First name: Nadezhda
Last name: Petouhowa
Aka: Nadechka, Nadya, Dutton
Age: 30
Location: Russia Federation, Lensk
Address: Proletarian str 69,apartment 15, Postal Code 678150
Report: I've been victim of a scam from alias name Nadezhda Petouhova
First name: Mercy
Last name: Kwame
Age: 35
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: +233 541849610
On websites: Unknown
Report: [20:25:14] MS MERCY- FOREIGN REMITTANCE ICB BANK: Dear Friend, Before i start, let me introduce myself to you. I am Ms mercy Kwame Foregn Remittance Officer in International Commercial Bank ( I.C.B. ) of Ghana branch West Africa, I am here to bring to your notice this day that I have a life time business proposal in which i want to disclose to you as a banker. I am the Remittance Officer of the late president of Libya Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi who deposited the sum of $10.7 Million in my bank on the 29th, July 2009 and he would have laid a claim to the money in July 2011 as the date of maturity. But he could not, due to his Political upheaval. And non of the member of his family know about this fund and since his death on October 20th, 2011; no one have come for the claiming and my Bank is expecting if any of his family member will appear as his next of kin to the fund, that is the reason why i am contacting you to act as the next of kin to this inheritance fund to this late President. I don't want you to betray me at the end of this transaction and i don't want you to entertain any atom of fear in your mind upon this transaction for i have prepared myself before contacting you this day. %40 of the total amount will be for you while i will take %60 and be rest assured that all legal documentation that back this fund/money would be intact as this transaction would undergo legitimated/lawful processing in order to avoid any breach or breaking of law. If you are interested do get back to me through ( so i can furnish you with the details and the application form to send to the bank. Best Regards: Ms Mercy Kwame. International Commercial Bank (ICB)
First name: Tatyana
Age: 30
Location: Rostovskaya oblast,Russia
Address: Poltavsky Street 89,
Phone: Proletarsk 347544
Email: tatyana
On websites:
Report: This tatyana started writing me,her letters were exactly like you have posted.She has'nt gotten any money out of me.
First name: lucy damola
Last name: angelina
Age: 31
Location: hyattsville md 20783
Address: 7951 riggs road hyattsville md. 20783
On websites:
Report: she said wants ltr will travel she is on 12 plus dating /men sites lots of info if u Google hey101 she is all over the web she call me with phone card said lives in md. with uncle he is 63 yrs mom lives in the uk. reports of her using Denver Colorado as home in the past her address is a condo in md.riggs rd.wants from me money for web cam plane tickets to see meshe has scammed claiming to be a company getting money through pay pal to mush to list
First name: Laureen
Aka: bostioon02
Age: 43
Location: Fort Wayne, IN USA
Email: laureen35@yahoo
On websites:
Report: googled email address of gal that hit me up on and noticed it was reported on this site as a scammer's email address. Scammer is now operating on as well
First name: Elena
Last name: Koshechka
Aka: Lenusik
Age: 26
Location: Novocheboksark
On websites: Russain Cupid
Report: Standard scam wont answer speciic questions. Reverse email look up is Sunningdale California.
First name: Karen
Last name: Smith
Age: 27
Location: Ghana, Accra
On websites: Oasis Dating
Report: It's a huge story. She was originally from USA as she said. But living in Ghana. Two boxes with money. And stuff. Asking for money. And so on..
First name: marina
Last name: anderson
Aka: benedicta otto / anita asante
Age: 34
Location: ghana
Address: po box154 agona swedru ghana
Phone: 011-233-279087968
On websites: yahoo
Report: i have known this woman for 2years as bad as i hate to say it she took me for 500o dollars or more . First it was internet bill, telephone bill in fact i was paying all her bill s. Then she tried the gold scam on me and i didnt bite. Then claimed she had to have a operation or was going to die. Then want me to buy her a phone , i did but did not send it to her. Next she started on me about visa ,passport and plane ticket to come here. and like a fool I believed her. Claimed she went to accra to get these items. The day she was suppose to get on plane she couldnt leave because she needed 4000 dollars to get out ghana . One thing she sent me offical looking envelopes for me to collect money for a orphanage for children . I back checked and it didnt exist.. In Nov 2011 she slacked off talking to me on yahoo messenger , claims the network was down. i texted her and was told she would go to cafe and talk to me. never did. . i went on internet and started checking on her and found four differents sites and the same picture for different names . Shge was also talking to other people other than me as proved by the sites she visited. She works wwith a man named SAMUEL KOOMSON is is a bigger crook as she is. All I can say is she is a excellent scammer.
First name: Jenna
Last name: Fischer
Age: unknown
Location: Tampa, FL
On websites:
Report: Places ads for
First name: Bela
Last name: Rjashentseva
Age: 28
Location: Samara Russia
On websites: Unknown
Report: Actual site is in Atlanta USA