First name: Vanda
Last name: Pokorna
Age: various ages used 27-35
Location: ukraine, kalush
Phone: 00380506969819
On websites: mambo, 123, ukrainedate, ukraineflirt, lovenet, rosebrides
Report: this girl has no regular work, but is spending her whole days online on datingsites trying to dig gold. she may say she is knitting, to make you feel pity with her or give her money. You are not the only one, she is writing with several hundreds of men.
First name: sussy
Last name: patrick
Age: 30
Location: lagos
Report: Promises love and sex but needs money to apply for a visa
First name: Elena
Last name: Poupouwa
Aka: Elena Lenochka
Age: 29
Location: Cheboksary (Russia)
On websites: datemefree
Report: Russian scammer.
First name: rosemary
Last name: Philpott
Age: 25
Location: nigeria
Report: scam
First name: mariya
Last name: baboshina
Aka: mariya cutie
Age: 28
Location: Ljubertsy, Moscu
Address: Rusa Moskovskaya oblast, 140005
Report: esta persona tienes escasas 2 semanas enviandome correos, diciendome que quiere venir a mexico a conocerme y que se ha enamorado de mi, me solicito ayuda para comprar los boletos de avio de ida y vuelta de Rusia-Mexico-Rusia. estoy en contacto actualmente con ella, aver hasta donde va a llegar.
First name: Polina
Age: 25
Location: Zeledeevo, krasnoyarsk, st. petersburg russia
Address: town zeledeevo pobednaya street 9
Report: I have received about 5 emails from her telling me that she is coming to america on a 3 month work visa with an agency. found same exact letters on this website that i receieved from her. she hasn't asked for money yet but by the sample letters i saw she will in the next email.
First name: kira
Age: 32
Location: kirovo chepeck
Report: just want to know if she is real,i just talk to her on the net,i ask her questions and i do not gat a real answer,says she works at a school librarian
First name: irina
Last name: vinogradova
On websites:
Report: she asks for money to pay her travel and visit me
First name: Galina
Last name: Shtykova
Report: she has been sending me pics and says she loves me and will soon meet me and marry me i was the only one for her bull sh*t
First name: Mariya
Last name: Baboshina
Age: 27
Location: moscu
Report: el mismo caso... despues de varios correos dice que quiere conocerme y que viajara pero que le envie por wester union la mitad del boleto de avion ya que no tiene cuenta en ningun banco....entonces, como le pagan en su trabajo?? jajajajajaja