First name: Evgeniya
Last name: Glazyrina
Location: Lapsary Russia
On websites: Zoosk
First name: Julie
Last name: Wilson
Age: 33
Location: Lagos
Email: juliewilson
On websites: lavalife
Report: i try to pay for the with my amex card for the flight change and they said they don't collect card here they only used cash here i have spend the cash i have here but have money inside my card and it can not be used here cos it a 3rd world country so pls dear when i get to Canada i will be able to use my card there and get money out if u read my flight plan very well below you will sell that it stated that if the payment for the flight change is not made in 24hrs that they will cancel my flight so pls dear i want you to lend me $550 usa dollars so i can pay for the flight change and when i get to Canada there in ----- airport i will use my card and get money and pay you back pls i need to pay the agency so they don't cancel my flight send the money with details below so they can get the money and they will not cancel the flight
First name: Mary
Last name: Amaka
Age: 30
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
On websites:
Report: This woman said she wanted to marry me and was the mother of my unborn children within just 2 weeks. It wasn't long before she asked for $320 for a new phone. She was sure to include some nude pictures along with it to further entice me. It didn't work the way she had wanted.
First name: Cynthia
Last name: Dere
Aka: Monica Schipp on your site
Age: 31
Location: Offa Nigeria
On websites: Mate 1
Report: I heard from her on Mate1, she had me switch to Yahoo chat, Then told me her story. She need money to feed her and her daughter. Has been pressing for last 2 weeeks because I have been stalling. I figured it was a scam. She is on this site as Monica Shipp and have seen here on another site.
First name: Leila
Last name: Amiri
Aka: Director of Admissions
Age: 44
Location: Gainesville, Florida, USA
Address: 1600 SW Archer Road, Gainesville, FL 32610
Phone: 352-273-7992
On websites:
Report: Leila lies about opportunities available for medical schools by sending you faulse letters of admissions, and expecting you to pay bribes/fees for her services.
First name: anna vladimirovna
Last name: lehtyna
Age: 29
Location: rusia ekaterinburgo
Address: 620108
On websites: zoosk
Report: me envio Con Mensaje sin la direcion De su epoca de Correo un zoosk decia Que de burgos.manda Cartas Pero no le enviava Las Que Yo Por la ESO y que Pillado Por mas infrmacin en google .
First name: janet
Last name: mark
Aka: abigail djan
Location: accra ghana
Report: she is looking after her sick mum and going to uni.
First name: rhoda
Last name: menz
Aka: jennifer
Location: accra ghana
Report: she was quick on it. wanted to move to oz straight to travel agent. nothing out of me.
First name: Nadya
Last name: Drake
Report: Her letter: Hi . Someone i would like to get to know. Would be great to meet you in person.I am seriously interested in knowing more about you. Dating is not just fun for me, i never play games. I hope that you are serious too. I'm a lonely lady that needs to find someone that will love and understand me. All the best. I'll be waiting for your reply!
First name: Selma
Last name: White
Age: 33
Location: Ghanda- California
On websites: atk exoctics selma-Singles net-Date maker
Report: This evil person has taken me for over 2000.00. She wants to come to seatle, get married and live happily ever after. She may talk a good game but if anyone has any dealings with this peice of shit just read some of the other notes and don't let her continue to take from you.