First name: TAMMY
Last name: CRAIGHEAD
Age: 36
On websites: Place For Friends
Report: Tammy contacted me the week of May 2, 2011 telling me she was in Portland, Oregon. The previous contact I had with her, she told me she was an engineer working in Nigeria. I told her to contact me when she was in the USA. I also told her she was a scammer at that time. This last contact she obviously did not understand our time zones or what time it was in Portland so I asked her to e-mail me (So I could trace the IP address). I ran an IP search and found the e-mail she sent me was from Nigeria not Portland, Oregon.
First name: Sandra
Last name: Collins
Age: 32
Location: houston
Email: mylife
Report: out of the blue I get an email on my facebook page this woman is wanting to get to know me. long story short I ended up sending her money to malaysia with her mom.I fell like a dumb ass after I googled her name
First name: enchill
Last name: abrhmms
Aka: britney maclove
Age: 30
Location: accra ghana
Phone: +233279889848
On websites: yahoo, yahoo messenger, smartdate and others
Report: britney had me wrapped up tight around her little finger, so i was sending 1600 to fly her here, then the text stopped , the messenger stop after i told her the money was on the way. SO I stopped the transfer in a nick of time, says she has blackouts there and i'm pretty sure she is scamming others when she says she could not get on line, beautiful girl but will lie to you and say she wants to be in your arms, she'll do a strip tease on cam for you to win your trust, i came close to getting scammed for 1600, i got it back but lose the transfer fee, at least she does not have the money...... be careful with this lady she is a sweet talker. gary
First name: Nicole
Last name: Bates
Aka: Temmy Ademola
Age: 36
Location: Nigeria
On websites: Chinese dating site
Report: This girl claims to be British and working in Nigeria for the Lara Barton Foundation helping under privileged kids.She is full of crap!!
First name: Debbie
Last name: Love
Age: 35
Location: Ghanna Accra
On websites: face book
Report: I pulled this aka, Debbie Cucci Love up on a scammers sight and found her, she is scamming people in the united states and is on many sights. She scammed one man for over 1 million dollars. She was trying to scam my brother and i kept searching till i proved to him what she was doing.She has a whole page of aka names. Debbie Cuccie Love is her name on face book. I hope that you can keep her off this sight so maybe she will be less likly to scam men that are on face book. She is a very very good scamer. She had my brother fooled big time. I talked with this Debbie Cucci Love myself when i was at my brothers house. She needed 925.00 to get a visa , it was to be sent to Open Air Travels , Mr. Ronald Amo Ampah, Floor 5 Suite 12A, Capital Hill Tower Building, Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, Accra Ghana, Telephone number +233-246-687854....e-mail address She contacted him on face book.Profile Pictures By Debbie Cucci Love 10 of 108
First name: sandy
Last name: gordon
Aka: i believe also goes by michelle williams
Age: 39
Location: madison, wisconsin and ikeja, lagos
On websites:
Report: initial contact was on after 2 days of contact she stated she was in ikeja nigeria on business. would love to come back to the states but she was robbed and all her credit cards and cash was stolen. need cash to get back into the states. wanted money western unioned. stated didnt have any money. ok'd to send $189 initially. she did not hesitate to say it is ok if you r overdrawn. i will pay you back when i get into the states. everything looked suspicious. kept wanting additional amounts of cash western unioned so she could come see the one she loved, etc... i believe she also goes by the alias michelle williams on she said she used the 3 day trial period on gave the address of 100 kay street and 100 george street for an address for money to be wired to. also used the name sola martin claiming this was the hotel manager which would follow her to the airport and get the money wired and pay her outstanding bills for her. i checked the internet site and everything about that name indicated a scam. everything sounded very strange. this is definately a not fall for this.
First name: Lilian
Last name: Carlos Ricardo
Aka: Lilian Smith , Lilian real, Liliann David
Age: 36-38
Location: malaysia-Perth Weesten Australia-Melbournn Victoria Australia
Address: 5/9a Tamaan Desara, Jaya Maylasia 4600
Phone: +60122534165 don't call this no as it is frome a computer and you will never get a reply she will on
On websites: Mate1 ,Oasis Active ,yahooPersonals,Facebook but if you have a look she has no account on F.b,Click@
Report: Been talking to this scamer now for 9 months will down load all the photos and document she sent me Do not what ever beleave about the the Inhertace i looked up the lawer on net and contacted him said he was sick of phone calls from around the world and had never had anything to do with her/him
First name: mabel
Last name: nyarkowaa
Age: 30
Location: accra,dansoman
On websites:,, and many site
Report: This lady who is by the name Mabel has scam me of $1500 and she is using a fake picture. Now she is try to scam one Rob Jensen from Australia .please i will like you to send a message to rob jensen email address - so he will not be a victim. thank you
First name: Anna
Last name: Sokolowa
Age: 29
Location: Kamishin Russia
On websites:
Report: This scammer contaced me on We e-mailed for three befor she ask for money. This scammer took her time. She did not ask for money until she was stranded in Moscow. Very convincing. She called three times, two calls was different girls. Would only call when the money was at hand. She needed 3 thousand for to prove financial stability. I sent her $570 for a return trip airline ticket.
First name: irean
Last name: newman
Aka: joy97
Age: 31
Location: Tema
Email: ,
On websites:,singleparent,
Report: she has scam me 1700euros by using fake pics and documents