First name: Kelly rene
Last name: Smith
Aka: Kelly Renee Smith , Kelley Rene smith
Age: 30
Location: Accra,ghana
Phone: 3375415802
On websites: Facebook,
Report: Just wondering , have sent her money numerous times . Said her mom was in hospital at 37 military hospital and needed help getting mom out and home there in Accra. Moms name is ernestina takes.
First name: Kseniya
Last name: tikhanova
Age: 30
Location: Dimitrgrad
Address: bs234jn
On websites: first met
Report: Says she is coming to meet you, overtime she arrives at airport she is refused then asks for money,over and over again.
First name: Mariana
Age: 28
Location: Ukraine
On websites: Unknown
Report: She is a fake person and a scammer
First name: Nicole
Last name: LaChance
Age: 27
Location: France - Canada
Address: 30305
On websites: facebook dont know
Report: Got an invite from FB, as I do get a lot of them , as I use social media for my work in hospitality business 99%. I did not know the person but I accepted (mistake). My securities I guess were not strong enough as my cell phone was exposed. I received shortly after messenger text from apparently a female in which is not. it was very friendly maybe too friendly but in french, as i speak french i thought be interesting for me. they wanted to face time me but I did not accept. Tuesday my phone goes off face time and its a girl barely any close on saying hello. i hang up. yesterday morning early, i just got out of shower to go to work, my phone goes off face time, same person nude and explicit. Maybe a minute. then hang up but they recorded me and i was pretty bear. they treated me to post globally and everywhere unless i send them 20,000 Euros. I called Face Book everything in system is blocked now all my social media and they got an ip number from france and a Skype number as well which is blocked but comes on my phone as i am getting phone calls with more threats. no i have signed up for trap call and do not call .gov dont know what else to do, my friends today are still receiving invites from me and a pictures with a video attached to accept, which they are questioning why i am sending a friend request.......
First name: Anna
Last name: Kashkanova
Age: 31
Location: Rusia Rostov
On websites: oasis
Report: Rapidamente me pidio dinero por que queria venir a conocerme, imposible comunicar por Skype
First name: Mary
Last name: Aurther
Aka: Hanna styles
Age: 33
Location: Swedru ghana
Email: Unknown
On websites: Hangouts
Report: She has had me sending money and I tunes now she's wanting wtp for a ring and she now wants a eyp so she can have surgery for tab wound
First name: Olga
Last name: Sergeevna Oborina
Aka: Olga Smile
Age: 30
Location: Russian Federation, Tolyatti
On websites: zoosk
Report: Olga Emails me thought zoosk web site and then Email to me direct. First all love dove and all of a sudden she has a vacation and wants to come to me for that vacation. Them at the last minute she need money to travel hereneer $2000 amount. Even calling me for it by phone No phone number showing. I did not give. Even after I told her I did not have it she still push for the money, telling me how much she loves me. Now that I did not cough up the money she has stop emailing me. Sure she is a scamer
First name: Rabiatu
Last name: Nuhu
Age: 38
Location: Ghana Africa
On websites:
Report: She took over for alberta safoa, and now arranges money transfer from
First name: Alberta Adu
Last name: Safoa
Age: 37
Location: Ghana Africa
On websites: facebook. com
Report: She showed me picture of Kelsey XXX, and said her parents were dead, and she lives in Ghana. She said she needed 2400 dollars for her visa and immigration paper work. She promised she would come to america and marry me. Of course in the Kelsey XXX video, kelsey speaks perfect english. When you actually call her, she sounds like all the other woman in Africa, with dark skin color. Very heavy accent. She will never give a new photo of herself. Good luck, she is a snake
First name: Tanya
Last name: Milevskaya
Aka: Tanya Burdyk
Age: 28
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
On websites: charmdate
Report: I fell for her invitation email last December I even went to Kiev to meet her. She failed to show up 6 times and always said she had turned up and it was me who did not. She is VERY INTELLIGENT. I went to Kiev she said she left a note for note. lists are endless, pointless me going into them. I got a job teaching in Kiev from 15th June until 5th Sept. I HAD ARRANGED THIS ANYWAY WITHOUT TELLING HER.........HEARD SO MANY STORIES ETC The prices are so cheap I could afford to stay in a hostel at 5 pounds sterling a night. After 3 weeks there I suggested we meet coz she had been on a dancing contest in Germany. When she came on CAM from there she was in a room that resembled her kitchen at home....she had sent me photos of that. When I told her she said she had thought the same. Then went offline. Over a period of time I got to know lots of locals in Kretchatick and taught some of the shopkeepers children English for free. One day Tanya photo fell out of my papers.....