First name: Lea
Last name: Martinez
Age: 35
Location: China Shenzhen
Address: 518000
Phone: 0118615626414377
On websites: Filipinocupid
Report: This women name i think is Lea Martinez, very slick liar and her email is is on Filipino cupid and asian dating site. She works with someone name Bo Wang and Chung Ling and says she is a nanny for old people.She gets you to send the money to 98 Yannan Road and the Account: 621709700099453 and the swift code: BKCHCNBJ400 AND POSTAL CODE: 518000.
First name: Alisa
Age: 30
Location: Ukraine .Luhansk region, Novoaydar
On websites: unknow
Report: She is the scammer. She is asking money to pay the internet cafe fees.
First name: ilona
Last name: Deleon
Aka: Lonnie (Londelz)
Age: 46yrs
Location: 45-47 yrs h5ft7w146
On websites:
Report: She had at one time set up a virtual business address set up on a vacant lot in Edmonton Canada. If you are contacted by her for money make sure you receive collateral worth a lot more then the value of the money she needes be fore you give her one red cent she is a SCAMMER
First name: Sara hushkier
Age: Annabella
Location: Neatherlands
Address: unAmsterdam Heumensoord Emergency Center near the Dutch City of Nijmegen.known
On websites: Lovething uk
Report: Says she is a refugee from Damascus Syria staying in a refugee camp at Amsterdam Heumensoord Emergency Center near the Dutch City of Nijmegen.Gastvry oost ( hospitable east) First this camp was closed in May 2016. She says her Camp adviser is Liam Priemus which is correct but the email address i was given for Liam Priemus was which is not correct as i spoke to Liam Priemus on Facebook .... I can send you a copy of her ID which has her photo on it.
First name: Veronica
Last name: BRown
Aka: Vera BRwon, Sonam Bajwa
Age: 30
Location: USA, Miami
Phone: 7864088596, 9405802170
Report: Veronica imitated contract via Twitter messenger.
First name: Harnier
Last name: Virginia rose
Age: 34
Location: Paris fransa
On websites: I not know
Report: She make video call and call you she tell you she is poor and etc.
First name: Linda
Last name: Jones
Age: 30
Location: Nigeria Lagos q
Address: Azukem holel&suite 40 Osholigbehin st Lkorodu lagos
Phone: 2402440652
On websites: Twitter
Report: She convinced me to send her an iPhone 10 plus $1,100 cash I was a fool
First name: Patricia
Last name: Horoho
Age: 50
Location: Neu-Isenburg, Germany
On websites:
Report: Claimed to be a widowed military doctor looking for a long term relationship.
First name: keta
Age: 30
Location: Ukrain but Ghana
Phone: +233277335841
On websites: travelgirls
Report: She is not Ukrainian, has Ghana tel number and is African.
First name: Lizzy
Last name: Swedan
Age: 30
Location: Africa nigeria lagos
Email: Unknown
On websites: Unknown
Report: Been communicating with this woman for not even two days already asking money and she writes on jer facebook page that she lives in u.s Rhodeislands but when chating she says nigeria city of lagos so i onow she is a scammer please verify to protect facebook community from her thank you.