First name: Teljatikowa
Last name: Darya
Aka: alyona
Age: 24
Location: russia borovoy Kemerovo Oblast
Address: Russia, Borovoy, Zelenay street 51, flat 23
Report: she seems awssome lol really jus to gud to b true she wants me to meet herat an airport near by and she wants to b my soul mate. i tel her repeatedly tht i will not b able too an she never answers my questions like weere she get my email stuff like tht. she sent pics.. looks like a modle she says she wants to b a dance instructor all nice things this and tht. but since ive seen recent scams now im more aware to not respond anymore or jus keep her waiiting or jus keep emailing her if its really her im talking too.. and mess around. so fake information is essential lol.
First name: DARYA
Age: 26
First name: Joy
Last name: Alfred
Report: Photo stolen
First name: Natalya
Age: 27
Location: Salavat Bashkortostan Republic
Address: 7/25 Milkova
On websites: amaturematch
Report: Avoids answering questions. hasn't asked for money yet.she is offering info like interest, what her city is like. At least that what she makes up. Her favorite foods.
First name: Anita
Last name: Williams
Age: 33
Location: united kingdom camden also Los Angles USA
Phone: 213-673-1419
Report: scam starts with customs problem goes into large inhartence next UK Customs arrest her for smuggling a guard in love with her helps her get released for sex or a price,then he demands more money from her or sex it goes on and on even if you dont send money the pleading for money for food merdical and always the money to pay UK Customs so she can leave the UK with her property and inheartance
First name: Melissa
Last name: Kone
Age: 33
Report: Dir all the profile of Melissa Kone is in use again (she) try to tell me that (she) is in trouble because of a hotel bill (she) can’t pay so the manager collected (her) passport first (she) ask for 400,- €, than 200,- now 150,-. (She) have make a break of three month (she) have not try to connect me, but now the profile is back. I believe its more than one person and they can write in French, German or English, so be carefully this are professionals.
First name: natalya
Last name: serapionova
Age: 27
Location: zvenigovo city russia
Address: lenina 78/36 425060
Report: this individual is a known scammer with many inquires i have been wasting this persons time on purpose i am still in cantact with this person and have all correspondance in my possesion this person is asking for money for a visa and travel expenses and claims to have no working phone.
First name: Karren
Last name: Moore
Age: 30
Location: various places in the US Missouri , but in yahoo is new york
On websites:
Report: from the first letter she was madly inlove with , put my photo on her screensaver , etc. the usual but only after 2 chats I knew that things were not adding up . I told her so in the chat and didn't even care when I said I have put already many on the scammer black list .
First name: Jennifer
Last name: William
Aka: Jennifer Hamilton Deji Smith
Age: 35
Location: London, UK , Schenestdy NY
On websites: Yahoo messenger
First name: Uliana
Last name: Saukina
Age: 28
Location: Surok Russia
On websites: mail
Report: Correspondence vastly similar to that with