First name: natalya
Report: she found me and said she had seen my profile on a dating site. when i asked her wich one she did not respond.
First name: Mariam
Last name: Ahmed
Age: 31
Location: Accra, Ghana
Report: Yahoo apparently took her off after I inquired about her validity. She initially contacted me through my website on, and requested I contact her. Then she pretty much followed the old script I had already seen in other places, including sending me a pic I had noticed before of someone else.
First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Potapova
Age: 24 years
Location: Verhnechusovskie Gorodki. Perm
Address: moldavskaya 7 - 12, Moscow. 121467
On websites: wayn dating
Report: This person contacted me by email and the same as others this soom asked for large amounts of money.
First name: Yenny Susana, Carolina Jazmin, Frans
Last name: Rojas Quintero
Aka: susuna, chocolat, Aya, Mariana, Frans, Carolina Jazmin
Age: 26, 25
Location: La Union, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Address: Calle 12 No.21-239 Barrio Paso Ancho
Phone: (57)311 347 3804, (57)2229 3597, (57)316 422 6173
On websites: Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail, Facebook,
Report: This lady is very convincent when is talking with you, she makes you feel great and you will trust her very fast, she is looking for adults over 40, she is 26 and start sending you very nice photos of her, aslo connect the web cam and you can see that the lady of those photos is she, she sends nude photos and also from her when she was junger, that's why she makes you trust her but she will never get to you. I lost over 2500 dolars with her.
First name: Svetlana
Location: russia
On websites: zoosk
First name: Alevtina
Last name: Krasivaiy
Age: 28
Location: Nizhny Norgorod, Russia
Address: 603115, street Nevzorovyh, 15, ap 76
On websites:
Report: She Requested that I disclose my banking information so a friend out side of Russia could transfer funds into my account to cover the cost of her travel to the US. For some unknown reason he could not transfer funds into Russia due to some problem with the banks. When I refused to provide her my information all contact stopped. I have the email to prove this.
First name: deborah
Last name: cole
Aka: julian cole
Age: 32
Location: newark nj
Address: 49 homestead park nj 07108/1213
On websites: bikermatch
First name: Natalia
Last name: Krasotka
Age: 28
Location: Prospect Suslikova St, 132b-5534, Vurnary, Chuvashia
Report: She has not asking for money yet nor will she get any but when I ran the address it brought me here boy am I thankful. Neway she works for an insurance company and is supposidly getting a vacation soon and wants to coe see me again supposidly.
First name: Alyona
Last name: Binzari
Aka: Alyona Byn
Age: 25
Location: Chisinau, Moldova
On websites: Social networks, adult dating & sex contact sites, etc.
Report: This girl claims to have found me through but I very much doubt she did as she's not on it! First I heard from Alyona was when a message turned up out of the blue in my inbox with a chat link & she wanted to talk on the cameras instead of writing via e-mail - she's got wise to these sites so she's a pro at scamming! I chatted for 6 days & she was acting like something was wrong with the facial expressions on the cams so I asked what's on her mind & she says she owes a lot of money & the job she told me about on the sunday night we went live on cam had falen through, I suggested talk to the banks but she says she didn't borrow it from the bank & the people she borrowed from would harm her by the following friday if she can't at least pay a good bit now, I asked how much & Alyona says €700 would keep her healthy for a short while, I asked a friend what he thought & he said it's a scam & directed me to other anti-scam website reports of Alyona where she used the same webcam chat tactics. Alyona refused to give me her phone number or address, I didn't get the money transfer details as I ended communication with her last night (25/6/2010)... another site has her rated as 27% danger of being scammed by her but the risk is more like 100%!
First name: stephaire
Last name: brown
Location: ghana accura
Email: steff brown