First name: nadezhda
Last name: zagaynova
Age: 30
Location: novochebaksarsk
Address: jugendstrasse 49
Report: bin auf den scammer reingefallen.sendete 500,- euro ich blodmann.
First name: Alla
Last name: Guliaeva
Age: 30
Location: Lugansk Ukraine
Report: After few letters she asked me money for the traslation agency
First name: ESAN
Age: 28
Location: Address.No 32 oke gada ede - Nigeria- Africa
Address: Zipcode.23401
Phone: +2348066302094
On websites: Tagged , Wiccan Togetther
Report: I have speak with this girl for 4 month , and this is a scammer . This girl do not use web cam and have told me in your city electronic ticket for the plane is not in use .
First name: Amet
Last name: Dalila Maria
Age: 26/Date and place of birth : 4th day of July 1983
Phone: MOBILE:0040768877152
On websites: tagged yahoo mesesnges as Deea Mona
Report: I have evidenc of Romanian scammmers from Constanca names passprt copies photos and addres to deliver money by Weastern Union Please help me to report this bastards operating behind pretty woman photo who wants to come and join me for marriage I am Michal Stankiewicz architect POLISH passport holder working in Bahrain for last 29 years( my passprt copy available immediatly) Pleace give me ROMANIAN POLICE email addres I can report SCAMMERS Thank you very much for help Michal Stankiewicz B.Sc.Arch RIBA Architect KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN Tel:00973 39256106 email: or
First name: Patricia
Last name: Aferdi
Aka: Leticia Daniels
Age: 32
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: +233 242053767
Report: I have been communicating with this woman for nearly 12 months and in that time have sent a reasonable amount of money. She is very plausable and is obviously very skilled at multiple communications. I am sorry to see her listed on this site. I am posting this because the name she has been comminicating with me on is a new AKA
First name: CHEMIELYN
Last name: FUENTES
Phone: +639177509946
Report: having taken my time to get to know this lady and after 2 years of corospondance sending small amounts occationaly to help she was dur to come to the UK and showed me a so called visa in her passport I waited 5 hrs at the airport had the Police and immigration check she was not there and have not heard from her since I sent her the airfare to come to England.very convincing and may even be working on Canandian at present
First name: Ramona Ionela
Last name: Barbu
Age: 26
Location: Bucharest, Romania
On websites: Lucky Lovers
Report: If my last report was about the best of scammers, this one is about the worst! Ramona and I chatted on Yahoo and she told me she had nowhere to be at Christmas. I invited her over! Turned out she didn't have a passport! I figured she was probably a scammer, but the passport wasn't so expensive. I told her I'd send her the money for a passport, and book her an electronic ticket. I asked her not to let me go ahead and book the air ticket once she had the passport money, if she was a scammer. She said she wouldn't! So, I wrote the money off. But, surprisingly, she came back - with a passport and a web-cam! She used the web-cam to show me that she was real - this included stripping of and showing me all of her - in close-up. Man that was something! She also showed me the passport. She then suggested that I write to her friend whoo could get tickets cheaply for us. Her friend was And could get me a cheap ticket, but only for cash. I got back to Ramona, who did the naked thing again, and told her I was going to pay the extra and book an electronic ticket. Now here is the nasty bit! She said, sure, go ahead! So I made a booking. I then realized I hadn't actually seen her name on the passport and I phoned her, emailed her and tried to contact her on Yahoo. She's never returned. Fortunately, the booking failed to go through, so I didn't lose any money but hey - why get a guy to spend money if you aren't going to be the recipient. That's real mean!
First name: annie
Last name: berry
Age: 33
Location: accra ghana
Report: this girls pic annie berry, is not so. when you click the pic, it shows a totally different girl, the one with white skirt and pink top, tells my friend she is linda tieku, from accra ghana. who is she really. i have traced her to a certain lacation. my friend even spent a lot of time with her.
First name: Olga
Last name: Dibaeva
Age: 30
Location: Kremenchuk,Ukraine
Address: 65 Kyivska St. Apt. 20
On websites: Yahoo Personals
Report: Contacted me first on yahoo dating site.Quickly moved to direct e-mail.1st e-mail innocent enough by 3rd e-mail was talking of coming to me in the USA for Christmas but didn't have enough money for all expenses but would pay me back when she got here.Do have letters and photos that I will forward to you.
First name: Elena
Last name: Stoljarova
Aka: Natalya
Age: 28
Location: Russia, Zelenodolsk
Address: Kormanova
On websites:
Report: A real scammer