First name: Natasha
Aka: Elena
Age: 26
Location: Ukraine
Report: Translation Scam
First name: Tina
Last name: Wiillaims
Aka: Abiola
Age: 26
Location: Nigeria, IBADAN
Address: Address - #162 obafemi awolowo way oke-ado,City - Ibadan,State - Oyo state,Zip code - 23402,Country - Nigeria
Phone: +2348070928179
On websites: and other dating, Romance Sites.
Report: I was contacted by this scammer. plz.Look at details. hello my darling aw are you doing today hope you are now getring better baby, baby i cant sleep anytime i remerber abt the incident that happened to you AMAR am always confused baby ans i wish you a quick recovery in JESUS and ALLAH name so baby am now in nigeria with my dad and my grandma and my mum is also coming by nexe week to join us here ok ans baby am missing you badly and always wishing to talk to you on mobilw to knw exactly aw you are doing baby. young as always been nice to me and always tell me wat is going on but i will like to talk to you in private and av been trying to get my myself a mobile but i didnt get one due to my dad dat just gotten a house here so he sad he cant get me a mobile for now,and i told young to help me tell you that i now need the mobile you promise me just to always call you and send you my mobile number and i told him to aslo send me your new mobile number as sson as you get another one AMAR. AMAR i missed you so much and i just want you to knw am here loving you so much ad can wait to hear ur voice baby. I LOVE YOU I MISS YOU I WANT YOU AND I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU LOVE YOU AMAR FRM YOUR LOVE TINA ABIOLA WILLAIMS Name - Abiola Agbolade Yusuf Address - #162 obafemi awolowo way oke-ado City - Ibadan State - Oyo state Zip code - 23402 Country - Nigeria Phone number-+2348070928179
First name: anastasia
Last name: Polivyako
Age: 20's
Location: Lugansk UK
Address: 55 berezovaya st. 91000
Phone: +380939822521
Email: /
Report: Translation scam. Two or three letters and pictures, then 'she' cannot afford to continue, so the translation service wants the contact to pay through WU or MoneyGram. - Also Gmail accounts email are hard to trace. The Pitch: NAME OF THE TRANSLATION COMPANY:
First name: Jonesley
Last name: Marcus
Aka: Too many to list
Age: 36
Location: Sagamu, Nigeria
Phone: 234-806-2412956
On websites: Babyboomerpeoplemeet,facebook
Report: I am adding to my report from last month, 5 more email addresses 2 more that she used:jonesleym4@yahoo which was the one that I thought was the real deaf Jonesley Marcus and dakostar2004@yahoo. It turns out this jonesleym4 is not real either and I believe all these people are the same person. The other 3 addresses are people who claimed to be her Grandma, Susan,her lawyer Allen Picard and her Dr. in Nigeria Dr.Odusoga. The phone# is a number this Dr. called me from. This is a very sophisticated operation it appears. I see no one here has figured this out but have found it on other scammer sites, the pics are of a porn star named Kelseyxxx, if you go to this website you will find all the pics...1500 plus. I also am seeing in the last 2 weeks that Jonesley Marcus is being mentioned as a scammer on a deaf peoples website, which if you google the name is a deaf person in Beckley, WV. On this deaf peoples site, she has been communicating through facebook and she does have a profile on facebook. Asking this guy on this site about some money he has won. Very interesting and still using the name Jonesley among others I am sure. Be careful everyone, if you see this womans picture, it IS A SCAM!!!!!!
First name: natalya
Last name: oshueva
Age: 37
Location: novocheboksark
Address: lesnaya 18/11
On websites:
Report: dating scammer
First name: maria
Last name: boboshina
Age: 28
Location: smolensk
Address: 21400 gagarin casa di avenue appartamento 12
On websites: badoo
Report: dopo un invito a conoscermi via e-mail,mi ha detto che si era innamorata di me,e che stava se io ero daccordo preparando tutti i documenti per venire da ma in italia,sarebbe andata a mosca per i visti,mi ha chiesto dei soldi per i biglietto aereo a/r 490 euro,ovviamente non ho spedito niente,vi dico solo che questi giocano sui sentimenti degli altri,e se nomn sarete voi io faro' di tutto quello che o imposesso per fermare queste truffatrici...grazie
First name: Natalia
Aka: Natasha
Age: 29
Location: Lubny, Ukraine
Email: natusenka_ua@
On websites:
Report: Said she was a social worker and seemed very down to earth and humble at first but started sending incredible photos. Quickly began sending explicit emails. I searched for some of the phrases and found several identical matches on this site. If it seems too good to be true.....
First name: Iulia
Last name: Scheegolewa
Age: 25
Location: Slavyanoserbsk, Ukraine.
Address: 93700,Gagarina str.9/37
On websites: datemefree
Report: Russian scammer that needs translation company to get money.
First name: Svetlana
Last name: Mironova
Aka: Svetlana Borodina
Age: 36
Location: Ukraine
Email: svetlana07sweet
On websites: russian euro
First name: Tatyana
Age: 27
Location: Yoshkar-Ola (Russia)
On websites: datemefree
Report: Russian scammer. Needs 100 € to buy a p.c.