First name:
On websites: yahoo and
Report: This person is trying to win someone over romatically. Was on the site and send me an email saying he was a widower and he has a 2 year old daughter. Second email saying he's upset cause his daughter is sick and asked me to send him $300.00
First name: Aigerim Talgatovna
Last name: Bayandinova .
Age: 18
Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Address: Chehova Street, House 21 , Apartment 4,
Phone: 7777 9646 951 .// 7777 2338 394 // 00 7 727 236 6535.
Email: //
On websites: Did But she vanished , and face book
Report: She befriended me and over a time said that she wanted to study in England and could I help, Hmm and I did. ?1000 in three months, then she demanded more and more. She said more money or F**k off, then she vanished when I refusd.
First name: vida
Last name: sey
Age: 29
Location: ghana ,west africa
Email: or
On websites: asainpeople .com
Report: this woman or a man is very dangerous on these sites . use god and family to reach her goal to steal ur money . hardship , family sick , need a place to live . love u with all her heart . this person have no feelings ,no love in there heart . there hate is to only win u over to steal from u. be careful and search these ppl and make sure they r for real .
First name: Michelle
Last name: Veles
Age: 30
Location: General Santos
Phone: +9161250456
On websites: Filipina Cupid
Report: She was a sweet nursing student that fell in love with me within a few days of chatting and then asked for P8,000 for school fees. Having beened conned before I was reluctant but after a day or two I relented. Things got hot and we were going to meet in three weeks time and I was going to take her virginity as she was saving it for her first true love. She then had to go on parctical training and wanted to borrow money P18,000 until her fathers money arrived and she could return it to me when we meet. I sent the money and was browzing the web to see if I could see her facebook or myspace and suddenly say her name here....hehehhe phoned Western Union and they cancelled the transfer..Phew!! I will see what happens when she goes to colect the money hehehe
First name: Ruth
Last name: Mbia
Age: 24
Phone: 221777229441
Email: ruth
On websites:
Report: This scammer sends me one e-mail professing her love for me. The next she is asking me for my bank account number to send me 9.7 million dollars to keep for her till she arrives in America. These scammers get more creative with their lies and deceptions everytime you turn around. Give a scammer your banking information and your credit and idenitity will become their's real quick. Sorry scammer you're not that smart.
First name: karimu
Last name: moro
Aka: mary/ abigail
Location: ghana
Address: nima highway
On websites: singlenet, smartdate
First name: Yuliya
Last name: Zaharenkova
Aka: Julia Smirnova
Age: 28
Location: Russia, Saint - Petersburg
Address: 28 Kamyshovaya street apt. 92
Report: This young woman had contact me, and after severals letters, she has ask to me, to send to her the money for her ticket and passport. Happily, i had found her address in seeking on internet.But it was too late, because i had sended money to ker.
First name: Anna
Location: Novotroick
On websites: zoosk
Report: Tipical scammer mail
First name: Lovle/Elizoveta
Last name: Sheldon
Age: 25
Location: London, England / Volzhskiy, Russia
Report: This woman has profiles on two different sites. Each site is a different profile with some similarities, same photos.
First name: Vera
Last name: Mpka
Aka: Veragirl
Age: 23
Location: Ivory Coast, West Africa, Dakar Senegal
Phone: (+221-76-293-8896)
Email: / (
On websites:
Report: Out of nowhere this girl wants me to help her get out of a refugee camp