First name: Akua
Last name: Osaa
Aka: Blue Eyed Cass
Age: 31?
Location: Whistler,Alberta Canada/Kumasi Ghana, Capetown S.Africa
On websites: Facebook;; skype
Report: Runs own website on Using name of CASS. Gains peoples confidence then tries to extract money from them. Recently removed web page from facebook, also using skype as akua.osaa3
First name: janet
Last name: marks
Age: 38
Location: south africa
Email: nana
On websites: eharmony
Report: hey you peaple are talking about a lady that was my girl friend does picture were take by some man or lady that when and broke in her house and took everthing from her i know because i was there and the reson why are not together its because i was sheating you guy forget that syber space is very big and not every person know everthing about her (sorry guy you got scammed by someone alse .
First name: Nakiya
Last name: Weatherspoon
Aka: Kiya
Age: 35
Location: United States and Lansing
Report: She is a notorious scammer..she has scammed me and my friend with a whopping sum of 100,000 and she is still outside finding new prey to scam....she always says she wanted to be with u and have u as her husband but at the end of the day after she has gained your trust she will then ask u for the access to your account and other valuable and due to the trust u have in her u will surrender all she asked from u to her and at the end she used u and dump u...
First name: Joycelyn n.a.
Last name: Nyarkoa
Age: 31
Location: ghana, accra osu
Address: zip code 00233
On websites: she is a non nude pics models and she is in all web sites.
Report: the last week , since about 8 month i been chating with this person , i always look for her pics in any site of girls scammers. i didnt see her there . and last week i see her in all differents pages of ghana accra girls scammers . but what she told me her name is JOYCELYN N.A.NYARKOA. my memory still good and i when to celebrity site and that was the same girl , she is with anothers none nude pic. girls they are doing the same thing to every one out there . she is brunette , 5'7
First name: carolny
Last name: chasteen
Age: 47
Location: USA Ternesee
On websites: plentyoffish.facebook
Report: this person will talk with you for up month then ask for money to come and stay with you ,she ask to sent money by west union,
First name: anna
Last name: mosesenko
Aka: anna vyacheslavovna
Age: 30
Location: perm city aleksandrovsk russia
Address: perm city aleksandrovsk,lenin street, apartment house 52
On websites:
Report: 1. she contacted me 2.she winked at me and then emailed me to contact her on yahoo 3.a little over a month 4.not at first. but near the end she did not answer my questions. and things she said did not make since. when she was telling me about her flight to here.her flight # was not the same as the one she give me the first time 5.the money request was initiated by telling me that she did not know that she needed to have a return ticket to prove she would be returning in order to get visa. she asked if i would pay for the return ticket 6.she was going to get me to send the money by money gram. i never sent money because i found letters on this site that were very similar and relized it was a scam 7.i just stop writing her
First name: michelle
Last name: mcphate
Age: 31
Location: olathe, kansas and walton-on-the-naze
On websites: facebook and match1
Report: became friendly then after 7 days asked for 200, I refused
First name: Debora
Last name: oise
Age: 31
Location: ghana
Phone: 00233270582688
On websites: my e-mail
Report: this women rings me most days and says she need to get out of ghana her mum is from ghana her dad is from thailand and dead i told her she on the dating site as a scammer and sed thats why she need to be out of ghana.her ex boyfriend has but all this on and his mate.s she is the one with the lovely blue eyes all over the scam site and on here ,she say she needs to come here to get away from ghana and yes ,, i no i sent here 150 pound for a visa ..but she say she send me it back ..if i give her my address and started crying on the phone i se her on webcam also and her voice is from ghana as a friend i know is from there
First name: Maria
Last name: Mashenka
Age: 23
Location: Nizhni Novgorod, Russia
On websites: Unknown
Report: Has been sending multiple emails that automatically raise a flag based on the idea that her friend married an American.... For papers, money or legal??? Who knows.
First name: Rose
Last name: John
Age: 32
Location: Ilesa,osun,Nigeria
Phone: 234-703-647-9564
On websites: Mate1 (user ID is Heartluv0354)
Report: Several days ago I began chatting with what I believed to be a totally charming Asian lady. All correspondence was via e-mail and then Yahoo Instant Messenger. We did exchange phone numbers so she could text me and let me know when she was online. Things seemed to heat up surprisingly quickly and after a few days she was telling me that she loved me and wanted to spend her life with me.Her profile listed her residence as Minn. but when I asked she said she had lived in Florida, but after her Dads death she had moved to Nigeria with her Mom.Then yesterday she told me that she was going to lose her internet service on Fri. because she had lost her job and couldn't afford to pay for it. She didn't want to lose contact with me, and could I please send her the 85 dollars to pay the bill.This set off alarms in my head, but I assured her that I would. I immediately started searching for anything that I could find on scamming, and found your website. I subscribed, and after searching for just a few minutes I realized that the photos that she had sent me via e-mail are variations of some that you have on file under the name Claudia James. I have not broken contact with her yet, nor have I let her know that I'm on to her games.What should I do?