First name: Britney
Last name: Wayne
Aka: Calinda Joe,Laura Bradley
Age: 26 to 29
Location: Osun State Nigeria
On websites: yahoo personals, singlesnet
Report: how much did he say? Calinda Joe: I can't really say Calinda Joe: but he is saying will be up to 115 Dollars Tman: oh wow Calinda Joe: Can you just see honey Calinda Joe: Honey i don't know what to do now Tman: yes ok Calinda Joe: Honey im just fed up about mylife now food , no underwears and now another problem Calinda Joe: Honey i hate myself now Tman: honey Calinda Joe: Honey im fed Tman: don't hate yourself it will be ok Calinda Joe: fed up Calinda Joe: Honey where im going to get the money and your checks has not come yet Tman: honey not yet Calinda Joe: im fed up,. no food and what are im going to eat and now another great problem to mylife Tman: so you need $115 US Tman: ? Calinda Joe: Yes for the doctor to get me the medicine honey Calinda Joe: so that i can be okay and get to fit honey Tman: tell me the nedicine and exactly what he said Calinda Joe: That was what he said honey Calinda Joe: because im sad when he told me and i refused to collect the list of medicine honey Calinda Joe: But he told me that if i have the money that i can get from their hospital but where is the money to buy that honey? Tman: get the list from him honey first Calinda Joe: Okay honey should i go intime now and get the list from him honey? Calinda Joe: Honey and what should i tell him ?....honey are we going to pay the money ? Tman: yes honey but need the list and details first Calinda Joe: Okay honey Calinda Joe: I have to go there now and get that mylove Calinda Joe: should i? Tman: yes honey Calinda Joe: Okay honey Calinda Joe: i will be back Calinda Joe: i have to go there now and it may take me long to return you know is little far from here so i will have to take a cab down there honey Tman: ok honey Calinda Joe: Should i go now honey? Tman: yes honey Calinda Joe: Okay honey Calinda Joe: tell me you still love me honey Calinda Joe: ? Tman: I do love you honey! Calinda Joe: THank you honey and I love you so much Tman: I love you so much! Calinda Joe: i will be back when i am true at the hospital honey Calinda Joe: LOve you Dear !!! Tman: ok baby! Love you too honey! Calinda Joe: go honey im going there now Calinda Joe: bye for now honey!!!!!!!!!! Tman: bye for now Hide Recent Messages (F3) Calinda Joe: hello honey? Calinda Joe: im back BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Tman: hi honey Calinda Joe: im just back now honey and i have got the list from the doctor BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: hello? Calinda Joe: honey? Tman: honey Tman: can I ask you Calinda Joe: What honey? Tman: where in Nigeria do you live? Calinda Joe: Ilesa Tman: oh ok couldn't remember Tman: sorry Tman: need water brb Calinda Joe: Okay honey BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: Are you back honey? BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: are you back now honey? Tman: yes but need to eat honey Tman: what did you find out? Calinda Joe: Yes the doctor has gave me the medicine list Calinda Joe: i have it with me now Calinda Joe: your i list them honey? BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Tman: ok what is it? Tman: what is the list honey? BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: NEXIUM - 40mg x 100, Upto 70% off Nexium-20mg, Alka Seltzer...36 tablets - Regular, Eno Antacid.....100 gram, 200 gram and 10 X 5 gram packets, Gas X Extra Strength Cherry Chew Tablets .....18 tablets Tman: how much for cost? Calinda Joe: and Ovol Adult Softgel....30 caplets Tman: ok Calinda Joe: and cost 116 dollars honey BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: Hello? BUZZ!!! Tman: honey...what were your problems before you went to see the doctor? BUZZ!!! Tman: hello Calinda Joe: im not just feeling better in my body like i told you three days ago and i realise that my stomack small intestine and large intestine and liver are far-reaching Tman: far reaching? Calinda Joe: Yes honey because im not at myself when you are not online and i feel the symtoms of stomach problems BUZZ!!! Tman: were you having diarrheaa problems dear? Tman: acid reflux with your stomach or what? BUZZ!!! Tman: were you? BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Tman: can you answer me? Calinda Joe: honey im here Calinda Joe: what do you ask honey? Calinda Joe: im here i can see what you ask honey BUZZ!!! Tman: what exactly was the problems you were having before going to the doctor honey? Calinda Joe: im not at myself when you are not online and i feel the symtoms of stomach problems and Digestive disorders Tman: oh I see Calinda Joe: I have been getting cramps and stomach pains Tman: were you worried when you didn't see me online honey? Calinda Joe: Yes and i keep thinking that maybe you are very tied or doing something else honey Tman: doing what honey? Calinda Joe: maybe going to Bar and drinking Tman: why would you be worried I was doing that? Calinda Joe: Honey because you have a friend that has a Bar to what you told me Calinda Joe: and you may turn or change and join them drinking honey Tman: no honey my friend owns a restaurant not a bar honey Calinda Joe: im so worried about it honey Tman: and he doesn't serve alcohol there Calinda Joe: Okay are you sure? Tman: YES Honey! Calinda Joe: Okay honey Calinda Joe: So the Doctor said we can get all that medicine in there Hospital that is not necessary that i go to Medicine Store BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: Hello? Tman: sorry got a drink Calinda Joe: Okay what drink again honwy Calinda Joe: hey BUZZ!!! Tman: ok so he could get you the medicine there? Calinda Joe: Yes he said he will when im ready and he said that i must try as possible to get them this week so that it don't lead to another thing else honey Calinda Joe: Hello? BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: Hello? Tman: sorry bathroom break Calinda Joe: honey what are you doing ?....It seems you are very bussy Or is it because im sick now? Tman: no baby Tman: how much de he say you need? cost? Tman: did Calinda Joe: I told you Calinda Joe: 116 Dollars Tman: ok Tman: will send it to you ASAP today honey Calinda Joe: Oh honey will you send it today ? Tman: yes Calinda Joe: Oh honey thank you so much Calinda Joe: God will Provide for you mylove !!!! Tman: don't want you to be sick honey Calinda Joe: Thank you mylove Calinda Joe: I love you Dear Tman: I love you too! Tman: honey what is your email address? Calinda Joe: Honey please can you make it up to 150 dollars so that i can have money to give to the cab driver? Calinda Joe: Tman: yes honey Tman: thanks Calinda Joe: Why do you ask my email honey? Tman: wanted to make sure I had it Calinda Joe: Okay honey Tman: where did you find me originally honey? Tman: what site? Tman: was just trying to remember Calinda Joe: Honey what are all these questions all about ?......anyway Yahoo Personals Tman: was just telling my friend about you and couldn't remember where we met. Which site? Calinda Joe: From Yahoo Personals Tman: oh yes Tman: thanks honey Calinda Joe: Alright honey Calinda Joe: when are you going to the store now honey? Tman: honey yes I need to Calinda Joe: and do you have the info with you Or you lost it again? BUZZ!!! Tman: Calinda Joe,Nigeria Tman: about all I need Tman: what kind of identification do you need to show? Tman: to pick up your money? Calinda Joe: My passport Calinda Joe: name ..........calinda joe country........nigeria state..........osun state city...........ilesa zip-code.......23406 Tman: yes dear Calinda Joe: and then Text question.... who is the name of first dog? Tman: i know Tman: sarge Calinda Joe: and answer ..........Sarge Tman: yes baby Calinda Joe: Okay honey Tman: honey.... Calinda Joe: honey hope im not stressing you honey? Calinda Joe: please honey don't be mad at me because i fall sick not my wish honey Tman: I know honey Tman: its ok Calinda Joe: Thank you honey Calinda Joe: how long long will you be back from store? Tman: can you email me copies of these receipts for the doctor Tman: need those for my records Calinda Joe: Yes i will scan it when we pay the money and buy the medicine honey Tman: ok thank you honey Calinda Joe: and that is why i said you should please make it up to 150 dollars so that i can have money to scan the reciept and to give to the cab driver Calinda Joe: Do you understand honey? Tman: yes honey Tman: I need some more pictures of you baby! Calinda Joe: Thank you love!!! Tman: can you scan those too? Calinda Joe: Okay i promise that i will take some news ones and scan them with the reciept honey Tman: ok honey..what will you be sending me? Calinda Joe: ? Calinda Joe: I don't understand honey Tman: I thought your camera was broken? Calinda Joe: Yes was broken but i can go to a studio and pay for a snap Tman: I mean I thought you sold it Tman: you told me you sold it honey! Calinda Joe: Yes my camera broke my heart how much i like it Calinda Joe: yes i did and now the camera has broken the likeness i have with it since i can see it again Calinda Joe: i mean can't BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: Do you understand what i mean honey ?? Tman: are you being honest with me honey? Tman: don't lie to me honey! Calinda Joe: since i sold it is not longer mine Calinda Joe: that means is broken property Tman: I will find out if you are lying to me! Calinda Joe: what do you mean honey do i lie to you ? BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: No i did not lie ....i told you the camera has broken my interest to it and that all Tman: I DON'T WANT YOU TO EVER LIE TO ME HONEY! YOU MUST NOT EVER LIE TO ME! Calinda Joe: but i promise that i will take the now pic at a studio and scan with the reciept Tman: IF YOU LIE TO ME OR TRY TO SCAM ME I WILL REPORT YOU SO YOU WILL NEVER SCAM ANYONE EVER AGAIN!!1 Calinda Joe: HOney i will never lie to you .....maybe you don't understand what i mean by saying that the camera broken my interest Tman: I DON'T LIKE BEING LIED TO!!!! Calinda Joe: Honey why would i ? Tman: ALWAYS TELL ME THE TRUTH!!! Calinda Joe: Yes honey and i will forever tell you the trust Calinda Joe: I promise i will take new pics and scan with the reciept honey Tman: OK HONEY!! Tman: IF YOU ARE LYING TO ME I WILL BE SO UPSET AND NEVER SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN!!!! Calinda Joe: After i pay the money and get all the medicine i will take the pics and scan with the hospital reciept honey Tman: SO...ARE YOU TELLING ME THE TRUTH? Calinda Joe: Honey yes i agree with you mylove because i know that i am faithful and tells the truth to you Calinda Joe: Yes honey I did tell you the Truth Tman: OK Tman: HONEY... Calinda Joe: Yes Darling!!! Tman: WILL YOU WEAR SOMETHING SEXY FOR MY PICS? Calinda Joe: Oh honey you know im going to a studio to take the pics so do you want anyone to see me naked? Tman: I DON'T WANT YOU TO BE NAKED Calinda Joe: But if is a woman i met there i can tell it but if is a man i will just take it Tman: JUST MAYBE A LOW CUT DRESS OR BLOWSE Tman: AND CUTE PANTS OR JEANS Tman: Ok honey? Calinda Joe: Yes okay Tman: will you do that for me? Calinda Joe: I promise that honey Calinda Joe: Yes i will do that honey Tman: ok honey thank you!! Calinda Joe: No i must to say thank you honey not you Tman: honey Tman: you always make me long for you and horny when we talk Calinda Joe: HOney you are mylife and i must do what please you Tman: can't wait to see you Calinda Joe: I need to care for you so much so that you don't look at another woman there Tman: are you sure you are not in New York honey? Tman: yes you do honey Calinda Joe: HOney yes you know where i am Tman: your profile says New York honey Calinda Joe: Nigeria Tman: why does it say that? Calinda Joe: Yes that is where i was born Calinda Joe: i can't claim here Calinda Joe: im Originated from usa and that is my country and you myhusband is also there and im happy that i will be with you there soon Tman: and you've been in Nigeria how long now? Calinda Joe: im here since last year Tman: oh ok Calinda Joe: you knew this before honey Tman: yes but forgot Tman: sorry honey Tman: can you do something else for me honey ? Calinda Joe: What is that honey Tman: when you scan the pictures will you scan your passport info for me too so I will have it? Calinda Joe: Yes i will if that is what you want Tman: for when you are to arrive Calinda Joe: i will get them scan too honey Tman: and your Nigeria I.D. Tman: these will help me prepare for your arrival Calinda Joe: I will Tman: good! thank you my love! Calinda Joe: so that you can prepare for my coming honey Tman: yes honey! Calinda Joe: No honey i must say thank you Tman: so honey how many pictures are you going to send me? Calinda Joe: Honey i can't say but depends on the remaining money i have left after paying for the medicine cost and cab driver cost Tman: ok honey Calinda Joe: Thank you honey !!!! Tman: honey you won't be able to pick the medicine up b4 tomorrow will you? Tman: you're welcome honey Calinda Joe: Okay honey Calinda Joe: Yes i can still pick them up if you can send in time now Calinda Joe: and after i get the medicine i will not come home till i take the pics and scan all what i surpose to scan honey BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: hello honey? Tman: ok honey sounds good Calinda Joe: Should i wait online till you come back from Western union? Tman: until what? Tman: before you go? Calinda Joe: I don't understand honey BUZZ!!! Tman: I will go to W/U in the morning if thats ok? Calinda Joe: honey can't you go now ? BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Tman: isn;t it too late for you to be going now my love? Calinda Joe: Yes is late now but honey i want it now so that i can pick it up in the morning here and get the pics and scans Tman: OK i WILL GO IN A BIT OK? Calinda Joe: If you send it now and give me the MTCN i will just go and get everything done in early morning honey Tman: OK WILL GO IN A LIL BIT OK Calinda Joe: OKay honey Calinda Joe: Thank you myhusband Calinda Joe: and please honey drive safe when you are going and very careful honey Tman: I WILL HONEY Tman: THANK YOU Calinda Joe: don't over speed !!!! Tman: I WON'T HONEY Calinda Joe: im surpose to say thank you not you honey Tman: OH OK Calinda Joe: And don't look at anywoman honey Tman: I WON'T HONEY Tman: MY EYES ARE FOR YOU ONLY HONEY! Calinda Joe: promise me that honey Calinda Joe: ? Tman: YES HONEY! Calinda Joe: i love you myhusband and i will allways love you] Tman: I LOVE YOU TOO MY WIFE! Calinda Joe: thank you so much honey Tman: So what is my wife wearing now? Calinda Joe: jean and shirt...i just want to take it off now and wear my nighty honey Calinda Joe: honey what you wear now? Tman: sport shirt and boxers Calinda Joe: Good honey] Tman: do you have your nighty on now? Calinda Joe: honey do you want me to put it in now? BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: honey i have put it on now BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: hello BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: hney are you there? Tman: YES AM HERE Calinda Joe: okay Tman: SORRY comp slow Calinda Joe: okay honey..... BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: HONEY... BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: honey what is happening to your computer? Tman: i=I AM HERE Calinda Joe: Okay honey Calinda Joe: Honey what are you wearing too? Tman: You never told me what u r wearing now? Tman: I'm in sports shirt and boxers Calinda Joe: when will you go so that you can come back intime and talk little bit before you fall at sleep honey Calinda Joe: you ask me to go and off and put on the nighty gawn Calinda Joe: and i did Tman: YOU DID Tman: OK GOOD! BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: Yes honey Calinda Joe: when are you honey so that you can come back home in time ? BUZZ!!! Tman: i'M GOING TO GO NOW OK? Tman: GEEZ!!! Calinda Joe: Okay honey Calinda Joe: i will have to shower now and i will come back on waiting on you to come back honey Tman: you are an impatient one aren't you? Tman: you might want to wait to shower after I return don't you think? Tman: after we talk Tman: you might get wet when we talk you know? Calinda Joe: Okay honey i will wait till you come back before i shower then so that we can talk before i shower honey Tman: then you will need to shower again Calinda Joe: yes i know so i will wait till you come back from W-U before shower then Dear !!! Tman: ok honey Calinda Joe: Are you happy with that honey Calinda Joe: ? Tman: yes Calinda Joe: Thank you honey Calinda Joe: I Love You Honey !!!!!! Tman: I Love You too honey!!! Calinda Joe: So im waiting till you come back honey and Drive safe honey Calinda Joe: please be very caution while driving honey !!!! Tman: YES HONEY I WILL! STOP WORRYING!!!!!!!!!! Calinda Joe: Okay honey Calinda Joe: Honey should i go and clean a mess i have and relax on the bed for while till you come back? Tman: yes you should Calinda Joe: Okay honey Calinda Joe: don't take long to come back so that we can talk before i shower honey Calinda Joe: I love you Tman: ok honey Calinda Joe: Honey im leaving the computer now Calinda Joe: buzz me when you come back honey Tman: OK YOU ARE LEAVING YOURSELF ONLINE? Calinda Joe: Yes should i OR sign off? Tman: YOU CAN STAY ONLINE Calinda Joe: Okay Calinda Joe: are you also going now? Calinda Joe: will you sign off? Tman: YES IN JUST A MINUTE HONEY Tman: I WILL SIGN OFF IN A MINUTE HONEY Calinda Joe: Okay Calinda Joe: bye for now honey and don't stay long to come back Tman: BYE FOR NOW HONEY TTY SOON Calinda Joe: ok BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Tman: Calinda Joe: BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Tman: I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUZZ!!! BUZZ!!! Calinda Joe: hello honey? BUZZ!!! Tman: I have to tell you you are a sly one!!! Calinda Joe: What do you mean honey? Tman: it's amazing what one can find when they do a little research! You know??? Calinda Joe: what do you mean Calinda Joe: i don't understand what you mean BUZZ!!! Tman: Miss Calind Joe...aka Laura Bradley???? Calinda Joe: tell me what you mean Tony Tman: Calinda Calinda Joe: what is laura Bradley? Calinda Joe: what is this ? Tman: its a shame someone as pretty as you can be so dark inside!!! Tman: to have scammed so many men out of so much money!!!!! Tman: Then to use God and the Bible against me to try and scam me!!!!! Tman: YOU LAURA BRADLEY HAVE NO CONSCIENCE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!! Tman: I'VE SEEN WHERE YOU HAVE SCAMMED SO MANY MEN !!!!! Tman: YOU ARE GOOD I WILL GIVE YOU THAT!!!!! Calinda Joe: well....i want you to know that ma not the type of woman you atr thingking about Tman: WHATEVER!!!! Tman: STOP LYING TO GOD AND TO ME!!!!!! Tman: I KNOW THE TRUTH!!! Calinda Joe: i can't do that fir you honey Tman: YOU ARE CAUGHT!!!!!! Tman: I WILL LET EVERYONE I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! Tman: YOU ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A COMMON THIEF!!!!!! Calinda Joe: what are you talking abut? Tman: DEFRAUDING INNOCENT MEN OUT OF THEOR MONEY Tman: THEIR Tman: YOU OUGHT TO BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF WOMAN!!!!!!! Calinda Joe: is it beacause im sick? dont need to lie to me Tman: LAURA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Tman: I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING Tman: HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Calinda Joe: what do you mean by all this? Tman: STOP LYING TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tman: I KNOW THE SCAM!!!!! Tman: STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!!!! Calinda Joe: im not lie to you honey Tman: QUIT TRYING TO CONTINUE SCAMMING ME!!!! Tman: I AM DONE!!!!!! Calinda Joe: i just doent know what you are really talking about Calinda Joe: what scam? Tman:
First name: jules
Aka: Queen
Location: south africa
On websites: horney
Report: Spent time talking with her,a couple weeks,asked for money for visa gave 500.00 talked to on phone.Then she diapeared
First name: Jessica
Last name: Michael
Aka: Mary Kumah,Latifah Ali
Age: 33
Location: Accra,Ghana
Phone: 233547004521
On websites: Y messenger,yahoo personals
First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Horoshavina
Age: 30
Location: russia
First name: Tatiana
Last name: Vedernikova
Aka: Tanya and uses other names
Age: 36
Location: Kosmodemiansk & Yoshkar-Ola
Address: 5-60 Ryabinina Street.Yoshkar-Ola Mariy -EL 424002
Phone: Keep changes number
Email: Keep changes addresses
On websites: Facebook,Myspace,LavaPlace,Myworld,MyYearBook,Skype
Report: She is an insulting and a very conviencing good liar she had me fool,doesnt ask for money but knows how to get it. Like a fool I have been scammed by this person so try to stop her
First name: faye
Last name: barnes
Age: says 26
Location: nigeria
Report: met on dating dont know witch talk to her a week she say she loves u but needs money for passport sends id of who she says she it says she is christen lives with granny sent pictures of herself did not match dating site picture so i went to my other email address ansent an invite she responed with same letter and a different set of pictures
First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Starsheeva
Aka: Angelina
Age: 28
Location: kozmodemyansk
First name: Bonnie
Last name: Scott
Age: 31
Location: County Hills Illinois USA
Report: This name is jused by the scammers Awodele and OLluranti Adeyemi house 9 road 24 clem road Ikeja Lagos Nigeria. Bonnie is from the USA and lookoing for Jewels and diamonds in Nigeria and beautifull. She is playing with unknown Europian men and she want t o marrie. She promised everthing.....but she must go for one last trip to nigeria for diamonds. In Nigeria she became in the problems with the goverment about tax. She got not enough money to pay and the goverment keep her there. The only way out is,if the europian man pay the tax for her, well and the tax is very big and truble for Bonnie became bigger and bigger. Becaurse she must stay in hotels without money so this must also beeing payed by her lover in Europe. Always by Western Union. She never come becaurse she don t excist, it are the two brothers Adeyemi.
First name: ekaterina
Age: 28
Location: Russia Tolyatti
On websites: badoo
First name: Olga
Last name: Tihomirova
Aka: Alena Kornilova, Tatyana Sunchugasheva, Alla Frolova
Age: 29
Location: Ukraine, Kiev, 01011, Gaitsana Mikovili vul., 18-32; Ukraine, Kiev, 01012, Gaitsana Mikovili vul., 16-30
On websites: Yahoo Personals