First name: Monica
Last name: Woode
Age: 34
Location: Accra
Address: Blind addresses
Phone: +233266528345
On websites: Oasis personals Yahoo personal Face Book personals
Report: I have had extended contact with Monica Woode for over 1 year.She use the name Kitel Larson and Naa Koshie Lampety as other alias's and is currently residing in comfort in a mansion in Kingsbrey Accra. Monica owns her own late model car and is a highly paid call girl who operates in-tandem with Naa who often brokers the cost of sex with her in her house. I have about 1.5GB's of Intelligence on her and many recent pictures. MONICA WOODE IS PAMELA SPICE Google Pamela Spice and if u locate the right Pamela Spice u will find her. Google Monica Wode Face Book and it displays many pictures and details.
First name: ekaterina
Last name: esmelova
Aka: krissinanno81 libero chat
Age: 29
Location: RUSSIA
Address: Postal code: 428000 address: Prospekt Lenina Home 83
On websites:
Report: I would add that from personal investigations, I saw that the same letters sent to me via e-mail addresses are published in site with a different e-mail from that address in my case this is Traduzione da Italiano verso Inglese Surname EKATERINA Smelov Country: Russia Postal code: 428000 Address: Prospekt Lenina Home: 83 department: 41 Phone number (39022) 93539 work To your attention I was contacted by this girl through free community then privately (no agencies) You say that you want to find a Russian boy in ITALY but I immediately knew something was wrong and I Investigated and found that others had received letters changed my own Only the name is the modus operandi is always the same but I did not ask ITALY money to come in because the hoi found identical letters to other men and I asked for an explanation since then has made her feel more .. He contacted me with user name Krissinanno81 free chat community 1 letter Hello Samuel! I am very pleased to receive from you the answer. And before that I want to say a thanks. It 's very pleasant for me to see your letter, because it means that in this huge world someone thinks of me. I apologize if my letter will seem strange or inconsistent. Just what is hard for me to start understanding it. I have a modest and shy girl and therefore I worry a bit '. But I hope that if at any time will pass and we are in a position to know more closely, and we can find better. I begin to write to you and, probably, at this point, it is necessary say something about me. You certainly have to send me photos. At first when I was born even tell the age. I was born on 14 January 1981. This means that early for me to run 29 years, probably as early age in large. I was the only child in the family and I have no brothers and sisters. And now I live with parents in a small apartment. I think at this moment and time to reflect on the future life. I'd love to have family and I very much want to bring up their children. I love children and I'd really like to educate their children, I do not know how many children Why should depend not only on me but by my dog because it is the chapter of family and must also Think about the children. I grew up in crowded and balance Cheboksary My Chuvshy and settlement and in the Republic and 700 km from Moscow. My father works in militia. To you is referred to as policemen. My mother works as a saleswoman in shop which to be not far from homes. It sells bread. Probably tell you about my parents, but in another letter. Now I would like more to say about me it would be possible to represent me. I already mentioned that I was born in 1981. And just as most children I went into the garden for children up to 7 years. Now I understand that my parents could not be constantly with me and had to return in the garden for children. But I remember when I was small for me not like the children's garden, because I really want to be with their parents. After that I went to school. I do not know why, but I could study well without effort at that time that other children had problems with the study. I finished school with the Red diploma in 1999. On it my formation was not finished and I also went to study in Institute, I arrived there without problems because I had red diploma after I left school. There was talk of what I studied very well, helped me to study free- of-charge in Institute. I finished Pedagogical Institute in 2004 and after that I did not study more. I always found out and not only to study, but also good to explain and I could teach children. After I finished school, I started working at school. And from that I currently work as a teacher of young children. I teach your children, who came from the garden for children. I I teach by him all sciences. I teach them to read and write. I love children and has a lot to me as what I do. Working with children requires attention and I think with children work a little harder than with adults. As I told my work very much like me, and perfect to help children. In my age to become clearly that children this our future and I try to learn their volume and they can also have a little more. The love for children and came to me with my age and now I want to have kids. I dream of having the perfect family in which family center always warm. Probably you ask me why I wrote to you? But I do not know, and because some research? I'm like you want to find happiness. I already spoke that I the shy girl and therefore I do not know me explain to you what I'm talking to you, and why not this? It 's hard for me to get acquainted with people on the street and I found myself male here on my native land for the sake of which I I'm ready for anything. My girlfriend at work advised me to try to know Internet. Should I write the letters from the Internet of cafe because I do not have a computer home. It 'pretty expensive thing to put your computer at home. In our country not so many people have computers of a house. So I hope that as a rule that I write from the Internet cafe. Standard of living in Russia not so high as in other countries and probably simple. Only I ask you understand me correctly I would not have thought that I lation. I would like to earn enough money to live on what is here. I think on it my letter has approached to the end and I hope that this letter very large one that distract you. Now you can read and if you agree with what I wrote, we can continue to get acquainted further. I hope to set you a question
First name: Kadija
Last name: Sackitey
Location: accr, ghana
Address: 203 darkuman st. 00233
Phone: 23320570095
Report: been talking to her for 3 mmonths now long store short needed money for this and that loved me wanted to marry me, money for faulse documents, money for medical bills, money cause her uncle was robbed and got hurt
First name: valentina
Last name: chkalova
Age: 27
Location: malmyz , russia
Address: street gogol 25 612920
Report: she was able to get 470 euros from me to buy flight tickets and she asked me for more 2300 euros, because she said to me she could not leave Russia according to russian law that prevent people to go abroad if they have to finish to pay a loan ( she ha d to pay 2300 euros to the bank to extinguish the loan)
First name: sandra
Last name: richards
Aka: marry harrington
Age: 33
Location: accra ghana
Phone: 233 267 732635
On websites: sandra richards
Report: i have been talking to sandra richards aka melissa harrington for about 2 months i found her on a site called melissa midwest .com she told me she usto prostitute and that she went to ghana to live with her grand mother who is very ill and wants to move bak to the states she said she has been turned to jesus christ and is wnting to live a clean life so if she still out there yall be careful and let her burn in hell by herself
First name: Nadya
Last name: Limorenko
Age: 29
Location: Ukraine Sevastopol 99055
Address: Ostryakova 201-a apt 22
Phone: +38095241657
On websites: Anastasia Allsinglerussiangirls ( or did ) R brides, army of brides, and many more
Report: She lied about her Love to me, she lied do much that I went to her in Sevastopol, she said before I bought tickets to plane that i would be guest, she would spend all days with me, as soon as the tickets was bought, she said I cant stay with you all days. at that time I had bought presents for her daughter and her parents, cause we was totally sure on that we was the couple, we just had to meet and this would be happening. she said Darling I wil make you a wonderful dinner in the apt, she forget to buy things for this, so on way to sevastopol, she asked can we go and buy some things for the dinner, I said off cause, and as it schould be paid, she asked do you have money. nwe came to the apt. and I had to pay for the apt that she has rented, I also had to pay for the driver. maybe okay I dont know all I know is that she had said that I would be her Guesst, ( and from experience in Russia I knows what this means, there it means that you insult the one that says that your her guesst ) The evening went away and she asked for to see the presents to her daughter and as she saw this she insisted on to get this with her at once, and the same with the presents to her Parents, ( and this is absolutly not normal, that a woman askes for this, in russia cause it is the way that you shows respect to the family as you goes for asking for there daughtewrs hand ) she got it with her. she left me in the apt. after this we had a restaurant visit on our anniversary day of our happy relationship, there she told me this
First name: Elena
Aka: lena
Age: 33
Location: Kozmodemyansk
On websites:
First name: JUDY
Last name: BOBY
Age: 33
Phone: Fm U.S,A, 001 234-809-0698246 or 234-805-0231686
On websites: Amateur Match -?
Report: Initial E-mail claims she is from Salt Lake City, Utah. She was in management at the Wal-Mart store there. She was in Nigeria taking care of her mother as firt report to be back in states in 2 week. Next time she was in Coventry City, U.K. Her Mother in hospital there.Partners: Eddy Jabar,(hard to understand>accent), Oscar Idowu (frhd of Mothers.)His address listed as 101 Dane Rd. Coventry City,U.K. CV24HS, W.MINDLAND, U.K.
First name: faustima
Last name: osei
Age: 33
Location: ghana,accra
On websites: she is on many
Report: was contacted by her - her picture is on several scam watch sites. she asks for money,laptop, anything she can think of . will not use web cam, but calls my pc.have been in touch with her for 3 weeks
First name: cheska
Last name: sanches
Aka: cheska ramirez sanches
Age: 24
Location: Manila, Philippines
On websites:
Report: asked me to send her money via Western Union so that she could buy a webcam so i can see her online and so i did. of course, she never bought the webcam and then is now avoiding me. when i first offered to just mail her a webcam, she wouldn't give me an address and said that the mail does not get delivered to her neighborhood. anyway, i should've known better.