First name: Sandra
Last name: Kamra
Age: unknown
Location: unknown-Abidjan,Yopougoun
Report: Claiming to be the daughter of a wealthy man, but needs help to invest her money in this country--blah, blah, same old scam, new email address-I realize that posting this will not stop her, if it is a her, but it makes me feel better.
First name: karina
Last name: karakhanyan
Aka: elena
Age: 22 or 23
Location: luganshk,ukraine
Report: Her second letter she told me her birthday and she want a gift an then I saw her first profile at elenasmodel has been Banned for so many complaints of the subscriber and I asked her why all she did that I'm uncorrect, after that she manage to open a new account at the same site elenasmodel.well, i don't know how to upload her photo here if you want you can check her at elenasmodel site,thanks
First name: Tatyana
Last name: Ugaselasy
Age: 26
Location: Russia, Moscow
Report: She mailed me several letters for a few months. I saw her picture on this site and now I know (for sure) that I was victim of a scammer.
First name: susan
Last name: williams
Age: 28
Location: lagos, Nigeria
Report: She sends you an E-mail on the site and then tells you to hit her up on her yahoo account. She then ask for money for her sick mother. she says she is in west africa helping her get over her illness.
First name: babe
Last name: davis
Age: 24
Location: california
First name: Mariya
Aka: naily naily
Age: 29
Location: Russia but ip trace shows california/seattle washington
Email: Monturele@yahoo & Naily Naily@yahoo
On websites: contacted me by e-mail no site
Report: starts off in love wants to move with you several week's then needs money for Hello honey! I'm glad to read your message . I feel myself a little uncomfortable because i had to ask you for help. Always i considered myself to be an independent person who can solve all the problems himself. But this time i was wrong that could pay for the journey myself. When i traveled earlier, it was cheaper. You know, after our acquaintance i have changed the opinion about myself. Earlier i consider myself to be a strong and independent person, and it was pleasant that i could care of myself. And now i feel i am a woman who needs support. It is very pleasant to know that there is a man, a strong man, who can protect me from all the troubles. Brian, i said the place of meeting to the agent, and he told me that will tell me exactly cost my trip after i pay all sum for visa. he told that can't tell me it right now because can't be sure when i will pay for my visa full and it depends when i receive it. if you can't help me with all sum pay for tickets later - i will try ask some money from my friends or parents. but i don't think that i can receive all sum. Now i need in 5-6 days about $500 USA to pay the agency the second part. I hope, honey, it won't be very difficult for you, and you will help me during 5-6 days. I will learn in agency how you can send it. Honey, i hope, i didn't made you problems with my hurry. probably this waste of money is not planned for you. If so, please. don't be angry with me... I miss you very much, and waiting for our meeting. Write me soon. My hugs and kisses, your sweet Mariya. visa & airfare
First name: Marry
Last name: Malik
Age: 28
Location: Accra, Ghana
Report: This woman stole $2,300 from me over 10 months out of Accra, Ghana using photos of a 15 yr old female model in Austin, Texas. I think it is really a Nigerian male and not a female. Money sent to Alhassan Malik in Achimoto District, Accra, Ghana.
First name: Heather
Last name: White
Age: 25
Location: USA
Report: She scammed of 50,000$..she claimed to have some kids and show me some pictures..She claims thtat she is not rich and she has no parents...She is just a pimp lady who sells herself for money..
First name: Evgeniya
Age: unknown
Location: russia
Report: same scam as ekaterina
First name: elena
Last name: sergeeva
Age: 27
Location: murmansk russia
Email: elena_girl
Report: wrote with her over one year ago. She was trying the best to get money for visa from me.