First name: Annaliza
Age: 30
Location: philipines
Phone: +63 9279698723
On websites:
Report: SweetKisses4u~ thanks to my owner
First name: Luiza
Last name: Karimova
Aka: Natalla Efremova
Age: 30
Location: Kazan-Tatarstan -Russia
Address: Chernomorskaya St. 42-17
Phone: 917 705 7296
Report: Out of the blue this girl contacted me and we were corresponding for a while and I was thinking it was a genuine case.She wanted to visit me here in China last year and I sent her flight ticket.Then she told me that she could not leave country as she owed bank for her apartment-mortgage.I beleive and sent extra and then her vacation leave expired.We postponed to this year. last month we decided to meet and I send her money thru Western Union.Was shocked when she told me money was taken by some other people-I couldnt beleive this could happened at Western Union.She suggested me to wired more funds to her mother's bank account.I totally refused as I suspect that she is a conned artist as I told her to find a lawyer to investigate this loss of money and she has not done so.The police told her that money was taken out in another city not Kazan-how is it possible ?? Since my refusal to sent more funds-she has not contaced me.So what is your opinion ?? I would appreciate your reply. Cheers Peter
First name: hopetoure
Last name: james
Age: 23
Location: dakar senegal
Report: she sending me the massage at site zirpia. she send me two massage. but i am checking on web about hope toure james i am shocked to know that hope toure james is scammer.
First name: Ekaterina
Age: 25
First name: miss victoria
Last name: fumba
Age: 24
Location: laiberia in west africa country
Address: seneger
Phone: + 221774692810
On websites:
Report: this is all what she sent to me pls Go to Previous message | Go to Next message | Back to MessagesMark as Unread | Print ReplyReply AllMove...Inbox Flag this messageDEAR THIS IS ALL ABOUT MY LIFE THANKSMonday, November 29, 2010 1:21 PM From: This sender is DomainKeys verified
First name: Kisun
Last name: Sung
Age: 32
Location: China
Address: No.402.gate 7 baima donglu,Dongcheng.Wanjiang.Dongguan.Guangdong.
Phone: 861 353830 6104
Report: Even a few letters after she ask me to send money for the trip trough the Western Union.She is coming to visit,without request and need money for passport,visa and of course the ticket.
First name: Mariya
Last name: Klestova
Age: 31
Location: Ivanovo, Russia 153005
Address: 41 Rybinskaya, apt 7
On websites: singlesnet
Report: Visa scam, tries to get money through moneygrams sent to her.
First name: Maame
Last name: Paker
Aka: Margret Asiedu
Age: 29
Location: 182 Nima Highway Accra, Ghanna
Address: Oshei Maxwell P.O. Box 4515 Accra, Ghana
Phone: 00233548335318
On websites: Yahoo chat
Report: I knew right away that this girl was a scam artist. Only the emotionally vulverable would not, but i have played along long enough to get this information about her to make this report. I believe there is a partner in her crimes, more than likely her husband as I notice in her pictures she sent to me that she is wearing a wedding ring. There is also the name Osei Maxwell Or Maxwell Osei that could play a major role in the protetion of her identity and true location. Watch out because she is very beautiful. But she is shallow and not very smart with her operation. She is, however, very flowery with her words. I have not ever sent her any money, and I will not ever, though I will talk to her later this evening and continue to play the fool so she is unexpecting of this report, though she will probably see it on this site before any authorities actually take action. If this is the case, she will disappear into the web of lies and deceit that she uses to trap un-suspecting saps and extort their funds. She will be stoping at the address expecting funds to be sent to her sometime before christmas to the address I posted above if you are seriously looking for this woman. which I doubt as if this was the case, nobody with this lack of skill would still be operating.
First name: Alena
Age: 29
Location: Rusland
Address: Nishini Novgorod
On websites:
Report: Ja, jeg modtog en e-mail fra hende. Hun pA?stod at jeg havde talt med hende over datting siden Men det er sA?dan, at jeg kan slet ikke finde hende pA? denne side og jeg har aldrig snakket med hende over den side. Men hver gang jeg sA?ger pA? hendes mail adresse, sA? dukker hun op pA? 2 stk. sider hvor hun stA?r som fidus-scammer og den ene af dem er denne her!
First name: Anastasia
Last name: Nikiforova
Age: 29
Location: Russia, Cheboksary
Address: 22 sespelya, apt118, 428000
Report: I saw her picture identical under different name Elena Volkova. she emailed on