New York, USA; Haifa, Israel; Lome, Togo
Phone: 9166742450, 233541214766, 7315741129, 19792613072, 23460680127, 2347068628467
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Ryabova Irina
Last name: Alekseevna
Aka: irina
Age: 38
Location: sumy
Address: Kursk Street - Radishchev House - 83 Apartment - 12 Post code- 305004
Phone: +61433495687
Report: try to scam US660.00 for visa and ticket fee. total scam with no shame. could be a man or old lady.
First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Lobanova
Aka: Ekaterina
Age: 34
Location: Mirniy
Report: This woman contacted me out of no where. She is russian but can write fluent Norwegian and she contacted me on Norwegian language because she knows I live here.
First name: CLIRA
Last name: ROSE
Age: 45
Address: UK
On websites: HANGOUTS
First name: katrina alekseevna
Last name: danilevskaya
Age: 24
Location: yoschkar ola russia
Address: Loginova St, 2 Medvedevo 5. floor backside of the house
Phone: +79177123487
On websites:
Report: i have enough information about this person. passport of her mother irina evgenievna danilevskaya born 09.03.1958 pasport number 8803547832, her own russian passport and her fake ukrainian passport, where she works, her friends, where she was on russian tv channel 1, her brother lives in orschanka is married and has one kid, her grandmother lives in orschanka too. i know where her cafe is
First name: Margaret
Last name: Brigita
Aka: Petra Moore, Sonia Wells, Valechka, Aigul Ulybkal, Evgeniya, Lola, Anna, Natasha, Shandi Cabrera, Gislaine Lemaire, Ruth Peter, Debrahlee Lorenzana, Mariam, Lauren Flackette, Jane Huston, Bella Micheal, Laura Nana, Sandra, Sarah House, Hannah Aikins, Joyce Mbuabeng, Loriane Crousy, Ashley, Betty Martin
Age: 34
Location: Colorado, USA; Toronto, Canada; Manchester, England; Charlottesville, USA; Iowa, USA; New York, USA; London, England; Bisbee, Arizona, USA; Downey, USA; Chicago, USA; Lagos, Nigeria; Paris, France; Philadelphia, USA; Accra, Ghana
Phone: 9518422474, 08161815941, 15053592353, 9563725170, 33756820516, 6103681716, 447516408083, 447441444827
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Lydia
Last name: Kay
Aka: Irina, Lola, Lesia Bondar, Susan Cummings, Linda Bencomo, Kseniya, Ruby May, Mary, Hannah Aikins, Joyce Mbuabeng, Emily, Jennifer, Helena Daisy, Pamela Willis, Jessica, Rose, Timi Sarah
Age: 28
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands; Houston, USA; Doha, Qatar; Tel Aviv, Israel; Bangkok, Thailand; Accra, Ghana; Berlin, Germany; California, USA; New York, USA; Pennsylvania, USA
Phone: 16056109709, 2057540951, 447732456007, 19294570786, 233595339188, 9162873879
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Caroline
Last name: Harris
Age: 38
Location: UK
Phone: +316-532-23854, +1307-227-5898
On websites: Mamba, WhatsApp
Report: The usual stuff. Searching for a reliable and honest man. That she loves you. That wants to share money left by patient who died of cancer, that I am her beloved ??????, urging me to contact an investment manager, and to send screen shots from the conversation with manager. That she works as a COVID medic in UK, but telephone from Netherlands,, and manager's in Wyoming. I told NO, and keeps insisting about contact with manager, and bla bla. Thank you!!
First name: Galena
Age: 42
Location: Kiev
On websites: Lucky Date
Report: Galena puportedly said that she was from Kharkiv. She would not send current photos reusing old and sometimes **** i have cancer and had my hopes up?such a nice smile! But although not yet asking for money and having sent me an E mail never returned mine. Suppport contacted her and she said her E mail was not working Although, after months permission for ?contact? was given no last name was forthcoming. Furthermore no phone numbers . That she could use the site and state that hercomputer did not function over the site! Wel I was born at night but not last night.
First name: Maria
Last name: Clara
Age: 35
Location: Syria
Report: She impersonate her a US military personnel on a peace keeping mission in Syria. Later after few days she asked to receive a delivery on her behalf which is a reward of the investment her father did and she is the only child so she has to get that. She said i will receive email from a courier company so reply with your information. Following is the email I received, From: Observed Security Protocol Status : Awaiting clearance Date: 2-07-2022 Note: ZG/4304/2022 Tracking Code : TME486459 Reminder: Shipping/Consignment Deposit : London (UK) to Address: xxxx This is to notify you know that we have received the deposit for your cargo. We certify you as follows: One Trunk Box One Payee (Consignment) According to consignment delivery to your nomination, you will need to secure a mailing address, a duty-free permit. It will be agreed with the US government, the UK government. Turkish government covering the world and airports Consignment shipping safety status. Your consignment to your country You must agree to the order of the head of the branch. Compliance inspection for U.S. Customs and Inspection Consignment / Cargo Delivery It is very important to get permission right away so that we can deliver the consignment directly to you without any further delay. It is a mandatory and obligatory matter of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Secretary of Defense (DHS) and Director of the program. Upon receipt of the shipping authorization, the USCIS and ICE (Customs Enforcement), formerly USCS (US Customs Service), With UK H&M Revenue Service I) Airfare and Shipping: $2000 2) Customs fee Inline with delivery tag and invoice Compliance inspection, customs and inspection $850 Total $2,850 We await your prompt response for payment method This is your tracking code to check your package location and details Your Tracking code is TME486459 Website Once security is complete, we attach it to the consignment. Other original documents Address via DHL will be presented you on delivery with your package. We will deliver your package to the specified address within 72 working hours without delay Thank you for choosing our service. We are here to serve you the best Your true service Mark-Anthony Airlite Global Logistics Nationally and by the specified time Internationally. Ah ok, i will pay at the delivery. Show quoted text
First name: Camela
Last name: Snow
Aka: Evgenia, Lesia Bondar, Olha Shynkarenko, Saina Zhetpysbayeva, Natalya, Mariia Nedilko, Alice, Brittnee, Edyta, Caroline, Elean, Sarah, Monica Rose Kyle, Ruth Rophus
Age: 34
Location: Los Angelis, USA; California, USA; Strasbourg, France; Dakar, Senegal; Berlin, Germany
Phone: 19152504659
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Olivia
Last name: Sokol
Aka: Alina
Age: 25
Location: Moscow
Address: 123456
Phone: +79812345236
On websites: Laddy city
Report: scams me for the last mi th almost then 3000$
First name: Emily
Last name: Adutor
Aka: Lesia, Mira, Madine, Nadezhda Karatnyk, Olha, Natali, Anna Sharapova, Ekaterina, Dina Roland, Roseline Elina, Melissa, Alice Edward, Linda Robbie, Brianna, Laura Adamson, Mary Kay, Viella Hannah Victoria, Olivia Wilson, Jess, Laplante Orianne, Cassie Flora, Laura Lee, Gina Rose, Sophia Nesemann, Rebecca Anina, Gifty Finebone, Stacy Dunn
Age: 28
Location: Sacramento, USA; California, USA; Accra, Ghana; Texas, USA; Dallas, USA; Barton, Australia; Berlin, Germany; New Jersey, USA; Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA; Alameda, USA; Miami, USA; Detroit, USA; Cambridge, England; Turin, Italy; Hamburg, Germany; Atlanta, USA; Florida, USA; Lagos, Nigeria; Denver, USA; Colorado, USA
Phone: 905528842899, 15204412875, 2568294592, 16042107931, 17576561902, 447441449486, 447523872047, 2347085416329, 31685399140
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Li
Last name: Ting
Aka: Lucy Jones
Age: 33
Location: Australia, Cairns, Frankston
Phone: +61421066706, +85246757718, +85246759753
On websites: WhatsApp, Facebook
Report: I was contacted by this woman whom introduced me to cryptocurrencies investment which was a scam website Bitmex33 where I thought I was investing and the website closed my trading account and refunded my money though using a fake payment receipt. As soon as scam was uncovered the woman deleted her Facebook account and blocked me on WhatsApp. I have reported the user to WhatsApp
First name: Annali
Last name: Grace
Aka: Jessica Mahon
Age: 49
Location: Ottawa Canada
Phone: 1-970-802-4828
On websites: Instagram
Report: Messaged her for over 3 weeks sent small amounts of money wanted me to buy air plane ticket left her at air port first time second time got rushed wanting ticket wanted me to send 500.00 for ticket looke thru this website found her pic whew saved me money.
First name: Linda
Last name: Robbie
Aka: Carolina Angela, Jenny Frances, Laura Hall, Sandra Smith
Age: 31
Location: New York, USA; Berlin, Germany
Phone: 19173104564
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Andrea
Last name: Lacroix
Aka: Catherine Kraft, Monique Pignon
Age: 35
Location: Frankfurt, Riedstadt, Avignon
Phone: 0033 756857396
On websites: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
Report: Sie nennt sich Andrea Lacroix und behauptet aus Avignon zu sein, die teilweise in Deutschland (Frankfurt) zusammen mit ihrer Tochter gelebt hat. Ihr Vater hatte angeblich eine Kakaorosterei und ist aber verstorben. Die Firma sei stillgelegt worden, da noch andere Gesellschafter beteiligt sein sollten. Nach Polizei Informationen kommt die Dame von der Elfenbeinkuste
First name: Helena
Last name: Smith
Aka: Linda
Age: 38
Location: Kannapolis, N.C. United States
On websites: Hangouts
Report: Been talking to her for 3 years and claimed she wanted to be with me, sent her small amounts of money off and on because she said she was hungry and sick. This week she wanted me to send her money to come be with me, I sent her $600 and she claims she was drinking and driving to get here and says she had a wreck, I haven?t heard from her since.
First name: Abigail
Last name: Wood
Aka: Milana, Mariia, Lesia, Olha, Wendy, Lisa Benson, Laura Lee, Ally Thompson, Kate Taylor, Eva Anderson, Betty Louise, Annie Sherry, Menly
Age: 34
Location: Orlando, USA; Frosinone, Lazio, Italy; Accra, Ghana; Adorf, Sachsen, Germany; Bremerhaven, Bremen, Germany
Phone: 2392174090, 221709470639, 19033084503, 96598701378, 233551889493
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Christine
Age: 30
Location: Ireland United Kingdom
Report: Hi My thoughtful;-) could You do me a favor? robust my creditable Good Evening interest;-) I hope you can chat;) I'm very serious, for now I'm look up charming buddy;-) I am single no.1 girlfiend living in Ireland reply to me at: I am going to reply to You my photo attach!
First name: Regina
Last name: Kontoh
Aka: Iryna, Alena, Kateryna, Anna, Laura Nancy, Darya, Lisa Wilbert, Melanie Stella, Linda, Mavis Mayer, Mary Rose, Riley Verna, Bianca Jones, Kimberley Moriah Mills, Ally Thompson, Sandra Lee, Bella Scott, Ellen
Age: 29
Location: Bahawalnagar, Punjab, Pakistan; Florida, USA; Orlando, USA; Santa Cruz, California, USA; Accra, Ghana; Mangawhai Heads, Northland, New Zealand
Phone: 704559194, 233242465105, 491794869475, 256758502213
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Elena
Last name: Berezkina
Age: 40
Location: Yemva, Russia
On websites: pof
Report: After she initiated contact by giving out her email address, I communicated via email w/ this scammer for a month and after money became a topic of discussion I decided to look her up and I got a hit on this website. I read Richard from Germany's post about her and all her letters to him are verbatim to what she sent me.
First name: Kelly
Last name: Salinger Parks
Aka: Tatyana, Clara, Anna, Dasha, Dayana, Sophia Clay, Yameena Rashid, Natasha George, Lydia, Donna Smith, Emilia
Age: 30
Location: New York, USA; Buffalo, USA; Kwanza Norte, Angola; Dallas, Texas, USA; Greenville, Delaware, USA; Gainesville, Georgia, USA; Pearland, USA; Madisonville, USA; Aham, Bayern, Germany
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Maria
Age: 40
Location: Kazakhstan
Report: Hi! How are you? This is written to you by a lonely girl. My name is Maria. I'm 40 years old. I'm looking for a serious relationship. I have no children. And I've never been married. Write to me if everything suits you.I will be very pleased to start communication with you and see what we can do. I will be waiting for your answer. I wish you a good day!
First name: Bonnet
Age: 32
Location: Ireland United Kingdom
Report: I hope You can smooth small talk, My careful Mister Just. my mister inimitable. What is your real name? May be You are free to strong chat;) Im precise Mistress from Ireland! now I'm trying to find adorable dude;) I will send You my pictures write to me at:, till next time
First name: Betty
Last name: Raymond
Aka: Tina Higgins, Kateryna, Aizhan, Natalia, Anastasiya, Naminta Ahijo, Alicia Neumann, Kyle Bright, Marine Corps, Olga, Pace Kim, Ines Malicka Chelifa, Evelyn Mason, Sarah, Sharon William, Margret Christopher, Mina Gariba, Janet Jackson, Amelia Brown, Charely Hills, Angela Potter, Marcy Smith, Michelle, Anita
Age: 30
Location: Louisville, KY, USA; New York, USA; Florida, USA; Sydney, Australia; Edmonton, Canada; Budapest, Hungary; Ahnsbeck, Niedersachsen, Germany; Albussac, Limousin, France; Wilmington, USA; Denver, USA; Varberg, Halland, Sweden
Phone: 14698857590, 447459904665, 218919872144, 12527511381
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Jewel
Last name: Mitch
Aka: Jewel Sanchez
Age: 26
Location: Angeles City Philippines
On websites: Untrue
Report: Jewel mitch aka real life name jewel sanchez How do i know? married into a filipino family of which a member is as police detective. I passed email corrrespondence with this scammer onto authorities who tracked her down operating a prostitution ring in Angeles City, Philippines. This is illegal. She was tried, sentenced & executed by lethal injection...her final words as she cried for her life? SORRY but only sorry she was caught..she died knowing who it was who helped catch her out...i was one victim too many. Ah justice..I LOVE IT! addendum: Jewel Sanchez now lives in ****
First name: Rebecca
Last name: Bilderback
Age: 40
Location: Allegedly New York
On websites: Adult Friend Finder
Report: I joined Adult Friend Finder (AFF) a little over a week ago and was astounded at the number of rather attractive women who seemed interested in meeting me. I went into a long set of email and chat exchanges with 'her' in which she presented herself as an RN working for UNICEF in Liberia. After a few days, she told me that she had some bad news. Although she was going to finish her stint in Liberia UNICEF was planning to transfer her to Somalia. She wanted to return to New York so we could meet but allegedly would have to pay $2400 to cover half of her return fare. I went online and determined that I could buy her fare from Liberia to New York for less than $1000.00. Even though I wasn't sure about this I offered to purchase her a one-way non-refundable ticket from Liberia to New York but in order to do so, I would need an image of her passport. No one can buy an airplane ticket without sending in their passport data. She then became agitated, coming up with all sorts of reasons why she could not do this. She even told me that UNICEF had a policy against her taking a selfie and sending it to me from her cellphone. Well, after another email exchange she stopped writing. The pictures 'she' sent were of an utterly gorgeous woman; a cross between Hailey Bieber in appearance and Mother Teresa in spirit. Who wouldn't be smitten? She was only one of the many scammers I discovered on AFF, which makes me wonder what the owners of this website aren't doing time.