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Name:  Rosaline Robert
Aka:  Rose Jeff
Age:  31
Location:  Nigeria (supposedly) / Glk from Devon(UK)
On web sites:  Global Personals / White Line Dating (CHAIN OF SITES)
Report:  I was contacted by this person a few weeks ago on a UK dating site, but I do not know which part of the group of sites she registered with (it is a group of
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Name:  Kristina Bondarenko
Age:  27
Location:  Ukraine Kiev
Phone:  +380930650569
On web sites:
Report:  She very quickly fell in love. She is very interested in discussing money: How little she earns, how much she would love to go shopping, how well some earlier friend cared for her by giving her money,
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Name:  jany or vivien wesley
Age:  26-29
Location:  ghana accra
Phone:  unknow
On web sites: be naughty yahoo
Report:  i have tried 2 report this person b4 an you say she is not a scammer i know she is as i made a new profile and was approched with the same thing she loves me and longs 2 make me happy but needs me 2 send money for her flight as she is on service in ghana and does not get paid she as asked me for the same wen i said in worked for the police she suddenley went she as asked me myself for help with mobile fones internet food and computers wen i said she was a scammer she put a male oln the fone who threatened me not 2 speak b2 any of his girls again i asked her 4 her bank 2 pay money in to and she says she dnt have 1 send it with western union or money gram she says she is from america on service duty in ghana she told me she was a nurse and told me as a nother person she was a mining advisor
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Name:  dede grace
Age:  appox 24 yrs old
Location:  south Africa
On web sites:  on skype,but she showed up on your site,as I checked your site over
Report:  started out sweet.Then the asking for $$.She put 1 hec of a show on Skype to encourage me lol. she said 1st it was her sister going to colege and she was alone raising her.Then she wanted to come to me.and today she has a heart condition and needed money for doc .It goes on
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Name:  Marija Vadimowna Novitskaja
Age:  25 years April, 19th 1986
Location:  Tuzhinovka, Region Sibiria
Address:  Tuzhinovka Partizan street 2 Russia
On web sites:  ?
Report:  She initiated contact with me via email, she said I found you somewhere on the net and I don't remember which one it was.We have corresponded since I got her first e-mail March 14,2012. There was nothing strange about her letters but she did not answer all questions I asked her, which now I thought funny! On second to last email she asked if maybe she could borrow some money? She requested Western Union Money Transfer to Marija Vadimowna Novitskaja Russia,St.-Petersburg , Vaneeva street,build 9 flat 27.She said she had some money but her flight from Krasnoyarsk to St.-Petersburg costed so much(about 600$) she said she had about 300 US dollars yet and she would need about 980 US dollars from me, for all travel needs and living there till her flight! No money was sent to her and when I checked her IP address is showed me Portugal and not Russia! That is when I became alarmed! I checked you site and did not find her but think she should be here!
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Name:  INNA 
Age:  33
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Name:  Daria Radakova
Aka:  Dasha
Age:  28
Location:  Lugansk Ukraine
Address:  Zhukova block 14/22
On web sites:
Report:  I met this woman on the social website we exchanged emails and started correspondence. After the second letter she was in love with me and could not live without me. The next two letter were from the translation company requesting money for her account and they are very helpful to help you get it to them.
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Name:  Eunice Lamtey
Aka:  Gladys Mensah
Age:  33 Yrs
Location:  Ghana Tamale
Address:  15/C Polo st Aljo junction accra
Phone:  0011233549499214
Email: -
On web sites:  cupiddating
Report:  we were chating for 10 months,( yes I was a fool & a sucker ) from 31st May 2011 till 21st March 2012, as with Robert Vahn she told me she wanted money for nursing degree, lives with her mum & sister ( Precious ) told me she loved me, called me her husband, said Immgration would handle all paper inc passport, visa ticket, then blames immigration for things going wrong, asks for more money to pay to immi to fix it so we can be together, asks to address money in uncles name of Gideon Mensah via Western Union, as some one else is using her name & getting the money, she promises sexy favours to keep the interest going, I sent her $11,000 at a cost of $1500 over that time she sent me photos of her, or a female. many emails of which i still have.
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Name:  Torfe Salifu
Age:  thirty-four
Location:  Accra, Ghana
Address:  99/13 Kanda High Street
Phone:  0233548098239
On web sites:
Report:  this person....tells how she lives in Accra, Ghana...within one day...says she wants to come to Us...falls in love with U...asks for favor....send money....has a son...named Eligiah....sends photos of beautiful lady....half dressed....very sexy looking....tells how much she needs and wants she spends every minute thinking of only U...and ..dreaming of being with U
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Name:  Asya 
Age:  20
Location:  ?
On web sites:
Report:  Hello, How are you? I’m really glad that I may write to you. The purpose of this letter is to start a conversation with u. The reason why I wrote this message is that I want to to start a conversation with u. I don’t really know what Rndf_to start with. Probably you will try first? I’m very positive girl who looks for real luv or a good friend. I hope that my first experience will be ratherinteresting. Email me at Kiss you ;) Asya!
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