First name: Elena
Last name: Smetchko
Aka: Natalya Wrakova
Age: 24
Location: russia
On websites: yahoo personals
Report: same deal, she wants money $980.00 and she is in love and wants to visit me.
First name: marina
Last name: rybakova
Age: 24
Location: pavlova Russia
Phone: 79051825038
On websites: elena
Report: I was going thruogh the pictures, and right away i knew it was her, i made sure by looking at the pictures she sent me on yahoo, she wanted money to come and see me,
First name: Jade
Last name: Williams
Aka: Jade Cares (instock)
Age: 29
Location: Derby, UK and Nigeria
On websites: benaughty
Report: I was contacted by this girl and found the circumstances to be very suspicous. The girl I was told was from Derby but was modelling in Nigeria and couldn't give me a date when she was heading back to the UK. The girl signs off as Jade Cares which was when I noticed that this alias was also mentioned before on this very website. Too much of a coincidence so I've filed this report.
First name: Cindy
Last name: Wade
Aka: cindy_nice1
Age: 29
Location: UK and ofcourse Nigeria once she's asking for money
Address: Address: 22 Ablue ade road ikotun State: Lagos Country: Nigeria
On websites: think netlog or tagged, not sure
Report: cindy_nice1 Hi honey? BUZZ!!! Stoney hi cindy_nice1 i miss you how have you been? I have not been comming online for days now Stoney me neither cindy_nice1 you miss me at all? BUZZ!!! Stoney yeah Im goof good yeah missed you too can I see you? cindy_nice1 Oh really? But why babe? Stoney because I missed you cindy_nice1 yes babe Stoney so I love to see you smiling cindy_nice1 i am so sad now because i lost my parent i know but i am not happy now Yes i would have love to do so too honey But i couldnt My two parent gone! Stoney ooh sorry to hear that where are you now/ ? cindy_nice1 Thanks babe so now i leave my my uncle in United kingdom and he treated me like a slave Stoney oooh ok and now you are going to? cindy_nice1 I am not ok babe couldnt get my pad and i am mensurating I am sorry i am telling you this but i really need an helping hand its just 50USD i needed to get myself this babe! Stoney where should I send it to? What was your name again? cindy_nice1 I am in My Uncle destination now and i will have to send youhis address Cindy Wade Name: Cindy Wade Address: 22 Ablue ade road ikotun State: Lagos Country: Nigeria Zip: 23401 Dont know how soon you will help me with this But may God bless you Stoney how old are you? cindy_nice1 And i will be in prayer for you also i want you to know that i am really willing to relocate for a I am just 29 And you again babe? Stoney 34 cindy_nice1 i love your look really looking handsome But where are you from sweet Handsome Man? And whats your full Name?? Stoney hold on, Im making a report on which site did we meet? cindy_nice1 report? how do you mean? i couldnt really remember babe
First name: Stella
Last name: Joerg
Age: 28
Location: kuala Lumur
Phone: +60162951134
On websites: mate1 facebook
Report: I have given this person Around $1200 AUD she claimed to be unable to leave her hotel (the Shangri-la) in kuala lumper until an internet bill was paid then claimed she couldnt board a plane as she didnt hav a PERSONAL TRAVEL ALLOWANCE she claims to be an Australian Citizen travelling on a Canadian Passport
First name: Anastasia (No Tatyana.)
Last name: Suhih
Age: 36
Location: Russia, Khabarovsk
On websites:
Report: She has contact my in Norway!
First name: vivane
Last name: cole
Age: 33
Location: nigeria lagos ikeja
Address: opebi road 52
Phone: +2348063556161
Email: ++++++++++
On websites: my space and more
Report: she ask for money to come to belgium and she tell me her ex was from belgium her adress of usa 910 aregal aok drive rockville md 20852 she isa lier boys watch out for her
First name: kelly
Last name: william
Location: ile ife osun
Address: 18 oki geust house
On websites: 2 be tagged my space
Report: a story for her dog she need money for her dog
First name: Kelly
Last name: Marquez
Aka: Sherry Lopez
Age: unk
Location: Nigeria
Report: I searched for this line: Your profile look so nice and am sure your way of living will be good enough to live and get married with And it came up with this site for a sherry Lopez, the email that was sent was exactly as the one posted for the alias.
First name: betney
Last name: mills
Age: 31
Location: Nigeria,Ogun
On websites:,,,
Report: Ive been communicating with this young woman for about two weeks now.She contact me on and have been chatting with her on yahoo.She claims to be from Austin,tx(this is on all her profiles on different sites.Shes very questionable and i think shes been trying to bait me.Claims that her hotel manager will not let her leave till she pays up on her bill(sound familiar).