Scammer Lily Sinyaeva

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First name:Lily
Last name:Sinyaeva
Name aliases: Lili, Lilly
Age: 26
Location(s): Lugansk (Ukraine)
Address(es): Ukraine, Lugansk, Oboronnaya street 2a/79
Phone number(s): 3-8-0642-53-97-06
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Scam media: unknown
Fake documents: unknown


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Report N1 (added on June, 15, 2005)

Tried to pull the needs money for medicine trick on me after she went into hospital for tonsilitis. Interpretor at internet cafe told me that her mom came in and told them this. Then translator tried to tell me that Lillyflower was in need of money to pay for the internet and translation services. I never fell for any of this because i know as a
profound rule never to send anyone money no matter what.

Fred (Canada)

Report N2 (added on August, 26, 2005)

She is not a very good scammer.
She just uses some banal strategies.. very simple.. If you want to visit her, she is very happy.. somedays later her mother will write to you that she's very ill and sick.. she needs some expensive medicine and so on... If you would like her to come she will tell you she has no money to get the visa... and bla' bla' bla' Be careful with her.. Once I discovered her real intentions I played a very fun joke with her and she fell very bad on it... You know it's very exciting to pull a scammer's leg..

Marco (Italy)

Report N3 (added on August, 26, 2005)

I’ve learnt know that lady begin of June 2005 on an international dating-site: "friendfinder". Her alias was Lillya, but after my complain they have removed her profile.

These are the photos of her. Here under you find all the exact information. Because I was so frustrated and angry that I’ve removed all her letters from my harddisk. The letter where she asked me to pay her VISA I’ve sent it already to . Unfortunately I’ve got no scanner but I can prove I’ve paid 360 ? for that lady’s visa.

Since she knows that I now she’s a scammer she hasn’t sent me any mail anymore. On 2 other sites I’ve seen her photo on the black list, with the name Lily. Her e-mailadress is still

On another site I’ve recognised picture Lilly2, there she told that she was 26y (3 y younger, and may be she lived in Russia or was involved with a Russian dating-agency).

Her adress in Lugansk, I can’t check if she lives there, but she was last seen in the AVAL Bank in Ukraine.

In the same postadress on nr.76 is a service that delivers flowers and gifts to ladies, I’ve noticed that this also false, they are only interested in money. So they are busy now for at least 3y, it seems she doesn’t work alone. The only thing I can’t be sure if Lilly Sinyaeva is the real blond, but she uses those photos already for 3 years with the same name and profile, so it’s almost sure it’s somebody of her organisation, may be she has the photos of a model album, all photos she has sent were taken by a photographer with purpose of publishing.

The only thing that interests me is how can we stop, or block that e-mail, because I think she writes with several men, may be 10 men at the same time, for them it’s making easily big money !

For that 360? she has to work 6 months for it. I’ve earned this in almost one week working, but our costs for life are also much expensiver. They realise the difference in life-standard and some of those ladies don’t have any moral standards to seduce us, only for our money. May be I’m still lucky that I never have meet that lady, I don’t want to deal with criminals, now I know she had intentions to cheat me from the start, I will rather forget her as quick as possible. I learned a lesson, I’m not cynical, I believe there are also honest Ukranianian women, but now I know it’s better to meet them in real time, in real life, and only start as friends without high expectations. The romantic affair from the start must give us suspicious thoughts, they do this always with a reason, and it is never by love. Even they tell you stories about moral standards, and why the world is ruled by money, while she try to tells you, that she believes the world should lead by love only… then DON’T BELIEVE IT, she is just the contrary !!

I’m one of the thousand guys who had a bad experience, lucky for me I’ve spent only 3 weeks of emotional time and one week that I was upset with losing 360 Euro, but now I know better and realise now why all that beautiful women are on dating-sites. They told me only a 10% of that women has seriously intentions, the other not at all, they don’t think to leave Ukraine and there family for a European or American man.

Thanks for publishing the photos, her adress and post-adress in Lugansk.

Her age, she is born in May 1976 (29y old).

More information I can’t give you.

Alex (Belgium)

Report N4 (added on April, 4, 2007)

Same scam translation fees, illness, Mother out of money to pay her hospital bills.
Now I see her same photo on Millionairematch, blew my mind !!! As soon as I questioned her on it she blocked my emails..

Robert (USA)