First name: Diana
Last name: Ayitey
Age: 31
Location: Ghana - Accra
Phone: +233242773172
On websites: ThaiLoveLi​
Report: She is a gold-diggers. Sending documents from a company called Mercury Assets Secutity Company, Adr: P.O Box 435, North Ridge, Accra-Ghana. She have a uncle called Abraham, if you accept this Diana to visit you he will talk to you from her cell phone. He will talk about how to chip all this gold to you, and change her name in the documet to yours. It will cost you first time some thousends of Euro (im sure this depends were you are from), same secound -3 and the last time. Both parents died after a civil war. She have about 50Kg gold left from her mom.
First name: susan
Last name: thomas
Aka: pink rose
Age: 35
Location: oke lagos nigeria
On websites: dating place
Report: tired the same exact thing to me even said she was in canada but then she messed up and sent me a email tell this same story to me all over again last week.
First name: Janet
Last name: Mark
Aka: Beatrice Yemey
Age: 33
Location: Accra Ghana
Address: 112 kotobabi street Accra Ghana 00233
Phone: +233245237396
On websites:,yahoomessanger
Report: thanks to this site I have found out the truth and out only 300.00. She called me today and still wanted to keep chatting with me. I am only gathering information for this site.Her voice is like a small girls voice. The recorded voice on this site is correct. I called back the number and she answered the phone and its her.I have told her I know the truth. I asked her questions about herself and she forgets her own lies.She is sending me more nude pictures of herself. you will see the joker tattoo on the right hand side of her waist. The cell number I posted is correct this time. She says she is poor but the pictures she has sent me 15 pictures total. She has a nicely furnished home that she lives in. paid for by the men she scams.This site has an extensive record of this girl. It seems she has been doing this for years. She claimed to call me from a pay phone yet when I called back when she was a sleep she answered. Same little girls voice.Beware of this scammer. I thank this site for its help.
First name: Tatyana
Last name: Bulatouva
Aka: the blond sheister
Location: Vologda, Russia
Report: you're are a fool if u believe this kind of mess this person use to have a facebook account also the freak is pullin all the stops to get payed hahahah
First name: Shannon
Last name: Carter
Age: 29
Location: Montana? Maryland? Lagos Nigeria?
On websites: Mate1, others?
Report: On 12/3/10 I recieved an email from a girl named Shannon Carter. She had her personal email address in the profile and went by the nickname
First name: yika
Last name: Jelabina
Aka: Victoria vika
Age: 28
Location: Ukraine Lugansk
On websites: oasis
Report: THIS WAS THE SECOND EMAIL RECEIVED REFERENCE YOUR EMAIL AS BELOW Dear Sir! Welcome to the translation bureau
First name: juliet
Last name: badida
Location: accra ghana
Phone: +233549767353
Report: have been in contact with girl calling herself juliet badida she lives in Accra, ghana. can you help to let me know if she is scamer have typed her name in google search, it comes up as dating scamer cant access that page. have been scamed once before by Anna kulakova & dont want to be caught again thank you
First name: Elham
Last name: Adams
Aka: Elizabeth Binney, Abigail Mensa,Rita Morris,Elham Mensah.....
Age: 25
Location: accra ghana africa
Address: Post Office Box DC 119 Airport Residential Accra Ghana
Phone: 011-233-244288348 928-864-5300
On websites: Skype
Report: She uses Raven Rileys (Porn Stars photos) She was scamming my husband calling the house and on the internet....My daughter has reported her also...She also proclaims to be a college student that lives with her father the engineer...The woman that called has a deep accent and very loud
First name: Jennifer
Last name: Coplen
Aka: Jenefer Herbert Coplen
Age: 30
Location: U S A Prescott Valley, AZ
Address: 3401 Mountain View Dr Prescott Valley, AZ
Phone: 928-830-9925
On websites: Myspace
Report: She takes some time to get to know you. Trades personal pics. Then has you over and has sex with you. Shortly after she starts needing money for all bills house payment and all like tha(. U can contact me and I will send u a copy of the txt message admitting it from her phone.
First name: olga
Last name: rigikova
Aka: olga
Age: 25
Location: ukraine khersonsk region skadovsk
Address: prolitarska street 17 75700
Phone: +380-99-532-25-87
On websites: russia euro
Report: yes olga rigikova on 12-4-2010 she wanted me send her $220.00 for international pass port then $220.00 formedical insurance then $157.00 then tourist $150.00 all together $527.00 help cover her expence then when ask about air line tickets she said nothing then when refuse send threw western union or money gram so didnt send money next day she says she thinks better forget about her after that she wrote couple of times thats was all