First name: deborah
Last name: luna
Age: 29
Location: ikeja,lagos,nigeria
On websites:
Report: she is a gold digger ,and a money scammer ,and she stoeld from me $20,000 from me she needs to be stoped ,and to be put in jail for good
First name: victoria
Aka: fablous69
Age: 25
Location: johannesburg south africa
On websites:
Report: received reply on 1. From: fablous69 Subject: Re: Re: hi hi there, u seem like a nice guy and i think u and me could have some fun times together so write me at vickybabe6955 at) y a h o o .c o m and we'll arrange to meet up if youre up for it. bye for now, victoria xx one day later received another reply 2. From: vickbabe Subject: Re: hi there hey there, u seem like a nice guy and i think u and me could have some fun times together so write me at sweetydarling94 at) y a h o o .c o m and we'll arrange to meet up if youre up for it. bye for now, victoria xx then received this email Hey its Vicki, thanks for replying, sorry I missed u online. the site is so slow. I would like to get to know you better so if u are really interested in me, this site has my contact info, I'd like for you to create a profile on there too, Im bod2rocku (my username.. contact me through that profile so I know you're serious, and we can arrange to meet up as soon as possible to see if we hit it off. Hope to hear from you soon Bye for now Vicki xx then you need to enter credit card details to see her profile. 2 days later another email Hey again! You really got my motor running with all the chats. It got me totally horny so I decided to take some sexy pics just for you! I had my girlfriend come over, we drank some wine, and I talked her into taking some pics of each other for fun...she didn't know why I wanted to take them though ;) I posted mine on a page just for you at all you have to do when you get there is enter the password I set up for you, it is: then you need to enter credit card details to see her profile.(again)
First name: peggy
Last name: wood
Age: 28 -29
Location: Ghana, Accra, Togo, Irvine USA
On websites:
Report: 1. She initiated contact with an email address 2. notice of letter 3. about 1 week 4. Inconsistencies in information, webcam/mic not available apart from couple seconds V early staements of love 5. Money for plane tickets, passport problems 6. Peggy Wood, Alex ? 970$ 7. No response after I repeatedly offered to send tickets which would not accept as said
First name: krisry
Last name: williams
Age: 31
Location: nigeria
On websites: skout
Report: she told me she is in missionary work at a church in lagos nigeria and she is planning to come back to usa next week after talking to her for a while on yahoo massanger she told me she love me and wants to have kids and her parents were killed in car accident. anyway she went and got a ticket to come back to usa but she was short $350 and ask me for money so i western union the money but on the way to the airport she was involved in a car accident and she is the hospital. and had somebody else call me and tell me this. typical scam and i got suckered in to out $425.
First name: Mariya
Last name: Eremeeva
Age: 26
Location: Russia Balashov
On websites:,
Report: Sending several photos of a known scammer (Darya) Asking money to get visa and to pay loan taken for fridgerator.
First name: Veronica
Last name: Amankwah
Age: 28
Location: Ghana Accra
Phone: 00233545628856
On websites: Dating/ my yearbook
Report: Veronica contact me and email me her beautiful pics from Ghana and asked me to send her 850Euros to issue her passport and medical certificate to travel and meet me in UK and there we ll marry and start a new life together, but i did not send the money.
First name: mabel
Last name: saah
Aka: alison
Age: 27
Location: ghana
On websites: cupid dot com
Report: this women is asking for money and says she love you takes you mney then ends the relation ship so be a wear
First name: Tatayana
Age: 27
Report: have received a lot of emails from Tatyana , now she has asked for my phone number , how do i know if she is true or not Thanks mike
First name: Angela
Last name: Camara
Age: 20
Location: Senegal
On websites: internet
Report: Angela camara is incharge by Steven Duncan to contact people by via internet were i was contact with the following message, she is looking for med to and her father deposited in one bank in Uk a sum of 6.300.000dollars to contact the bank manager Steven Duncan.:
First name: rita
Last name: asamoah
Age: 33
Location: accra,ghana
Address: p.o. box 216unknown
On websites:
Report: tried to get me to send money for passport