First name: rose
Last name: tetteh
Age: 37
Location: hawthorn austrailia
Phone: 9273367095 6465478288
Email: rose tetteh 357
On websites: linkadin facebook waplog
Report: Hit it off thought i had found the one promicf she was coming her so we could be together
First name: Maria
Last name: Khok
Aka: Fira Listopadova
Age: 30 anos
Location: Parnu Estonia
On websites: Desconocido
Report: Menciona que es divorciada, sin hijos, con negocio de lenceria. Viaja a Turquia y Egipto. Pide 887 euros por perdida de documentos a causa de robo.presenta una amiga para depositar de nombre Svetlana.
First name: Mary
Last name: Esperanzalope
Age: 30
On websites: Unknown
Report: I receive email very random Unknown email from mary aesperanzalope email from gmail account reported intervesting seriously Matters
First name: Jennifer
Last name: Williams
Age: 35
Location: Ghana
Phone: +23354545971
Email: jenniferwilliams
Report: Started typing on anything goes dating websites moved onto hangout and then Skype told her big age difference but said fed up with young men message for sex photo after 2 weeks of general chit chat said started to get feel for me said she lived with uncle in Swansea and worked at Iceland shop had to give job up to move again Birmingham to look after older uncle that had a stroke was not getting any money coming in so ask if I could send 50 pounds for food her farther had been kill I car crash her mum lived in Ghana soon mum was in trouble with rent sent 375 pounds to cover then she had to go to her mum her uncle got a loan of 2100 so sher could go she spent lots of photos of her and her mum when it was time to come home neaded 400 pounds for documents police check and health check this took so long flight ticket ran out so 815 pounds sent tryied to bring her dowery gold her farther had put a side for her but got stopped getting on plane and put in calls wanted 4000 pounds for bail but I found out all the photos were of a America citizen so stopped all contact
First name: Erika
Last name: Addie
Aka: Sara Banera
Age: 28
Location: Oxford/ Mexico
On websites: Adulthub
Report: She Tries to direct you to a dodgy website where you have to pay to webcam, Pictures and videos are all fake
First name: Eva
Age: 35
Location: Ukraine
Report: I find this scammer by his mail adress
First name: Annabelle
Last name: Harrison
Age: 36
Location: Turkey
On websites:
Report: I was in contact with Annabelle Harrison, she told me that she living in Istanbul as a British citizen together with her sick aunt! Her aunt she has a breast cancer and she need for her very expensive drugs and she not have a insurance! Annabelle told me that she is falling in love with me and therefore she asked me for help. She asked for 6?400? I told her that I don?t send money to a unknown person! Our contact was at this time only over What?s Up messages I asked here to do with me a face time call but she never do! My next step was that I told Annabelle to send me a voice message what she me promised but not jet! Late in the evening I received her voice message. After some days she asked me again for money and I told her that I will gave her my support but not with 6?400? She told me that she got a visit of her Landlord because she can?t pay her rent of the apartment December & January of a amount of 1?500? and she need this amount immediately! I told her that I support her on this matter. She told me that I have to send my money with the service of Moneygram I told her that I want to do the transfer by Western Union but she don?t want Western Union what was for me suspect! After a while she told me that she spokes with her Landlord and she say that I can send the money direct on the bank account of her Landlord. She was very happy about my support and she falls in love! I asked her again for a FaceTime call but she told me that her phone camera don?t work. Than I asked her to send me a voice message even this was not possible late in the evening I got a voice message! A spontaneous request to send me immediately a voice message was every time impossible! Now I think that I was every time in contact with this supposed Landlord and he was alias ?Annabelle Harrison? because that he can?t do FaceTime call or spontaneous voice message that means he needs assistant for a lady to send me later on a voice message! I got from the supposed ?Annabelle Harrison? the name of her supposed Landlord: Kolawole Olanrewaju
First name: kashi
Last name: naicker
Age: 29
Location: pretoria
Phone: 0673496514
On websites: facebook
Report: she sends you a facebook invite than ask to chat on watsapp, than she seduces you with sexual pics and ask you to also send, I have screenshots of her and the picks, than black mail you for money. her watsapp number is 0673496514. I believe its a male as it send me a voicenote and also said in one of the msgs my wife.
First name: Mary
Aka: Jennifer
Age: 30
Location: Italy
On websites: and
Report: Forward this on ): Copy and paste Il vostro account e ora attivo Buongiorno Mary and Jennifer are waiting for you , Benvenuti nella boutique online Per accedere al vostro conto quando navigate sul sito, cliccate sul link il mio account posto nella sezione in alto a destra di ogni pagina.. Ricordatevi, il vostro nome utente e : Connettendovi al vostro account, avete la possibilita di: Seguire lo stato degli ordini Consultare i vostri vecchi ordini Aggiornare le vostre informazioni personali Cambiare la vostra password Registrare diversi indirizzi per la consegna Se avete delle domande riguardo al vostro account, potete contattarci via email all?indirizzo o per telefono al +33 1 80 87 63 90. Cordialmente, L'equipe
First name: Susie
Last name: Marthin
Age: 32
Location: USA Houston
Phone: 17828245774
Report: Ive met her online she says she lives in Houston, live in New Jersey , Canada, I have known her four months never heard her voice try to call her but never answers on phone just texting
First name: Jessica
Age: 30
Location: Unknown
On websites: Unknown
Report: Hi I'm reporting Jessica recived email from yesterday at 20:09 pm GMT uk time on 12th Sunday January 2020 to be investigated
First name: Mary
Last name: Cole
Age: 30
Location: Los Angeles Ca USA
Address: Alpenrose, Bedlars Green,Great Hallingbury
Phone: 8136162076
Email: mariacole707@gmail .com
On websites:,,
Report: Contacted by this scammer on a dating site Hi i am Mary single never married and no kids yet ... i will want you to send text here 8136162076 kick marycole114 hangout mariacole707 @ gmail .com so we can chat better. Checked on profile photos and they showed up as being of porn model EWva Lovia and appeared on 11 other dating sites under different names
First name: Florette
Last name: Goestenhoveder
Age: 30
Location: Belgium
On websites: Hangouts, facebook Whatsapp messenger You tube
Report: this man is posing as a WOMAN alicia 30 from Deinze. asks to do sexual acts via cam and then threatens to make everything public via hangouts, facebook, messenger and you tube if you do not agree or agree to his blackmail to pay money ? 5000, his hangouts = facebook = Alica Vercauteren 30 j Deinze Kwolzyck
First name: Mary
Last name: isaiah livick
Age: 30
Report: Hi I'm writing to you about this person keeps recived email asking for dates I don't know this person receiving emails from Mary recived on 10th January 2020 at 22:26 pm GMT uk
First name: Lorri
Last name: Rowald
Aka: Lisa
Age: 32
Report: Report this person because being target random asked for date random strangers email Lisa Unknown Report this to seriously intervergate Receiving this information today 08:33 am on 10th
First name: Maria
Last name: unknown
Age: 33
Report: Keep getting Unknown stranger email from Maria aka today 15:23 uk time forward this information to be intervergate
First name: Svetlana Mikhailovna
Last name: Redko
Age: 31
Location: Lugansk, Ukraine
On websites: Hottest flings
Report: Talked with her for about 2 months before she asked me to send money to help her sick granny
First name: Alice
Last name: Celestina
Age: 30
Report: constant emails keep coming through on my spam email, she doesn't seem to listen, I have been firm recently but she continues to send email with photos of her naked, I've sent her many emails to stop, but she doesn't seem to listen, I want this email to be blocked from myself, but can't do it from my email
First name: Safa
Last name: Blood
Aka: Sandra Arhin
Age: 32
Location: Accra
On websites: Google Hangouts. Chatib
Report: This person operates as a female sending out images of the pornstar
First name: Mary
Age: 30
Report: Hi stop-scammers Being target random email on dally nearly every day random unknown email asking for dateing Mary aka received today on 6th January 2020
First name: aino
Last name: jutila
Age: 26
Location: Finland
On websites:
Report: shes useing dani daniel pics
First name: Anna
Aka: Elizabeth Glinsky
Age: 38
Location: Russia (France / Paris)
Report: Hi there, I just want to report the same scammer as in your pages already - but new alias and email address she operates.
First name: Abby
Last name: Ross
Age: 41
On websites: Mingle2
Report: ?Female? stating she is an army ranger stationed in Guam. After 3-4 days of chatting, she asked me for a loan. When I attempted to video chat (for visual verification) she went ballistic. Blocked me and it appears her profile is gone.
First name: Lucy
Last name: Gyabea
Age: 28
Location: Ghana, Dormaa
Phone: +233 555399496
On websites: Kisses of Africa, Afro Introductions
Report: She is using photos taken from the twitter page of xohalouniverse an America porn cam babe. Always asking for Airtime.
First name: Jenny
Last name: Crambell
Age: 26
Location: USA
Address: 1003 Cornelius st
Phone: 205-494-0397
On websites: Hangouts
Report: same pics as Jessica Mahon wants money
First name: Angela
Last name: Boateng
Aka: Rikki Nyx
Age: 26
Location: Aburi, Ghana
Phone: 218- 4515745
On websites: Akapetites
Report: Romance scammer.... I met this girl on Zoosk dating website. I?ll check with her for about three months and she always refuse to go live with me but would text me every day and send me pictures I found out the pictures were
First name: rowena joy
Last name: salvador
Age: 33
Location: Guangzhou, China
Phone: +8616624711371
On websites: internationaldating
Report: he contacted me through an international dating site as i am looking for a partner for marriage, he told me to work in china and he wanted to come to know me no whatsapp or skipe only mail. I told him that I could pay a prte of the trip, she referred me to an agency known by her employer Fri Nov 8, 1:06 pm COMPANY NAME: SEASONTOURSKYTRAVELS LTD COMPANY CONTACT NUMBER: +8613265273287 COMPANY EMAIL ADDRESS:, COMPANY ADDRESS: No. 27 Shilong, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong, China. I sent 900 euros but they wanted 4500 and I refused all gone I made a transfer and I have the receiver data I will try to file a complaint with the embassy
First name: mabel
Last name: asante
Aka: shela rae
Age: 35
Location: accra
On websites: POFFake
Report: Fake passport Said she was Princess Blueyez and worked for Phil for 6 months posing for pictures Sent me a copy of a fake passport - would not send any current pictures of herself - bottom line had an M in it when she was female Worked with a friend called Portia Love who was also on the same porn site Went to get on plane and was stopped because her mom had put 25 bars of gold in her luggage
First name: Natalie
Last name: Mullet
Aka: Natalie mullet
Age: 33
Location: 211 Pearl St, Hicksville Ohio Manchester England Accra ghana
Phone: 618 622 1430
On websites: Hangout what?s app ok cupid
Report: She claims she has an inheritance of gold at LATT delivery services london England and Needs to pay storage fees and she?s broke
First name: Helena
Age: 30
Location: UK
Report: Hi I'm writing to you and tells you that Helena is fake scammers send me fake fitness account from Dateing fake site and get fit Send emails yesterday email 24th December 2019 time 19:11 pm GMT uk Forward this on by paste and copy as follows Thank you for registering at Get Fit Watford. Your account is created and must be activated before you can use it. To activate the account click on the following link or copy-paste it in your browser: After activation you may login to using the following username and password: Username: 800o9958jo Password: 2nu8ij9x