First name: Linda
Last name: Boateng
Age: 30
Location: Kumasi. Ghana
Address: unknown233
Phone: 233 55 492 3805
On websites: Skypes
Report: Suppose she is. Living at. The. City of Kumasi at the country. Of. Ghana she found me at the Skype site she told me. At. Beginning she was starving and I sent 600 for. Buy. Food the game suppose. She. Got sick and I sent 700 for. The. Hospital Now. She want money. For her. Apartment rent She want. 700 euros but she. Still calling to. Me. But I. Don't. Want to. Ore. With. Her
First name: Chris
Last name: Crabb
Age: 33
Location: Accra Central Ghana
Address: G.P.O 13111 Accra Central Ghana 00233
On websites: Gmail
Report: Came to me by mail, with my personal information acted as she knew me assured she wants no money, she's inherited money she wants me, then 6 emails later, send me money br Western Union complete wast of time, very cunning very off on the ways of our time..
First name: tracy
Last name: scott
Age: 43
Location: Australia
On websites:
Report: total scammer 2 emailes in one day
First name: shela
Last name: rae
Aka: doris kotiel
Age: 32
Location: ghana accra
Phone: 4073377115
Email: doris-kotiel
On websites:
Report: thought maybe she was a scam so looked here and found that she had already been reported 85 times last on march 27 2015
First name: Rebecca
Last name: Boadi
Aka: Rebecca Boadi
Age: 32
Location: Accra Ghana
Phone: 323 891 1646
Email: Boadibecky@ rboadi52@yahoo
On websites: Cheating hookups.//.
Report: She is posting several profiles on both the sites above mentioned. She scammed me for 600 first she said that the western union was Hacked and the 300 I sent was taken by someone else. I sent here another 350.00 by money gram an in the name Rebecca Boadi and she was to get a new phone because the one she had was broken an we were unable to communicate by yahoo messenger. Well she got the money an I did not hear from her for 24 hours. She nothing but excuses that the electronic was out the was dead. I have some pictures that I need to post that are love pictures of her holding a paper with my name an a AKA I used to variify that she was the same prison. I caught her going back on those dating sites an seen she was still posting an scamming others. So I made for fictitious profiles upon which I was able to lure in to talk to them. When confronted with the issue she did not hide that she was the person I know sites dating sites that they were people that she told her pictures and were using it using him for her for their own gain
First name: Susan
Last name: Hocking
Age: 40
Location: South Africa, Pretoria
On websites:
Report: She tried to get me to get a home equity loan to pay for and inheritance tax which in the process. Her phony attorney mailed me a check for $1,020,000.00 check. She needed the money to activate the check
First name: Jessica
Last name: Kouakua
Age: 24
Location: Senegal
Phone: +221779911678
Email: Dakar , Senegal
On websites: hotmail
Report: she's girl of 24 years, never married; her parents died on civil war in Senegal , now she live on refuge camp, her father was an Engineer .
First name: Nelly
Last name: gomez
Age: 34
Location: ghana
On websites: fc
Report: Romance scam for b2 visa
First name: carrie
Last name: groute
Age: 37
Location: perth australia
Email: carriergrout@gmail.comu
On websites: zoosk
Report: I was on dating site zoosk i contacted her she replied we soon changed to email text back an forth for about a week she said she had to go to cape town for her job, she sent pictures ,she got in some trouble and asked for money to help , i sent money by western union at least 3 times , i finaly opened my eyes ,a bit to late she pressured me for money to help i told her had no more she finally stopped corospondance? .as a widow i feel pretty gutted and foolish but lesson learned these low lifes need stopping before someone does themselves harm.
First name: NATALYA
Last name: DONINYA
Age: 29
On websites: MATCH.COM
First name: Elena
Last name: Belyaeva
Aka: Elena
Age: 28
Location: Russia, the city of Saratov
Address: Michurina Street, Building 6, Apartment 17 index 410056.
On websites: Unknown
Report: my full name - Elena Belyaeva Country Russia, the city of Saratov, Michurina Street, Building 6, Apartment 17 index 410056. My love when we're together, we will discuss our sexual issues together ... You know to be honest, I was really bad without you, I know that we are here now we can be together. I Do not know how to tell you, I can not express in words everything that I have for you! I feel alone, because the way it is. I miss you, do not have enough of your man's shoulder, your hand, your affection and care. I miss you! It is very difficult to know what you have for me, but I can not touch you, I can not hug you, kiss ......... You're the one with whom I want to be and do not want to leave. But all of these damned money, we can not meet. I trust so I want to be with you, and I'm not afraid to go to you ... I love, I believe, I trust, I hope that you also think about me! I love you and yours only yours Elena
First name: Yana
Last name: Kurilo
Aka: unknownyana nice
Age: 27
Location: Moscow, Most Serpukhovskaya str., house 64 apartment 37, 115093, Russia.
Address: unknownMoscow, Most Serpukhovskaya str., house 64 apartment 37, 115093, Russia.
On websites: Unknown
Report: Hi my darling Robert!!! I write to you from Moscow! I rented a room in apartment. The mistress of apartment very good woman. I will write you the address where has now lodged. The city of Moscow, Most Serpukhovskaya str., house 64 apartment 37, 115093, Russia. Robert, today I have visited embassy and the airport. In embassy I have filled all documents, for visa registration. It was pleasant to me, that in the visa centre affable people work, I saw the consul, it has passed on a corridor and all has greeted, it very serious man and the polite man. To me have helped absolutely in everything, I have given all necessary documents, also I have made photos for visa registration. Now I look forward my visa. I have got acquainted with the girl and have asked it, what is the time it is required what to receive the visa, the girl has told, that all now becomes quickly as it is a lot of people wishing to receive visa and consequently, the embassy works much faster. In embassy to me have told, that I should get 2 air tickets. Air tickets are necessary for visa registration. The matter is that employees of embassy should be precisely assured of exact dates of my start and returning back to Russia and what to note exact dates on the visa. This requirement of embassy! I thought, that tickets can be ordered through the Internet, but in embassy have told, that now very strict rules and tickets it is necessary to buy originals and it is necessary to give them for this purpose, that of embassy would assure them that they could see dates of my start in your country and returnings back to Russia. To me have explained, that this main condition for visa reception. I very much was surprised to such rules, but to me have told, that it is important what quickly to receive the visa. Today I have personally visited airport Sheremetevo-2 and have considered the prices for air tickets, a choice of air tickets very big. My darling, we need to hurry with purchase of air tickets as it is necessary to give tickets in embassy that on my visa have named dates of stay in your country. I have considered air tickets, cost of one air ticket makes 521 dollars. It is necessary for me to have 1042 dollars on two tickets that I could get air tickets. Robert, I did not wish to ask from you money, but I have bought the laptop, and as from me the big expenses here in Moscow. Now I do not have money to get air tickets. I have paid registration of the visa and the medical insurance in embassy. Also I have paid residing at a room. I now had few money, but this money is necessary for me to live in Moscow. You can help to get to me air tickets? Already I said to you, that I should get air tickets in Russia, for this purpose that my tickets would assure of embassy. This condition for the tourist visa! Today I also have visited bank, it was necessary for me to learn, how I can receive from you money quickly as I spoke that the prices for tickets rise in price every day. On the Internet I have studied, that you from the country can transfer the help to me very quickly, this system is called
First name: Deanna
Last name: Burdue
Aka: annie thomson
Age: 30
Location: Milwaukee
On websites:
Report: out of town (Yukon) purchaser that wants to use paypal, sends fake paypal recipt of payment for more than the value agreed. \than asks to send the extra money to a money gram name Name: Deanna Burdue City: Milwaukee State: Wisconsin Zip Code: 53202 Country: U.S.A. demands you remove your add immediately. Beware!!!!!!!!!!!
First name: Lindsey joan
Last name: Prava
Age: 31
Location: United kingdom
On websites: Facebook, Google hangouts, hi5, tagged, badoo
Report: This individual on several occasions tried to get me to open a number of different accounts in my name and I was to provide username and password for her uncle to send money from the middle East, this person tried on a number of occasions to have me accept packages to my home to have them forwarded elsewhere, the request came so frequent that I had to block her on Facebook
First name: Katya
Last name: Bondar
Aka: Kattie
Age: 25
Location: Zaporozhye Ukrain
Phone: +380994546179
On websites: varied
First name: joan
Last name: turnage
Age: 27
Location: benin cotonou
Address: bv12 mesebo rd benin Cotonou
On websites: Facebook
Report: She is just not trustworthy
First name: Elizevata, Lizetta, Liza, Lisa, Lizzy, Lisa
Last name: Millner; Melnik; Melnyk; Tirekhina, Terekhina, Ter
Aka: see above
Age: 27, maybe as high as 32
Location: Lviv, Ukraine; possibly Russia
Address: 23 Mazepy Street #107
Phone: 380 32 0939341465
On websites: Streamate as
Report: Nothing different of what you read, falling in love quickly, sob stories, just really good at it. I'd say, since everybody calls her nice hearted on website, her ability to quickly go from nice hearted to off website and into text messages is amazing. Then you get Sexy IMs and more lies. Complete narco sociopath. She has husband who has no problem whoring her out.
First name: Amy
Last name: Emily
Age: 45
Location: India
On websites:
Report: On Fri, Jul 3, 2015 at 11:47 PM, Amy emily wrote: Hello Slave, I am very serious about Dominating you. I think you should be mature and honest,and know how to serve and treat a Goddess like me.. I am very adventurous and experienced, and i will like to take you on a journey of a life time (long term) if you prove worthy of my Supremacy. I am serious about my search for a slave and would consider you further if you can follow My rules. I will like to know everything about you.I would like you to answer the following questions to enable me know more about you; 1. What's your full name and where do you live ? 2. What do you do for a living and how often do you work ? 3. When did you join the site and how many women have you been chatting and exchanging emails with? 4. Do you live alone? 5. You live in your own house or renting? 6. Do you drive? Any form of disability? 7. Do you have kids? If yes how many? Do they live with you? (I have no problem if they do though). 8. Are you married and does anyone know about your kinky lifestyle? 9. Have you ever been a slave?. If yes, how many women have you served?. How long did you serve?. Why did you leave your previous mistress? 10. Are you ready to be totally devoted to mistress and be totally obedient,honest and submissive to mistress, 100%? 11. How old are you? That will be all for now.I would like to see some of your picture in your response. what are your fetishes,kinks and fantasies .Take good care of yourself and I would love to hear from you soon. Mistress Amy Hello Slave, I have been quite busy lately and I feel good to finally have some time to sit here and write you. Practically, I need you to know this is my first time of seeking a slave online but I think I'm just going to do my best to put something meaningful down for you...Firstly, I do want you to know that I'm not a prodomme. I'm looking for a personal slave we can both share a mutual understanding, respect and I have a feeling that we would build something out of our respective wants. Basically, I've been practically aware of the kinky lifestyle and bdsm in general since I started my adult life. I enjoy fetish sex and the whole idea of having a man under my leash, I live for female supremacy and I do my best to practice what I preach! My understanding of bdsm is that it is a way of life. Over the years of training slaves, I've realized that there is a vast range of activities and intensities that are possible in bondage play and fetish sex. I found out while in college that I enjoy being in total control during sexual activities which led me to begin exploring an inner desire. It's a good thing that you are interested in being my slave, I can assure you that as far as BDSM is concerned , you will be getting the best training with me as your mistress, the two very essential qualities are just OBEDIENCE and UNFLINCHING LOYALTY, once any of that is missing, we both know things can't work well... I want you to be very free to discuss anything with me at anytime. Even though, you might be dominant outwardly, your inner desires remains to be explored and with both of our collective efforts. I believe we can make that happen... Specifically, as a mistress I'm meant to guide, direct and control you. However, I promise you that it will be a memorable experience. Tell me in more details about your fetishes. I hope to hear from you. Mistress Amy My intending slave, I have been really busy this past days that's why i haven't replied your mail. I hope you have been having a good run in your personal life, with work and all. I have my dungeon in my house so sessions will be at mine and when we have your toys, you wouldn't need to bring anything when you would be another world for you to come into. The length of relationships aren't as important as their quality, don't you think? If we are to move ahead with this you will have to agree with my rules concerning this relationship, as that's the only way we can guarantee a safe and emotionally healthy relationship within a short time. so they are; 1. My slave will always address me as Goddess/Mistress. DON'T forget this and you should always respond to any of my mail as soon as possible as a show of respect. 2. My slave would always be loving, faithful, Loyal, caring, honest, trusted straightforward, committed, communicated passionate and romantic. 3. You must NEVER doubt or argue with my decisions. As my slave i command you to delete your profile from the web dating sites, whichever one you sign up with. because as a mistress i like been focus to my slave. and i don't share slave and I shall always supersede your own, and My tiniest whim is your absolute law. 4. You must NEVER do anything bdsm related without my permission first. 5. .My slaves speaks in third person speech. Therefore you shouldn't use the words
First name: Oksana
Last name: Pavlova
Age: 30
Location: ukraine
Report: Ripped me off for usd 4000
First name: Abigail
Last name: Kyla
Age: 31
Location: USA
Phone: +17863225459
On websites: Facebook and Bkontakte
Report: Skype: abigailgough01
First name: Marina
Last name: Sokka
Age: 34
Location: Russia Izjevsk
On websites: Match
Report: She would not want me to see her first, was constantly wary when she said she had to have money to stay etc something she had to show in Costomers Control at the airport.
First name: Marine Agnes
Last name: Carre
Age: 27
Location: France Marseille
On websites: datemefree
Report: This person contacted me by e-mail from the sight datemefree. It only took a few mins. that she was sending nude pics and in a few more mins. wanted me to send her 1663 euro, 1800.00 US dollars to come be with me.I knew it was a scam from the start.
First name: Tope
Last name: Baroza
Age: 35
Location: Cotonou, Benin
Report: To make a long story short, she ripped me off of several thousands of dollars for visa, plane tickets,other traveling fee's.Then she claimed she needed money so she could get her inheritance released to her.I know that makes no sense what so ever.It was a very complicated scam she was working and difficult to explain.
First name: Dina
Last name: Nevolina
Age: 34
Location: Russian Federation, Moscow
Report: Dina first found me in 2005 after my divorce. She was clever, and we began writing back and forth. She never told me exactly where she found me. I was no duped by her. At the end she said she was at the Moscow Airport, and needed me to wire her $800. I told her to forget it, and told her I knew she was a liar from the beginning, and she said I was a very clever man, and that's the last I heard from her. She did send me a very good scan of her actual passport. I can send it to you.
First name: Olga
Last name: Kupsoltseva
Aka: Olga Naumova
Age: never stated
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
On websites:
Report: Initial contact was made on the zorpia website. After exchanging emails for not even one month, she starts talking of meeting. I tried to dissuade her, but was not able. Three weeks later, she says she has an airline ticket, passport, and visa, but is lacking $412 for payment. Asks if I can help out. I told her to send me a copy of the airline ticket and passport. She sends me a passport with her photo and name, but is is over 2 years expired. I then stopped communicating with her.
First name: Natasha
Last name: Bryncvik
Age: 40
Location: ukraina and estonia
Address: unknown118- Akademika Bilets'koho Street, Kharkov: Ukraine. and Lydia Koidula, Voru, Voru County, Estonia
Phone: 00380-99-6665-819 0037-25-4742-908
Email: ;
On websites: and http://europeservic
Report: It is with great sorrow that I touch you through this letter I got in touch with EUROPE SERVICE UKRAINE for almost 4 years, and after multiple conversations, we asked 9 Visa for BELARUS and they said that they are able to provide us. They demanded an advance of $ 100 per client, we have therefore made them a transfers through money gram, after they sent a letter of invitation, we still sent them $ 2000. But since that time they do not drop my calls, over time I realized that they are scammers, and through this message, I want everyone who is friend to those people on face book to be vigilant and sharing this message to the widest possible public.
First name: Rosine
Last name: Bahon Digbeu
Aka: Ewar Koti, Rosy Di
Age: 32
Location: La Cote D'Ivoire, Abidjan
Phone: 22504432518
On websites: Facebook
Report: Very dangerous woman... Offers love and even marriage to obtain money...Skilled in sexual matters (of course). Knows all the long distance scams e.g. Hospital Operation that needs paying for etc...Will continue scamming you by pledging fidelity and love
First name: angel
Last name: barbel
Age: 41
Location: Canada
On websites:
Report: She asked me for money
First name: Vivian Baah
Last name: Wivedu
Aka: Emily Harold, Eugenia Nelson
Age: 32
Location: Ghana, Sunyani
Address: Plt 4, Blk J, Techiman-Brong, Aehfo Region
On websites: Skype
Report: This scammer has at least 365 different photos, but undoubtely all by herself in two names on the Stop scammers site. I complete with some photos too. They are all different but you can see that some of them comes from the same photo session, because exactly the same clothes, neckless etc.
First name: rebecca
Last name: Boadi
Age: 32
Location: Accra ghana
On websites: cheating hookuip
Report: She has scammed me for 300 on western union on Tuesday June 8. She attempted to tell me the money was hacked at koabo road at the western union thet. I have pictures of her but see no were to download them here.
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