First name: Bonnie
Last name: Scott
Age: 31
Location: County Hills Illinois USA
Report: This name is jused by the scammers Awodele and OLluranti Adeyemi house 9 road 24 clem road Ikeja Lagos Nigeria. Bonnie is from the USA and lookoing for Jewels and diamonds in Nigeria and beautifull. She is playing with unknown Europian men and she want t o marrie. She promised everthing.....but she must go for one last trip to nigeria for diamonds. In Nigeria she became in the problems with the goverment about tax. She got not enough money to pay and the goverment keep her there. The only way out is,if the europian man pay the tax for her, well and the tax is very big and truble for Bonnie became bigger and bigger. Becaurse she must stay in hotels without money so this must also beeing payed by her lover in Europe. Always by Western Union. She never come becaurse she don t excist, it are the two brothers Adeyemi.
First name: ekaterina
Age: 28
Location: Russia Tolyatti
On websites: badoo
First name: Olga
Last name: Tihomirova
Aka: Alena Kornilova, Tatyana Sunchugasheva, Alla Frolova
Age: 29
Location: Ukraine, Kiev, 01011, Gaitsana Mikovili vul., 18-32; Ukraine, Kiev, 01012, Gaitsana Mikovili vul., 16-30
On websites: Yahoo Personals
First name: Evelyn Jennifer
Last name: Williams
Age: 31
Location: Benin Porto Novo
Phone: +2348055063594 +22996889989
On websites: MSN
Report: She is a very very beautiful girl. She said me she live with her mother in Benin where they have an house leaved them by her father when he died 4 years before in an accident on job. First time she ask me money for stuff, then for airplane ticket to came in Italy
First name: natasha
Last name: antonava
Age: 37-39
Location: ukraine
Address: lenina 67,18,Gorlovka
Phone: +380663749688
On websites:
Report: Ask for money for meeting
First name: christiana
Last name: yeboah
Location: accra,ghana
First name: destiny
Last name: molorita
Age: 30
Location: uk or niegra and usa
Email: or
Report: destiny molorita is useing phote of lana brooke who is pornstar so beware boys she has scammed alot on different sites and this may not be her real name she got me for 4500 she has no heart
First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Starsheeva
Age: 28
Location: Kozmodemyansk
Report: I have been in contact with this Russian girl for a couple of months. She seems like a nice girl but im very cautious and suspect about her due to the following reasons: - she wants to come and visit me in Australia and says she is applying for a 3 month visa. - she wants me to help out with cost of the visa and flights to Australia. Could you please check this out for me and find out if she is a scammer or not before i take any more action in meeting her. regards, Daniel Ross
First name: Criss
Last name: Darling Plugu
Age: 33
Location: Ghana
Phone: +233543724006
First name: Inessa
Last name: Kova
Aka: innessa-kova
Age: 33
Location: OMSK
Email: ;
Report: Contact made by Inessa unknow how she got my email. Exchanged emails no comment from her questions asked no replies Boss said she had worked hard needs a holiday . Can you pay for visa and travel expense