First name: Elena
Last name: Kuznetsowa
Age: 30
Location: Kazan
Address: 420044
Phone: +7 917 705 72 96
Report: This girl sent me many emails and most of them I found verbatim on this site and others about scammers. Just putting some sentences in a search engine I had many pages with exact matching with what she sent me.
First name:
Location: Cameroon
On websites:
Report: This girl says that she is a student in cameroon and wants to relocate to europe. In the second phase, she asks money for acquiring a passport and flight ticket.
First name: Jane
Last name: Brown
Location: Accra Ghana
Email: tanjinvestors
Report: Claim to finance gold mining operations for 200M US dollars. Asking for gifts like 5 watches, 3 laptops and USD 5,500 fees representing facilitation fees aND INSURANCE OF THE PROJECT. His boss is Thomas Banks CEO.
First name: Elena
Aka: Polina, Irina
Age: 32
Location: Russia, Nizhni-Novgorod
On websites:
Report: Her English is not very good. I realized after awhile her letters did not reflect what I was writing about. I stopped replying some time ago. Her pictures are the same as 'irina. SCAM
First name: tina
Last name: cole
Age: 32
Location: london,u.k
Report: says interested in meeting wants men to send airfare and wants you to say married to her and contact security company to a mr patrick edward and have box released you and sent to your address you send email to then they send replie saying to western union shipping fees of 780 u.s.d then will recieve box within 2 to 3 days
First name: Litvinova Darya
Last name: Viadimirovna
Aka: Darya
Age: 23
Location: Kherson, Ukraine
Address: street 200 years of Kherson, house 2, apartment 154
On websites:
Report: I was pretty stupid with this girl –she looked cute with black hair & red dress- and I was inexperienced at this sort of dating. Anyway I sent her US$750 for passport & airfares and then got various improbable tales before she finally declared I was a ‘White Slave Trader’! ARE THERE ANY GENUINE GIRLS OUT THERE?
First name: Nelli
Last name: Solomatnikova
Aka: Neli
Age: 29
Location: Lughansk, Ukraine
Phone: +380950577635
On websites:
Report: Alas I only found this site too late! I already sent 'Nelli' US$289 for passport & dress. And I was planning to send her more money for a holiday. She is clever –her letters seem like they are about real life and she always carefully read mine, answered questions etc. I even spoke to her (or at least a woman) on phone –her English is good but not perfect –just as you would expect. My suspicion was aroused when she did not want to speak to a Russian speaking friend of mine. Then the travel agent she said she used I could not find on internet nor could my Russian friend contact them. ANOTHER FAKE!
First name: Faith
Last name: Johnson
Age: 30
Location: Ecuador
Report: she sent me a fake cashiers checks... and i caught it before the bank did.. now she says she will be disconnected from the internet tommarrow or the next day. she does not know the name on the check, or what bank came from.
First name: Alyona
Last name: Muravyova
Age: 24
Location: Russia
First name: Kimberly
Last name: Belcher
Age: 35
Location: United Kingdom London
On websites: Lesbian Websites
Report: This lady passes herself off as an Anglican Missionary from the U.S.She attempts to get money from you by asking for donations first. Then she has to go to London to pick up some of her deceased fathers things from a security company, called Dwight Seair Securities. Dwight Seair is supposedly a securities company that deals with things with diplomatic immunity. She starts asking you for money to help her get the shipment of her fathers valuables home all the while pledging un ending love. It goes on and on and no matter how much money you send it is never enough to get the shipment home and then get her home. But she writes the most beautiful love letters. But when the money stops so does the love letters and the love.