Scammer Anna Polownikowa

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First name:Anna
Last name:Polownikowa
Name aliases: Ana, Anechka, Aneshka, Ania, Aniuta, Aniya, Anja, Anka, Ann, Annah, Annia, Annushka, Annushka, Annuta, Anny, Annya, Annyshka, Anushka, Anuta, Anutka, Anuytachka, Anya, Anyka, Anyta, Anyuta, Anyutochka, Nusha
Age: 29
Location(s): Moscow (Russia); Pushkino (Russia)
Address(es): Russia, 141202, Pushkino, Krylova str., 14, apartment 33
Phone number(s): 79577601551
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Scam media: unknown


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Report N1 (added on July, 1, 2015)

Anna Polownikowa initiated contact with an email sent to me from her email address I corresponded with her since april 24 2015 and am still corresponding With her. Her english was pretty good at first but is now very bad like she was purposefully writing bad. Like she doesn't care if she's understood well or not. She requested that I send her ?800 to cover the cost of plane tickets. Which I didn't have, so I told her she'd have to wait about 2 months until I could save it. It wasn't until I asked my brother-in-law for the money that he mentioned that it could be a scam that I started realizing he may be right. That's how naive and trusting I was. Then I started realizing that subsequent requests were being made inspire of what I had told her. Then I told that there wasn't anyway for me to get the money to her when I did have it and that's when she told me about a money transfer from my bank account to hers. And that's when I finally decided to test her. Almost every email to me came with a picture or two of her each becoming more sensuous than the previous. So I thought that a good test would be to ask for a picture of her with her hair up in a bun because i thought she would look sexy with her long hair like that and her holding a Russian newspaper which I told her I'd never seen before in front of her. Needless to say later emails didn't contain that picture. In fact they never mentioned IT at all, and she sent more pictures of herself in a bikini On a beach. As well as proclaiming her undying and unending love for me along with another request as an afterthought to help her. Before finding your site I found a site called I put in the email address she gave me and found that it belonged to someone called ????? ???????? who looked nothing like the pictures she had sent. Plus there were other sites tied to that email address and username. So far I haven't broken the communication with her.

Cesare (Canada)