First name: melida
Last name: cole
Age: 29
Location: fort worth texas
On websites: be naughty
Report: going by natasha dawn now address email also on be naughty she is 29,natas4738 looking for since she is fort worth
First name: Nadezhda
Last name: Kourlina
Age: 27
Report: wants money
First name: Annie
Last name: Berry
Aka: Mary
On websites: singlesnet
Report: After money
First name: Olga
Last name: Buga
Age: 30
Location: Kiev Ukraine
Address: Uregoya,11.appt 72
Report: Multiple letters over the past weeks and she was now making plans to fly to the US. She works as a gynecologist and wanted to find work in the US. Her email address supposedly came from the name of her past dog - Sheree - who died. Has visited Europe and Asia, but not the US. She loves roses (and I wasted a few dolarrs to send a few dozen) and prefers that they be sent using She gets 26 days of vacation per year, travels occasionally for work to meetings in Moldova Chisinau, and has an uncle who lives there and has a few dogs. I stopped emails when she mentioned using western union or to help pay 800 dollars for a return flight.
First name: Marina
Last name: Verbitskaya
Report: This girl also has email accounts of
First name: Sharon
Last name: Walter
Age: 26
Location: Chicago, IL but going to UK
On websites:
Report: Have sent me a series of letters that you have on your site.
First name: Maame
Last name: Paker
Aka: Adiza
Age: 41
Location: Ghana
On websites: singlrs net
Report: This girls has already contacted me once before back on March the 6th and the she contacted me again yesterday on May the 9th saying was wanting to chat with me about us getting together on becoming married. She did not want to talk to me very much last night but contacted me and told me that I hade discontiuing using singles net if I was going to be one and only. She then ask me to show her my web cam and when I did I asked her to share some photos with me and she refused, by saying she will not share photo's with anyone till she gets to know them better. And that they do as she command then to do. Well I closed the yahoo browser and stopped talking to her. I just wanted to let everyone know that she is using another alise and name on this site. Thank you letting me share all I have with you.
First name: olga
Last name: smirnova
Aka: olushka
Age: 30?
Location: sotnur,russia
Address: 425022russiasotnur polevaya str-8
Report: contacted my e-mail address talked for a few months, coming to america,sent 400.00 dollars then she needed 1000.00 more to get into america. Did not send anymore money. she's stopped talking
First name: jennifer
Last name: campbell
Age: 30
Location: akure,nigeria
Phone: 011-234-703-037-2500
On websites: yahoo personals
Report: I met her on yahoo personals.We exchanged emails a couple of times and she said she was in Nigeria.Then in one email she said her wallet was stolen and needed money to pay her hotel bill,$300.I asked about her friends and family and she said her parents were dead and she had no friends,so I sent that, then she needed $120 more then she needed $250 for her plane ticket.Then on her way to the airport she was robbed and shot.That is when i got an email from a DR.Robert Anderson ( and that before she could leave she had to pay a $750 hospital bill,so I sent that too. She had said she was there buying art supplies because she was an artist,now at the airport she needs $2500 more because of her art supplies and the authorities wont let her leave until she pays this.I thought this was a scam a while back but gave her the benefit of doubt now I am pretty sure it is a scam and she will not get anything else but this report on her and him.I hope this will prevent someone else from getting scammed.
First name: natalya
Location: Prospect Kostonova St, 64-163, Chalnov (Voljsk Oblast')
Report: she is a scammer beware of her