First name: Sandra
Last name: Jacobs
First name: linda mary
Last name: nichole
Report: NAME: LINDA MARY NICHOLE ADDRESS: BLOCK 34 OLD STREET STATE: OGUN STATE COUNTRY: NIGERIA ZIPCODE: 23401 using this address for people to send money to
First name: evgeniya
Age: 27
Location: podolsk Russia
Email: ditzhazym@​
On websites: ashley maddison
Report: Hello my new friend because of border!!! Thanks you for the answer to me. I am glad to our acquaintance. Hope we will be good friends. I very much would like that this letter was the beginning our friendly relations and is possible it is more. I do not search for the long and extended electronic correspondence. To tell under the truth, I and searched earlier for second half through the Internet, but not who did not answer me. Probably their scarecrows that fact, that I am far from them. But I think, that true the love and friendship does not know borders. That you think of it. I very much would like to know your opinion. I am very serious in my intentions and I wish to find my second half. It why I have written to you. I very sincere and fair person and I hope, that you same. I very much regret, if I cannot write and speak on English well enough. You understand everything, what I write? I the beautiful and young girl and me would be desirable that I was pleasant to you in the further correspondence. But I speak you at once that a deceit and I do not love games. I search for the person which will be to me the good friend and is possible further loving the husband)). And in the answer I promise that I will be the good interlocutor and the attentive friend! Well and it is final further if all at us turns out that I will be the good wife)). And consequently I wish to tell to you at once-----do not play with me game, with me be fair. I will understand all. I hope you me you understand. I the person fair, kind, betrayed, also want the same quality from the man which has the same qualities. I love children very much, but I never had them. Even if I would have many children, I could love all of them equally very much. I never was out of our country, but I would like to make it sometime! It is a little about itself. My name Evgeniya, me of 27 years!! I was never married and I do not have children. In my life there was a tragical case.... My parents were lost in accident 1998. In a family I was one child. I not so like to recollect it. I live in the city of Podolsk, this city is located not far from Moscow approximately 20 kilometres. I have finished the State Medical university in Moscow. Now I work as the ambulance surgeon. My work consists in rendering of the first medical aid to the victim. My work begins at 9:00 and comes to an end 18:00. I work every day. Sometimes I take the day off (Saturday, Sunday). I write to you from my work and consequently I cannot write to you every day, in advance excuse. Therefore be not surprised, if I do not answer at once all your questions, I will make it later. Please write to me much about itself and the relatives, only so we can know each other better. You love what music? You have a favourite cinema? What most of all you like to eat? From meal I most of all love apples, bananas, pineapple, an orange. And also I very much love the sea a product. I am very tasty I can to prepare a hen, a turkey and a rabbit. I very much would like that you have once tried my dishes. :-) I love all directions in music. That I observed last films also to me liked is: Clash of the titans, The back-up Plan, Kick-ass it from a foreign cinema. And also the Russian films: the fear Fobos-club, Tired with the sun 2 About what speak men? You looked these films? And as I the sports girl and sometimes I go in the mornings to an athletic field to have jog. I love a healthy way of life. And what kind of sports is pleasant to you more? I very much like to observe soccer, Hockey, figure skating. I very much love a dog and a cat. At me it is a lot of friends. The best my friends are Ekaterina and Elena. And you have friends? Tell to me please more about your country, about your city, you live in a city or in village??. It is very interesting to me to know!!! That you make in free days!? Tell to me more and more about myself (forgive that I repeat). I should finish my letter, too many questions seem for today. Good-bye. Your new friend Evgeniya Send me the photos? Please.)))
First name: Zlata
Last name: Petrova
Age: 28
Location: Russia St Petersburg
Report: I think she is She wrote the same letters as to the one in Holland and I sent her money and I am a fool
First name: sweetyooneil
Age: 23 years
Location: daker senegal in
Phone: upaster phone number(00221765206295)nknown
On websites: prsently
Report: saying she has lot of money left with the father asking us to transfer in our accoung.asking for freindship with love and care with lot of kisses.i dont know about her personal character. ihave a foto of hers in my website also saying she is in senegal and wants to come out from refugee camp
First name: olga
Last name: maximova
Age: 25/30
Location: russia/cheboksary
Report: sono stato contattato da questa donna che dopo alcune mail passionali mi ha chiesto 1200 euro per venire in italia con la modalita wester union senza darmi indirizzo recapito telefonico..le sue lettere sono sempre state correlate da foto e devo dire che ci stavo cascando ma entrando nel vostro sito tutto mi parso piu chiaro...fate attenzione e grazie marco
First name: aisha
Last name: abdul
Age: 24
Location: abdijan south africa
First name: Ludmila
Last name: Potemkina
Age: 29
Location: Rusia - Kazan (TatarstA?n)
Address: 420000
Report: Una chica que gracias a su belleza y artes seductoras, se enamora de tA­ a los 2 dA­as de conocerte por e-mail. Pasan 2 semanas y ya tiene organizado el viaje, contrtao de viaje, visa, etc y te pide le ayudes con los gastos porque carece de recursos, En verdad es hermosa y de ello se aprovecha para estafar y burlarse de quienes sinceramente buscan pareja. Cuidado con ella, ya que es una audaz estafadora que cambia con frecuencia de direcciA?n e-mail. Es tan despistada que te envA­a fotografA­as suyas con las mismas locaciones que envA­a a otros. Tal vez mal asesorada o piensa que los demA?s no tenemos cerebro. Una delincuente audaz pero agradable , de buen ver.
First name: Anita
Last name: Annan
Age: 34
Location: accra
On websites: zoosk
First name: Olivia
Last name: Kate
On websites: