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First name: Assel
Last name: Norris
Age: 29
Marina Viktorovna Krutova, Assel Narynova
Marina Viktorovna Krutova, Assel Narynova
Name aliases:
Mari, Marinchik, Marinchika, Marinika, Marinka, Marinna, Marinochka, Marinocka, Marinoka, Marinulenka, Marinulka, Marinusechka, Marinusha, Marinushka, Marinusia, Marinuska, Marisha, Marishechka, Marishka, Marishulya, Marishuska, Maryna, Marynochka
Scammer's Location(s):
Aktobe (Kazakhstan); Rostov-on-Don (Russia); Yoshkar-Ola (Russia)
Russia, Rostov-on-Don, Mironova str., 12/6, apartment 12
34-41 Chakalin st, Aktobe, Kazakhstan
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Russian Cupid


REPORT N1 (added on May, 1, 2015)
Daniel (Sweden)

Hey I was for a while befriended a woman named marina victorovna Krutova, we sent each other many letters with many pictures she said eventually she would come to visit me, I said yes, and she said that an agency would do all clear , one from the agency Mr Fedor stoyakov contacted me and sent documentation of her journey totaling 710 euros, which I transferred to one acount. After a while she said that she had been fired from her school and could not be able to doc for her stay in my country and t I had to send back 2,000 euros to the agency peace-tour.ru to deal with her visa then realized I had been defrauded, she has stopped sending me mail and have not heard from her again.
REPORT N2 (added on September, 11, 2015)
John (USA)

Just started writing to me i have no idea who this is.a scammer for sure name assel from russia..i get the same letters as most do same old stuff identical letters.
REPORT N3 (added on November, 4, 2015)
Fietscher (Germany)

Kontakt via Mail. Nach 2 Wochen verliebt und will mich besuchen kommen. Hat leider nicht genug Geld fYr Visum und Reisepass.
REPORT N4 (added on January, 8, 2016)
Dave (USA)

It started with a letter from her requesting dialogue, and grew to her getting over 9,000 from me and now I have not heard from her in a week. She got her passport through Lyubov@aspen-tours.net and I paid her 580 for that and then she needed 2,300 for tickets, her visa and time to be spent in Almaty. She got all of that and then needed 6,000 which she sent a letter from kazakh customs saying that she needed to have on her in order to leave her country for proof of financial security while here in the US. She was about to board the plane and customs told her that she could not leave because of an unpaid loan and she needed
12,500 and that is where I called it quits. She used the 6,000 for the loan so that she could leave but it wasn't good enough for customs. I got nothing back and she stayed in Almaty for a few weeks trying to get things straightened out but could not so she supposedly went back to Aktobe.

Scam Letters

Emails from Assel Norris to Fietscher (Germany)
Tag, mein zukunftiger Freund! Wie geht es?
Ich strebe nach echten Liebesbeziehungen, ich bin nicht im Begriff, meine Zeit auf Spiele zu vergeuden.
Ich denke, dass Sie auch treue Beziehungen suchen und dass ich Ihre E-Mail-Adresse richtig notiert habe, sodass meine Nachricht Sie erreicht.
Ein bisschen uber mich:
Von dem Namen bin ich Assel. Ich bin 29 Jahre alt.
Wahrscheinlich wirst du dich wundern, wenn du erfahrst, dass ich nicht aus deinem Land komme.
Ich komme aus Kazakhstan. Ich habe eine Hoffnung, es ist kein Problem fur dich. Ich bin ja dieselbe Lady, wessen Herz und Seele in unterschiedlichen Landern sich nach Liebe sehnen.
Dies ist mein erster Versuch mich mit dir in Verbindung zu setzen.
Ich schicke dir mein Foto, damit du mich dir besser vorstellen kannst. Ich hoffe, dass ich schon genug aussehe, und dass du keine Angst davor haben wirst, dass ich aus dem anderen Land komme. Ich warte mit gro?er Ungeduld auf deinen Brief.
Mit Gru? und Ku?, Assel.

Hallo, mein neuer Freund.
Vielen Dank fur das, was Sie in der Lage, Zeit, mir zu schreiben finden. Ehrlich gesagt, ich bin ein wenig besorgt und dachte, dass Sie Ich antworte nicht. Aber jetzt sehe ich Ihren Brief und ein Lacheln auf mein Gesicht. Fruher war ich noch nie mit Online Dating kennen.
Daher unsere Bekanntschaft fur mich - das ist die erste Internet Chat.
Ich dachte lange und wagte es nicht, Ihnen zu antworten. Lassen Sie mich Ihnen

Emails from Assel Norris to Daniel (Sweden)
Hello dear Daniel! I am very pleased that you have responded to my letter. I am glad that you have paid attention to me.
I hope you like my profile and appearance. In our ideal world, so many types of communication. But we chose this type of communication, writing letters to each other. Well! Me will be doubly interesting, due to my profession. This letter I write from a computer class of the school.
The house in which I live is not carried out online. But I was promised that soon all repair.
I want to tell you a little about me: responsible, caring, kind and loyal, but am can quick-tempered and stubborn. Alas, I am not an angel.
I was born and raised in the village Shakhovsky Ulyanovsk region. My childhood was fun and interesting. Now I am a teacher in a primary school group.
I'm working on a specialty. I love working with children. But my children I do not have.
I always wanted to have a full, normal family, because I lost my father in early childhood. I want to find a good friend and a great husband who will always be a reliable support in my life. What would have been between us harmony and understanding.
I want to live a long and happy life with your loved one. And for me, there are no barriers between the ages!
If you have children then not how many doesn't confuse and on the contrary.
The family I was an only child. I have no brothers and sisters. I was raised by a mom. She stayed in the village!
There has not been a good institu

Emails from Assel Norris to John (USA)
Hello, my dear and beloved John!
How is it going? What are you doing? How is your weather? All night again I only thought about you, about our future. My favorite, today I want to fully open to you my heart! I'm a little embarrassed to tell you this phrase, but I plucked up courage and ready. I want to confess to you, my prince I LOVE YOU! I loved you from the very first letter.
I felt that we can build long-term relationship. Every day I give you my time. After we met, I thought only of you. I love you for what you are kind, gentle, caring and gentle man. I know that I can rely on you in the most difficult moment! You'll never be fooled and do not betray me. I knew that somewhere in the world there is one man I could love truly. And I found you John! My love for you is the most pure and gentle. I kept my feelings for you in the heart, but today I decided to open my heart to you. I hope that you will accept my feelings and reciprocate! I want to tell you thank you for what you are never left unattended my letters and walked with me to the main goal - to build a serious relationship. Now you and I as a whole, as an unbroken chain!
I want our relations to develop further. My prince, my word of love, more than just a word. For me, love is the feeling which I now live and breathe. When I see your letter, wakes up in me a new breath in my soul birds sing, I want to live and smile! My dear, I'll tell you my heart and soul and I hope that you do not

Emails from Assel Norris to Dave (USA)
ello a friend of mine!I'm in search of a man of my dream!If you are interested in starting a dialogue, I waiting for a reply!It is clear why I would like you to write me back using nothing but my personal emails ONLY - aselindel@ yahoo.com !!!!!!Please note that my email no spaces.Hope to hear from you soon.Your Assel!;

Hello, my friend David!
I am looking forward to your letter. Thank you for what you did not leave without attention to my story. I ' nice to know you closer. How is your day today? What do you do? How is your weather? I think that all fine and your day passes saturated. I think that now in your head a lot of questions. And one of the questions where I got your e-mail.
Now I would like to tell you about it. Recently I received a love online newsletter of the addressee unknown to me. In this letter, spoke of love between people. In the list of e-mail recipients, I saw your address. I've been thinking before you write. I really have no any relation to spam, just my heart prompted to write to you, and now I do not regret it. My friend David, I think you might be interested to know just about what I like to do in your free time than my passion in life. My interests are mainly focused on the study of culture, architecture and folk life. I like blogging painting, theater and everything related to art. I like to listen to classical music.
You know, when I was little, I read a lot of history books. I alwa

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