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Name:  Sulemanu Alhassan
Aka:  Sulemanu
Age:  34
Location:  Ghana
Address:  DC Street
Phone:  00233277316901
On web sites:  Facebook Friendscout24
Report:  Respect for this lady (owner) is a Romance Scammer. Sulemanu Allhassan is used as a name. In fact, the Identity Control was stolen from the website. Contact us on Skype with a webcam in the last 2 months. Deceptively real videos, but they are stolen. Is it possible to send money via Western Union for the flight. Sent a copy of a french passport, which is technically true, but the picture has changed. Also sends the scan plane ticket. Flew's all up as a fairy Decalration was brought into play. Should pay 3500 so that they can leave the country. It also calls on someone from the alleged immigration center at the airport in Ghana. Caution statements and strikingly realistic images. Speaks and writes English, German and French. Actually sets the
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Name:  Linet Grace
Aka:  Mayinta Elliot Aka: Mayinta John Winpoe
Age:  26/29
Location:  Refugee camp, Senegal
On web sites:
Report:  Dearest Love‏ [Markr denne meddelelse som ulst] [Slet denne meddelelse] [Behold denne meddelelse verst i indbakken] 22-03-2012 Besvar ▼ Linet grace Dearest Love, How are you doing today?and how is your work? i hope you are doing fine Honey,i am not happy for my present situation,because the United Nations has refused to make a provission of our food in the camp,as a result of political election that is going on in this country,even the citizen of this country are not feeding as well,despite their freedom of movement as the right citizen of the country,let alone we refugees that stays in the camp day and night,i beg you in the name of God,please do something to help a provission of my food,even if it is 10 euros,just to buy some bread or burger for myself,in order to earn a living,because as i am writting you this mail,i am very hungry,very very hungry my love,i wish you could find a way to help my feeding, Honey,there are many people in the camp,because we have hostel for men and female hostel,and i can not be able to count the population of people living in the camp,i went to see the Rev Father in his office yesterday evening,just to take permission from him,because we are not allow to give the address of the camp without influence from the Rev Father,He authorized me to give you the address,Honey,we are located at Liberty 5 behind total filling station in Dakar the capital city of Senegal in west africa,i will send you my refugee id card as soon as the election is over by weekend,and this is the e-mail address of the Rev Father( can ask him for his pictures when you must have introduce yourself to him as my friend,because i have already told him everything about our relationship,i hope he will give you any information you may stand in need,Honey,Please contact him to avoid having problem with the refugee authorities, Honey,i told you that i study medicine at the (FUTURE UNIVERSITY OF SUDAN)and i left my studies at second year semister,as a result of the cost of my late parents death,but i hate to remember my past,because it cost me to feel very sad and painfulness,because i should have be a graduate with many degree by now,but if God be God,let him help my future dreams,because things i saw in the past is quite inhumanity,no one can pass through it in western world,even in Eurpoean world,because their way of life is developed,but african citizen diginity is deny for so long,Honey,is only God have the power to help african continent out of inhumanity,because 90% of people are surffering from poverty,and the government are unable to help us, Honey,i don't have any papers to prove my studies,because i made away just to save my life from the rebels,but i can get those papers if i travel back to my country again,but i choose to spend the rest of my life with you,if it pleases you to have me in your arms,this is my prayer request all day long,and i believe we shall meet each other if you can help my traveling papers to join you Denmark,i really want to stay behind you to kiss your lovely lips,and also forget my past in your lovely arms,good night and sweet dreams.your beloved one,Miss Linet Pedersen.
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Aka:  kATE
Age:  29
Phone:  +639358138791
On web sites:  YAHOO
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Age:  39
Phone:  +639358138791
On web sites:  YAHOO.COM
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Name:  Carol Williams
Age:  23-26
On web sites:  Facebook
Report:  Carol Willy oh how are you doing today how was your day and night and your work i care to know you better where are you from how old are you are you single or married? Am looking forward to meeting my special man. I would like him to be kind, attentive, caring, reliable, well-mannered man with a good sense of humor. He should be serious in his intentions to find a right lady and create a happy family. I would like him to appreciate not only my appearance but my inside world as well. He should also be goal-oriented, self-established, not greedy and narrow-minded. He should know how to treat a lady. He should love children. i care to c hat with you better so you can added me on yahoo messenger so will can chat better there i will like to know you
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Name:  debbie copland
Age:  32
Location:  UK
On web sites: and
Report:  i was on she initiated the contact and she gave me her yahoo debbiecopland i stared talking to the scammer on nov252011 so about 3 mouths i noticed that her birth day changed a few times when we were talking to each other money was being sent bye western union to a Philip Johnson in Lagos Nigeria she told me he owned a store there that she ored some store from and to send the money there so i did this happen about 6 times around 200 to 300 each time final out come she got into my bank account i still dont no how and now im 4,000 in debit
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Name:  tina amsalu
Age:  23
Location:  dakar, sudan
Phone:  221771419071
Report:  I am very happy to receive your reply Like I said before my name is Tina, 23yrs old, Fair/African lady, never married. I am a simple person who likes to have fun and offers the same to my companion. I do tend to be a little shy in the early going but with the right person it goes away pretty quickly. I believe is important to know each other better for trust and confidence which is necessary in any good and lasting relationship built on truth and real love. I like reading and spots either, walking or just sitting at the beach (watching the sun go down is the best time).I love children too & can also carry on a good conversation but I also have a great pair of ears for listening. I am from Sudan and i am presently staying in a refugee camp here in Senegal. I came here because my parents died and our region is not safe at all because of the rebel soldiers who are rapping women everyday and i escaped through the help of the unicef and red cross and i am now registered with the united nation high commission for refugees Dakar Office here in Senegal. I choose to come to Senegal because i came once to Dakar three years ago with my late father because he was in oil business . I will tell you more about my family and everything about me when i am sure who you are and that i can trust you with my life as true friend and guardian, Attached here is my picture I will tell you more about myself in my next mail. Please send your own picture and telephone number in your next reply. Hoping to hear from you soonest! cares Tina. Dearest one am happy to read from you once again. I hope you received my pictures.i know God will see me through one day. we can only go out on permission of the camp master Reverend John Paul and its like one staying in the prison because you do not have freedom of your own. I hope by Gods grace i will come out of here soon if everything works out well between me and you together. I will like to come over to your country and start a new life and go back to school. I don't have any relatives now whom i can go to because they all ran away in the middle of the war in my country. The only person i have now is (Rev.John Paul) who is in charge of the camp welfare. I stay in the women's hostel because the camp have two hostels and you can reach me on the telephone through this number (+221771419071) . If you call just tell Reverend John that you want to speak with me, he will send for me in the hostel to come and answer your call, As a refugee here i don't have any right or privilege to work or engage in any business or financial matters, be it money or whatever because it is against the law of this country. I think the little I have known about you gives me confidence now to give you more information about me with the hope that you will truly help me as promised. I have my late father's bank account papers here with me which i will send to you later if you are ready and capable to help me as a trustee to claim the money because the bank has given me a condition to release the money to me as the legal next of kin. When my father was alive he deposited some amount of money in a bank in Scotland and he used my name as the next of kin. The amount is $4.5(Four Million Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars).So i will like you to help me transfer this money to your account and from it you will send some money for me to get my travelling documents and air ticket to come over to meet with you. I will give all the necessary information about the money and will introduce you directly to the bank manager for discussion because the manager is waiting for me now to present my trustee so that they release this money for me. I am expecting your response and call.
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Age:  37
Location:  africa benin
On web sites:  yahoo
Report:  Binta wants me to send her $700 to her lawyer to pay the lawyer and the court to get her $200.000 from the sale of her house and the man that help her sale her house was going to run off with her money and the court had the bad man give up the money to the lawyer or to the court to keep until she pays to get her money.I bet this is a scam.This is the lawyer information to send my money to can you tell me if he is real he has the same last name?Name: Musoy Donald Country: Republic Of Benin State: Cotonou Province: Cotonou Address: No.2, Route De L'Aeroport. Tel: +2347045419394 Email
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Name:  elena maksimova
Age:  32y
Location:  Penza, Russia
Report:  Hello all, The emails i received below are very similar too emails i have already read on this site by scammers. I went along with her until she started to ask for my full name, address, phone number etc... We hadn't even spoke on the phone! beware......... Email 1: Hello! My name is Elena. I send you my photo. Just wanted you to sent me his own. I think that my picture you like. I am interested in our communication. If you are interested, too. We can continue our dialogue And just think what we can find common interests with you. I think it convenient to communicate via e-mail. My e-mail: I'll wait for your answer for the continuation of our dialogue if you are alone. I am waiting for your photos, and your answer! Sincerely, Elena! Email: 2 Hi, I have received your short letter. I want to tell to you the purposes. I search for the man! I want to meet the beloved! I want to meet second half! I have a confidence. I am assured that in the World there is a man who will appreciate and love me. In Russia I have not met the man who becomes my husband. It is interesting to me to continue acquaintance to you, and I hope that my letter does not become finishing in our dialogue... You the man, and I think that our communication also will not frighten you. I already spoke to you about Trust? Now we with you at all do not know each other... I want to get acquainted with you. It is interesting to me that you search on you search for Love? Friends? I do not have children. I am a lot of time I devote to work. I have achieved already very many. Each person at a birth has identical chances. I cannot stay idle... I think that we should try to take up. I do not want, that my offer seemed to you vulgar. I want to clear up, and I want, that you knew about my purposes. I wait for yours the letter, I hope that it will be more than today's. Elena Email 3: Good afternoon Nick, Now I am on work. Also I see your letter. I waited today to see your letter. I had a confidence that you will write me the letter. Last night, I wanted to look at the letter from you, but I did not have an Internet. Now I on work. It is convenient to me to write letters from work. Nick, I have a free time now, and I write you the letter. However, not always I can see your letters on work. My director is strict, and it does not suppose, that employees of our organisation were engaged in extraneous affairs. Do not worry, I will be careful, and we can continue to communicate. I concern responsibly the work. You like your work? Where you work? I work in the Agent of real estate. Sales of houses, apartments. I to work with people much. Also in my submission there is a department on work with clients. My post demands from me many attention and responsibility. I like my work. Nick, you have hobby? I collect books, old books. Very much it is pleasant to me of their reading. You have pets? I have dog Geron. How is the weather your city? Now in my city - 10 degrees. Probably your city already people go on a beach? I like a beach, in Russia cold time there is more. In the summer I spend a lot of time on river bank when I have a free time. I live in the city of Penza, in our city the river Sura proceeds. I will try to send to you of a photo of the city. You like to visit a beach? Please, do not become angry that I set to you many questions. I want to learn you better. It is pleasant to me to realise that you find for me time and read my letters. I have told to you about the purposes in the last letter. I want to be happy together with the beloved. In people I like straightforwardness. What qualities in people are pleasant to you? Now the the letter I will send a photo which is made not for a long time with puppy Geron. Now I should go to continue to work. I wait for your letter Elena Email 4: I have got tired today on work. Early in the morning I was caused by the director, and has asked to prepare the report for a month. Just I have finished all necessary calculations. I hope that today I will be in time and I will hand over the report. How there was your day yesterday? Yesterday I descended in shop dvd and have bought a disk of a new film
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Name:  Briana Williams
Age:  29
Location:  Californina
On web sites:  unkown
Report:  How are you doing today ..I guess you have a lovely day as mine here....I was so happy when I read your letter today before work I will admit that I was amazed at how wonderful of a person you are, now however I will admit I am starting to become infatuated by you with every letter you send me, I know this sounds pathetic but I can't wait to leave work to come home and read your next letter. I am finding myself leaving my computer on all the time so I can keep an eye on my inbox waiting for you next letter. I hope that don't make you think I am to strange but I am amazed at how handsome of a person you truley are. Well Am happy you are interested in learning more about me,i have been single for years, because am yet to find that special one to share my life with,im into buying and selling of raw golds,sculptures and some paintings . I inherit this business from my late parents , it has been an interesting business.My goals and dreams are to live a good life,and maybe meet someone that believes in unconditional love.I've got a great sense of humor,I am more conservative politically than liberal...I work hard, and know how to have fun.. About my family its a long story to tell and touching that make me share tears whenever i remembered the past.I will keep this short,i came out from a good combination of two,my Mom is from Mexico while Dad is a native of America.I am the one and only child of my parent, i will count it ,I have a big Family because i dont know much about my Moms family in the Mexico while my Dads part is very small...Unfortunatly i lost my parent sameday, sametime, same moment by a car accident, this happened about 8years ago, since then i have started to live my life by myself and not depending on my family, although i still miss my Mom because of the courage and advises she use to give to me about life , but i am glad i am whom i am today. This make me remember when my late parent were alive my Dads Cousin do come to us in Gulf Shores (AL) for a visit but after the final burial of my parent, they decided to raise me some fund to stand on my own then left me to continue with my life carrier until i come to them with my future Husband for a special introduction....I will count my family to be one of the royal family because when my mom and dad where alive they do treat each other in a manner of my King and my Queen , while i am the Princess. I can cook pretty good ... I like a good wine. I've been working out more regularily than I had been, and eat healthy food...I don't do drugs, and I like who I am..Although I think a terrific man would bring out the best in me...I'm a believer in God who pray every blessed day , am a good catholic , i do go to church weekly, and try to do the right things every day...I don't worry about what people think of me...I know how to treat a man well still yet i was betrayed by my own best friend dating my Ex Boyfriend... You are really amazing.Inside of me there is a place where my sweetest dreams reside, where my highest hopes are kept alive, where my deepest feelings are felt and where my favorite memories are safe and warm. I find that you're on my mind more often than any other thought. Sometimes I bring you there purposely just to make my day brighter. But more often, you surprise me and find your own ways into mythoughts.There are even times when I awaken, I realize that you've been a part of my dreams. Then during the day, when my imagination is free to run, it takes me into your arms and allows me to linger there knowing there's nothing I'd rather do. I know my thoughts are only reflecting the loving hopes of my heart because whenever they wander, they always take me to you. Only the most special things in my world get to come inside my heart and stay. And now, I realize how deeply my life has been touched by you. I miss you too and i want to spend the rest of my life with you.... I did want to also thank you because without you I don't know if my heart would have healed as much as it has already. You are a miracle to me and I hope someday I can return the favor to you. I can honestly say that I can't wait to hear from you again and I will be checking my inbox everyday until I do. I hope that everything in your life is well and I will pray for god to watch over you until I hear from you again
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