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Name:  Barbara Cosmos
Age:  30
Location:  Manchester, UK
Address:  8 St Peter Catholic Mission House, North Manchester, 03103
Phone:  +447035999138
On web sites:  Confirio Dating site
Report:  I met this girl in confirio dating site, with the fake pics of Raven Riley. So we talk for about 3 weeks, I saw her in webcam and we talk but i saw something wrong, when we talk it looks like a video recording, but she make it looks like it was happening at the moment. But this was only two times, next time I ask her for webcam she says she has problems with the computer due to old. She told me story about her Mom that I beleive and send her 200usd first time to manchester UK, with the name of Barbara Cosmos, she says she work as secretary for St Peter Catholic church. She made me believe that I cant see her in webcam due to a connection problem with internet provider, so I send her 108usd to help pay for new service and buy some foodstuff, but second time I send the money she told me to send it to a different name and different country, I was confused but I was in love with this girl so I didnt pay attention to that detail. So I send the money Western Uninon to Odumuyiwa Oyeniyi, No. 2 Mayfair Rd, State Osun State, Country Nigeria, 234036. I try calling her back in the phone at the number she gave me but she never pick up. So how I knew this was a scammer. Every pics she send me looks to proffesional to me, when I ask her about the pics she says that her phone was so good the pics came like proffesional taked, ok so I keep talking with her but never let me see her on cam due to connection problems, one day I was talking to my friend at work and I was proud of my girlfriend that I show him a pics of her, for my surprise he said to me, wow she is beautifull but I know her she is Raven Riley, at first I couldnt beleive it but I went to my computer and start reserching for Raven Riley and I was petrified when I found all the same pics she gave me before. So at this time Im writing this here she didnt know that I know I been scam. But I will play with her and next time she want me send money I will let her beleive that I send the money and I will give her a fake Western Union number so she have hard time trying to collect the money and I will stop talking to her for ever. It so frustrating find out that the girl you are in love is a scammer, but this world is full of crap people trying to rip off other people. So be carefull and if looks too good to be thruth is a scam.
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Name:  Maria Nvitskaya
Aka:  she might have used Holly Spencer
Age:  23
Location:  Russis
Email:  Oltamarinka
On web sites:  just send email to my husband wanting 980.00
Report:  This lady just about caused my husband and I to divorce. My husand, I and my 2 kids have gone through hell for two weeks cause of these women. Because of this I have not seen my children from my first marriage because the unstableness in the home thanks to Maria the scammer. This Marie Nvitskaya told my husband that she had not had sex in a year. From the looks of her that is a lie. We finally have worked things out once I found out that this Margie is a scammer and found it out on this web site. These women are breaking up homes and tear childrens lives apart. I want to do what i can to bring down these women. She was not the only one that emailed my husband. I am looking into seeing if there is anything legal that I can do. Get off your lazy butt maria and get a real job instead of scamming single and married men. Thank GOD my husband is tight and is not going to give anyone that kind of money but me.
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Name:  kristina sokolova
Age:  29
Location:  cheboksary russia
Phone:  no phone
On web sites: and yahoo mail
Report:  I was contacted via e-mail from a scammer using the name kristina claiming residency in cheboksary russia using the e-mail claiming to be a nurse whose parents were killed in car wreck and she had no phone. Went on about how she was struggling financially. She posted pictures of a russian porn star. She obtained my e-mail address by by-passing the server of speedate or She was sending e-mails using several different fabricated accounts disguising official accounts and fabricated IP addresses. She also was using verizon web mail and yahoo mail. Some of her letters were sent from my e-mail address to my e-mail address using different names. I checked russian scammers and have identiied a couple of her aliases one of which is natalia sokalovo. Also there are a number of people in the operation. Some may be working out of Va using moscow or other russian city IP's. If you get suspicious message view sources and click show full return address rather than partial anf the real one will Have brackets surrounding it. Some of them may be originating IP is I think she tried to hack my computer,she downloaded something from an encrypted site and had an online store pulled up on my screen. I also found evidence she had accessed my hardrive looking for login or banking information. If you get one of these messages keep replying quickly and keep viewing source.she may not reply again for several hours indicating she is scamming others. Play along with them and get as much info as possible. I sent about 30 messages in a row to her. She read 2 of them 3 hours later and never heard back.
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Name:  Walerija Koromyslowa
Age:  27
Location:  Russia, Novokuznetsk
On web sites:  Craig's List
Report:  Typical Russian dating scam, using template letters that have appeared on the internet on many sites. Luckily, I'd found the templates before she (or he, if the scammer is a man posing as a woman) got around to asking me for money! I'll post some of them up.
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Name:  Juby Leah Lavadia
Aka:  juby
Age:  38
Location:  Dumaguete Philippines
Address:  6200
On web sites:  Cherry Blossoms
Report:  Long scam, told me no kids. She has 2. When it was time for her to come here, she faked illness and took advantage of my loving nature.
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Name:  Nadezhda Kolesova
Age:  36
Location:  Orlov, Russia
On web sites:  cherry blossoms, e russian brides,
Report:  We developed a friendship thru several letters and then began to discuss meeting. That is when she told me her ex-husband was a powerful man in Russia and could hurt us. So we should meet in my country. I balked and wanted to chat with a webcam to which she said she didn't have one and there were no internet cafes in her city. I offered to send her one, she didn't respond. Here's the letter; My dearest sweetheart, I should warn you necessarily, if my ex-husband finds out that you have come to me, that man will living with me or come to me here in Orlov, then it will prevent me from seeing my daughter ever.... He a terrible person... He has a sick imagination, and he has many connections with influential people, so he can hurt me and you, and our relationship that I would not like very much. Of course it may seem inadequate, but he has great power in its field. He already threatened me earlier and has told that does not want that his daughter Nastya went to the mother - prostitute. He probably does not want me to marry again, that I found my happiness, and so he is manipulating me because of daughter. This is disgusting... He is very bad man and because of his actions I can suffer. Because I do not want to lose my daughter, I would like to see her from time to time so I'm not sure it would be the best choice if we define Russia as a place of our first meeting. I suggest you find another option, for example, choose a neutral territory, or your country, if it will be convenient comfortable for you. So he will assume that I just went to rest at the resort for a certain period of time. And he will not see you here in Orlov so he will not get angry. The most important thing for us now to urgently come up with the time and place of our meeting, develop a plan. And only after we shall meet each other face to face then we can discuss everything in detail, our further joint actions that we take for union of our happy future. Do you understand? Your Naddi. Nadezhda
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Name:  tayana nekrasova
Age:  34
Location:  yoshkar ola
Phone:  01179615882701
On web sites:  elanas models
Report:  roped me in scammaed 850.00 from me i found letters to sevaral others and they were same letters over and over wish i could ged russian police involved oh two years ago she was 28 years old and to me she was 34
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Name:  marife premaylon
Aka:  marife
Age:  23
Location:  phillipines butuan city
Address:  butuan city
Email:  lady_e;
On web sites: yahoo messenger
Report:  looking for thricks she victims me many time i send her money to pay in cafe but always take a promised she is a scammer peter
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Name:  Eugenia Bespala
Age:  20
Location:  Kharkov, Ukraine
Email:  have it
On web sites:  anastasiadate
Report:  Hello, Eugenia will charm you, she will make you start to fall in love with her, her smile and everything. Then you go and meet this lady that cannot speak English, she is terrible. She wants shopping! Nothing else, not warm as she is on net. She is also web cam adult prostitute! Crazy lady stay away very dangerous!!!! i met her, she is bad. no good. there are alot of good women there, stay away! from her!! ID: 1613537
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Name:  Blessing Majzoub Al-Khalifa
Age:  29
Location:  Sudan, Senegal, Dakar
Phone:  +221765898152
On web sites:  TwoFishDating
Report:  Miss. Blessing Majzoub Al-Khalifa, 20 years old woman from Sudan, father died in accident. Currently live in Red Cross Ceneter in Dakar, Senegal. Late father (Dr Majzoub al-Khalifa) left a inheritance $6.2 million US dollars, deposited in Scottish bank and Miss. Blessing is the next of kin. Due a number of reasons (refugee status, international financial community, etc.) don't have access of funds, needs of foreign assistant to prepare a claim for the Bank and act as the beneficiary on her behalf. The funds would be transferred to an assistant's account. Assistant's commission and allowance is 15%. The assistant should obtain the travel documents for her so that she can re-locate to live over to an assistant. She obtained a lawyer (Barr. (Dr) Jonas Mukuku) to handle the matter. This lawyer provide itemized price specification (to provide power of attorney and the affidavit of oath) which ended in the total 705 EUROS.
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