First name: Olga
Last name: Chiernopazoyva
Age: 29 anos
Location: Perm
Address: Rusia
Phone: Que no tiene
On websites: zoosk
Report: Ella tambien me dice lo mismo que es de rusia y que quiere a un mexicano que estaba haciendo los tramites del visado y que le faltaba dinero para el boleto yo le decia que se lo compraba a qui y decia ella que no que era pagarlo en efectibo y queria 900dls hay que tener cuidado y no ser tan pend??? yo no he mandado nada cuidense
First name: anka
Last name: nivanova
Age: 47
Location: bulgaria varna
On websites: elena's models
Report: hello my love danny. i went tpday to the travel agency, that deals with international migrations in my town from one country to another and they told me that it will be better if I go to Great Britan as a tourist. the easiest way is to do the tourist visa and the when I come and when we will live together for some time and will decide what to go further, we can change the visa right in your country). the manager also told that the tourist visa is the best way because of the strict migration laws in your and my country.if you start the process on your own, it will be A LOT OF TROUBLE for you and we are not garanted that I will get the visa. but when we are already together it will be much easier to do. the manager said that the agency will do all the paper work and it will be not very tiresome for me. he said which documents I need to bring to start the visa, he said that I have to do such documents as 1. the international passport 2. the visa 3. the insurance for the case of different accidents. as soon as everything is ready (and they say that the whole matter will take about 14 days) and to do all the documents will cost about $534... this is the real problem that is making me sad... no matter how much I am excited but I realize that i will never be able to save that on my own... that is why i have to write you, my danny, that I need you to support me in this matter... I love you, my prince and i can't wait we are together with you, I am waiting the quickest reply from you, YOUR LOVING WOMAn. (write me please the nearest international airport to you and your full adress)
First name: fyodorova
Last name: petrova
Location: russia
Report: dating and money for ticket
First name: nancy
Last name: johnson
Aka: felicia akatsum
Age: 32
Location: accra ghana
Phone: 011233249713941
On websites: yahoo
Report: gets online and ask for money but she is not who she is
First name: ekaterina
First name: Natalya
Last name: Pervuhina
Aka: Anna Pregunova, Natalia
Age: 26
Location: Angarsk, Irkutsk (Russia)
Address: house 1 apartment 10 Festival St, Angarsk, Irkutsk (Russia), 665830
On websites:
Report: It seems that similar letters have been posted on this site before under this link: We corresponded for over 2 1/2 months. She never really asked for money, in fact she refused gifts and money, until she needed money for a return ticket to help her get her visa, $630. I have around 60 emails, over 50 pics, and talked on the phone with her seemingly from a pay phone several times, as she claimed she did not have a phone. Claimed to write from the library. I had flowers sent to her and the florist took a pic of the outside of the building where she supposedly lived and the people at the address there had no idea about Natalya. When asked to explain she got very defensive and stopped writing. If you want to contact me regarding this person, please email:
First name: sandra elizabeth williams
Last name: williams
Aka: elizabeth william
Age: 41
Location: vitoria island lagos nigeria
Email: l
On websites:
Report: this woman name is not snadra and this is not her picture. I know who she is. I can provide update pictures but dont have update emials.. but can give emails she have used. I believe I got her arrested on the 10 of oct. I am getting that check into. I hope the police are real. I want to make sure you have the real person picture on here because she did this to someone else in nigeria and had made her life a living hell adn I hope she is not dping this again to this women. I was able to prove my friends innocents on that she was not really traci but her name was elizabeth williams and framed my friend saphire.. I just used her isp header and proved she was the same person.. simple as that.. and now romanscam help convict an innocent person with a scammer help to make my friends life a living hell. Please.. check these people isp address when they log in someone. I hear horrah stories all the time when people get listed just because they wont sleep with someone. Its an awful work in nigeria. My friend wants to be with me and elizableth was going all out to stop her from coming to me. sHe has been there since feb adn its nov 11 today. all of this is done out of jealousy.. adn trying to do the right thing.. help convict her and they were scammed themselves. what a sham.. please make sure your not scammed yourself. THis whole internet thing there has to be limit somewhere to protect us. I have all the proof to show you how she did it. I have been trying to get romance to listen to me.. but they just dont want too.. and they help a scammer..and i can prove it.. and i can show the real pictures of the real elizabeth williams from lago nigria but i am so broke.. and very sick from all this stress that has gone on this past year from hell. YOu wouldnt believe what i have gone through. I am just barely hanging on. I am a very honest person.. honest as can be. Google dating scammer elizbeth williams.. and see for yourself.. she has gotten rid of things but she has scammed churches and dr and many more pope ole with 419 adn tried to get me to do a 419 as well. i have the check to prove it. i have to go. i need to go to the hospital for so more test. Please write back to me adn I wil send you what ever you want. I just want to help but i dont have any money and I am sorry for that. I just want people to safe from her and the Nigerian police. Trust me.. what i could show you.. you would be amazed of what they went through to black mail my friend. Just be prepaid to get a lot of emails.. i really did reserch adn got proof she was not the traci she said she was and proved she was liz and proved she had the same isp address with a program i help fix from the uk., thank you for your time. I hope you do the right thing and you can get through to for me i really need the help to tell them to check who is really writing in.. you guys need to protect yourselves as well/. You have a good thing going.. but dont convict the wrong person..and put them in hell especially in nigeria.. Lena
First name: Irina
Last name: Genadnievna
Age: twenty five
Location: russia
Report: this girl just sent me an e mail saying with photo she wants to get to know me etc.
First name: Juliana
Last name: Baiden
Age: changes ages with each scam
Location: Accra west Africa or Tema
Address: p.o. box 744 NB Accrra Ghana west Africa 00233
Phone: changes cell numbers with each scam
Email: email was
On websites: allmosst all date sites
Report: This dirty scammer uses other girls pictures on each scamm works with brother or uncle will ask you what love is first then start asking for money moms sick needs money for hospital bill then will start asking for money for foodstuff and tell you things are hard here .will also say she is taken care of mom .I went to Ghana to meet her never showed the girl that didd show up hours later was soom other ugly monster was not thhe girl i was speaking to for 6 months
First name: Daria
Age: 26 in 2009, now 27
Location: Syzran, in Russia
On websites: yahoo mail
Report: scammers under pretext of mate search i didn't kept teh mail but id join picture sent by her in oct.2009