First name: Deborah
Last name: Boateng
Age: 33
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: 92466501
Report: She contacted me from Cherry Blossoms on Saturday. She asked me to email her aunt Mavis Boateng to let her know my intentions. Today is Tuesday and she loves me and needs $50 for internet connection or her subscription will expire Saturday. Told her I had legal problems and she offered her Uncles help if I can help with traveling expenses. Stated her uncle has business in the USA and is owed money. If I have a credit card, he will have them pay me and I can forward on to him. I offered to set up a Chase Bank account and they can wire money to me and I would forward. He is to call tomorrow and email details. The picture on this site of Deborah is black but the pictures she sent me clearly are not.
First name: Elena
Last name: siliverstenko
Age: 44
Location: Nikolaev, ukraine
Address: kolodezna
On websites:
Report: This woman is actively seeking gifts of mobile phones, laptops. She refuses to pay for a taxi to the airport to meet her man, claims she cannot afford a mobile phone and that it is insulting to be offered a laptop on a rental contract for her sole use. She claims she has an illness meaning that she can only wear gold jewellery. She pushes you to talk to her on video every day and is very welcoming until such time as you may to have to work away , then it is
First name: Tetiana
Last name: Kasko
Aka: Tasiya96, Tanechka, Tasiya70, Tatiana Sun
Age: 41
Location: Kharkov, Ukraine
On websites:;; prague. paradise;
Report: This woman is a total sammer and gold digger. She can date several men at one time seeking only material gain and money. You should beware!She earns income from her letters and ating foreign men. It is purely business for her, you can trust nothing that she will say or write.
First name: Natalia
Last name: Matskova
Aka: Cleo_blond
Age: 31
Location: kiev, Ukraine
On websites:;;; www.russian-women-pers
Report: This woman operates from over 10 websites requiring payment for each letter. She is very proficient at English and keeps the money for herself. She does not operate through an agency. She will ask you for money. I have met her in person, she is a total scammer and gold digger. You can trust nothing that she writes or says to you.
First name: Simona
Last name: Mulkova
Aka: Simona
Location: Russia, St Petersburg,
Report: Out of nowhere she emails me. After a few email she is asking for money. Says she is from ST. petersburg, Russia but in her last letter is say she live in Urkraine.
First name: Dennis
Last name: Gray
Location: Nigeria
On websites:,
Report: He is saying he is American soldier in AFganistan. His wife left him so his mum takes care of his daughter. I checked his computer ip and it was from Nigeria. I reported to and his profile has been removed.
First name: Sandra
Last name: Williams
Age: 26
Location: Beaver Ohio USA
On websites: zoosk
Report: She's been bugging me about helping her pay for a plane ticket for he to come see me, I also mistakenly sent her $873.11 back in September. Anyway I can get the money back?
First name: kemi
Last name: harris
Location: dakar senegal
Report: this is a scammer i reported a while ago as kemi haris from dakar in sengal no cross reference or aka.. just thought you would like to update
First name: Shari
Last name: Pascoe
Age: 41
Location: Barrie, Nashville, Cuba, Innisfil,
Phone: 705-734-2229
Report: She scammed me out of thousands. She said she loved me and wanted to be with me. Sent her money as she said she needed money for music.
First name: anna
Last name: travina
Age: 35
Location: kazan