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DATING SCAMMER Christine Elizabeth Joseph Malok

First name: Christine Elizabeth
Last name: Joseph Malok
Age: 44
Christy Nagy, Christy Lizz Joseph, Christina Joseph Nagy
Christy Nagy, Christy Lizz Joseph, Christina Joseph Nagy
Name aliases:
Beth, Christi, Christie, Christina, Cristy, Elisabete, Elisabeth, Eliza, Liz, Lizzy
Scammer's Location(s):
Lagos (Nigeria)
Also claims to be in:
Decatur, Illinois (USA); Florence (Italy); Egypt; Kenya; UK; Lincoln Park, Michigan (USA)
3980 E Camelot Cir, Decatur, Illinois 62526, USA
447 New York Ave., Lincoln Park, MI 48146, USA
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Google Hangouts, Lds Planet, Match, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Zoosk


REPORT N1 (added on December, 1, 2015)
Daniel (USA)

She originally contacted me from match, and she kept sending me emails multiple times daily. After talking with her multiple times through match she finally gave me her primary email address and asked me if I would contact her through that instead of her email that was on match, which at the time was: CUDDLE2CUDDLE@talkmatch.com. She said contacting her on her primary email address she would be able to talk about more intimate things and in doing so it would draw us closer. That's when she gave me two different email addresses, the first one said that this is her primary email address: christinajosp@gmail.com, and that was the one she was on most of the time. She then also told me she had a secondary email address that she shared with her daughter, and asked me if she would talk to her and her daughter so that her daughter could get used to me: ajoseph358@yahoo.com. Then the next thing she asked of me is that if I could cheer up her daughter and since she lost her credit card and she was traveling to a different country due to her job; so she playing out came and told me to send a gift certificate from Apple iTunes for the amount of $50 . I told her no at first that I was not going to send her daughter a gift certificate for $50 because I have not met either one of them and I was not going to send her any money. she then started with this sad story about how her husband died seven years ago and that she was lonely and her daughter was totally withdrawn from society. She said that her daughter was becoming somewhat of a recluse and was not even going out with her friends anymore, however she love music and music cheered her up and she asked if I could do her a favor by sending her gift certificate once again from iTunes so that her daughter could pick out some music that she liked. Anyway I have no idea how she found out how to get a hold of my information on my Apple account. The next thing I knew I got a receipt that somebody sent her daughter a gift certificate on iTunes for $15, and it was not me who gave her the information and I have no idea how she found out what my information was. I became irritated in quite ********** when I found out that she sent her daughter a gift certificate from iTunes on my Apple account as well as sending herself the exact same gift certificate to her email address giving her another $15 to buy iTunes music. I didn't find out about this for roughly a month later.
Then Christina Joseph Malok dropped an actual bomb on me and told me what she actually did for a living. She said that her and her husband were both gemologists, and that her husband actually taught her everything she needed to know before he died. They both become very accustomed to traveling to multiple countries around the world to purchase precious gems and bringing them back to the United States or Italy and selling them at a wholesale price to make some money. That's when she told me that she was on her way to Egypt to pick up some precious gems, including purchasing opals and Hemetite both of which I was a little bit familiar with but I was certainly not an expert on any of them. This was the real start of her scam and she knew Full well what the **** she was doing yet she didn't care she completely took advantage of me in every way possible. She started sending me lots of photos of herself most of them were her dressed in a bikini at the beach and in the water. Then there were several of them were she was very dressed up and look very pretty. Then she started sending me all these very romantic letters most of them were extremely explicit and very ****** on what she would like to do to me. In fact one of her letters even made me blush and I don't blush very easily. She told me that she was in Egypt and she was sending her complete shipment of opals and Hemetite through a company named http://www.vtmaxsec.com and then she told me the name of the owner of the company, who specializes in sending all kinds of very valuable merchandise, and they even supplied high security with each package using a diplomat or two and they both were allowed to carry weapons to protect each shipment that was being sent back to her address in Decatur, Illinois. His name was john.mcanthony@vtmaxsec.biz & his direct cell phone is still active +20 106 9474775! She told me that she was going to be stuck in Egypt until she was able to pay off all the custom certificates and that she had a problem with her bank back in United States and she couldn't clear it up until she came back to the United States herself to take care of whatever the issue was. She was extremely convincing in everyone of her stories and she always had an answer for all of my questions to make every single question I had seemed very believable. Then I started to worry that she was stuck in Egypt because of all the turmoil and war that was going on around her and she told me not to worry that she didn't stay in any of the local hotels she actually rented an apartment that was fully furnished and that ensured her very safety. Then all of a sudden she called me and told me that her landlord was ****** at her because some Arab holiday was coming up and the landlord decided to raise the rent $850 a month. Then she gave me the sad story about all her credit cards were put on hold because somebody tried to take over her very identity. She even said that they got into her life savings and tried to do wire fraud that's why she had to stop everything at her bank and she no longer could take any money out of any of her accounts until she returned to the United States. So she said that she only had a couple of hundred dollars left on her and now she was trapped in Egypt because she no longer had the use of her credit cards and could not even wire any money for her own accounts in the United States because somebody tried to scam her with wire fraud and identity theft. She knew way too much information about exactly what happened in every incident as I found out later because it all happened to me and it was her that did it. She called me begging and pleading and crying because she said that her landlord was going to kick her out of her apartment and she had nowhere else to go so she begged me time and again for $850 to pay off her landlord. That's when the Christian in me kicked in and I have always been very selfless and generous especially to those in need. Yet I was very skeptical, and didn't know if I could even trust this woman because we've never met before. Talking to somebody on the phone and exchanging numerous letters back-and-forth does not make for a normal relationship in any manner or form. After a couple of days had passed and her insistently calling me from Egypt and telling me that this was the last day that her landlord was going to allow her to stay in the apartment and she was going to end up homeless only then did I get in and decide to send her $850 through money gram. Even after I did it I felt like a complete *** like I was taken advantage of and I was constantly second-guessing myself every step of the way. Then she told me that she had a meeting with the owner of this company that was sending all of her precious gems directly to me to my personal address and she was making me the beneficiary of Jim's worth over $850,000 USD!! I thought to myself this woman barely knows me why in the **** would she make me the beneficiary airy of such a large sum of money. And then the love letters started kicking in one after another and she continued with the ****** emails and text messages that were nearly nonstop for days. The only thing that she asked of me was not to ask for any **** photos of herself which I never did and I never would because I am a gentleman and I am a Christian and I would never do that to anyone. She went on and told me that she was going to be leaving Egypt in a day or two, and she was going to meet me at the address that I was staying at. Leading me to believe that she would be at my home before her precious gems even arrived at my residence. Then she told me another sad sad story about now that the actual consignment company that handles the security and shipment of all of her precious gems wanted to get paid before the Jim's even left their facility. Then that's when the real money started coming she said that she needed $35,000 sent by wire to this company to pay for the security of the two diplomats that would be bringing the precious GEMS. So like a freaking idiot I went and sent her a Bank wire to fifth third Bank in Chicago Illinois where I made her and the company that was sending the precious gems both beneficiaries of the money that I sent to make sure that each one of them had to sign off before they could get the money.
I should have never ever gone that far and I should've known that this was too good to be true and I should've freaking stopped and bought this woman from ever contacting me ever again!!!!!
Because now the extortion and the Rico charges and the scamming and the lying just became greater and they brought in all these different players to back up the story that this woman Christina Elizabeth Joseph Malok was telling me which was all a freaking lie!!!! I should have listen to my conscience or the Holy Spirit telling me to run and never talk to this woman ever again but yet somehow I ignored it because I was literally struck by the love bug because of all over a ****** letters that she sent to me. Her letters were freaking unbelievable I'm what she sent me not even my own wife that I was married to for 35 years never ever sent me any kind of letters like that before. This is just one example of the many letters that this woman sent to me:
This was very typical of all the good letters that she was sent to me each one more ****** than the last one. And they came every day sometimes I would receive three or five or 10 different letters they were all exactly like the one above but all different circumstances but they all had one thing in common is that she simply wanted to make love to me everywhere and anywhere anytime anyplace out of the open, it really didn't matter she just wanted to make love to me multiple times daily. And she kept telling me how much she loves me and she wanted to marry me and she already bought a ring for me one she was in Egypt and she exchanged several opals in exchange for the huge diamond ring that she bought for me and I told her that I don't wear jewelry so you're just wasting your time. And I said if you're so hard up for money you should be selling some of your precious gems instead of hitting me up for money every single day. Then she went on to tell me that all of these jams had serial numbers micro engraved on them and that they were very lucrative especially if she brought them to the United States or Canada she could triple her money or even more. Because where she purchased them in Egypt nobody really cares to wear precious gems such as opals and Hemetite they see them is way too feminine.
The next day she actually was in this company VirtueMax, and supposedly she was sitting down with the owner who's name is John McAnthony, and his partner Bill Michael, and of course the elusive Christina Joseph Malok. This is when they really laid the heavy extortion on me everyone of them were so **** convincing it was if they could sell are used to somebody living in Antarctica. Obviously they all have done this hundreds or maybe thousands of times and nobody those bar has caught them I wish I was younger because I would get on a plane and Hunter ***** down and **** each one of them!!!
They told me that the two diplomats have already left on the airplane and we're headed to the first stop or layover in the UK. Then they gave me a tracking number, that if I still punch it in to their tracking site, very similar to that which UPS, DHL, USPS, or any of the other carriers that ship goods across the world they all use a tracking number and they lay out a timeline that is very detailed telling you every where your packages and it just made their story that much more convincing than it really was. They even called me multiple times each day telling me to keep looking at their website and I kept expecting this package to arrive and only later did I find out that I was only paying for them to ship me air in other words nothing it was all a scam!!! But every time they had a layover in a different country somehow they contacted me and told me that they always had another excuse for asking for more money because the customs officials in that very country where the plane had stopped for the layover now all of a sudden the customs officials needed different kinds of custom certificates and countries of origin and all kinds of other ********. And each one of the certificates were out of this world expensive I know what the Frick I was thinking by sending anyone that kind of money to this day I'm still kicking myself in the *** I can't sleep I got a knot in my stomach the size of a basketball and they wiped out my entire savings account. And this ****** ***** Christina Elizabeth Joseph Malok keeps asking me for more money the last time she contacted me she asked me if I was over being mad at her and she was very sorry and was going to pay me back all of my money with interest. horseshit!!!!
The first custom certificate which $42,000 USD The second custom certificate which $53,000 USD Then all of a sudden the shipment was in New York City and they were telling me that the customs officials in New York City United States wanted $98,000 USD in order for the shipment to come in to the United States of America which I find out later was all one huge freaking lie!!!
That's when the Lasher dropped and now I was ****** beyond all recognition and that's when I really started doing my homework because things just didn't add up at all. I really didn't care how much this woman claim to love me none of it mattered one bit all I wanted was my money back I really didn't give a **** about anything else. So I don't know where Christina Joseph Malok Cohen text me and asked me why haven't I sent the last shipment of money to her so that she could finally get out of Egypt and come home. I completely forgot before the plane supposedly disembarked the united kingdom and was on its way to the United States Christina Elizabeth Joseph Malok; told me that she needed money for an airline ticket to come back to the United States boo-hoo Christina had no more money she was all out and it was up to me to save the day once again. And like the ******* I was I center $1000 for toiletries another thousand dollars for pocket money and $2000 for a plane ticket back to the United States! And I also completely forgot to tell you earlier in the story when she was still in Egypt supposedly she was poisoned by some meal that she ate at some outside restaurant and she ended up in the hospital and they wouldn't take her insurance which was Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance which is usually excepted everywhere in the world but apparently they didn't except it in Egypt. So she begged and pleaded that in order for her to get released from the hospital that they were now keeping her hostage in that she needed me to send her $1000 to pay for all of her medical bills and testing and the minor surgery that she had to have because she was poisoned by some outside vendor and the meat that she eight in the meal that she purchased with my money of course. So like a ******* she tells me to send the money to the hospital in care of another woman by the name of Linda Henry I'm like I don't even know this woman why can I just send the money to you instead and she told me that Linda Henry was going to help her get out of the hospital and she was a nurse and a bunch of other horseshit. Long and short I sent the money and supposedly miraculously she was out of the hospital and cured of whatever disease she had. And now she was supposed to be outbound and catching a plane back to the United States from Egypt and before I even drove to the airport something told me to call the airline her to find out if she even got on the **** airplane in Egypt before I wasted all my time driving to ours to the airport only to find out she never even boarded the firkin playing in the first place. Well just as I suspected they told me that nobody fitting her description or her name on her passport which I have a copy of never ever boarded the plane however the ticket is still good because she never used it and I called in and put insurance on it and to this day I'm trying to get a refund on the ticket that I paid for but this Christina Joseph Malok actually paid for a ticket that she never ever freaking used in the first place so it just sat there.
That's when I started making all these phone calls to all these customs agents which I finally ended up calling the FBI, Homeland security, immigrations and customs and enforcement, ATF, United States Secret Service, every single customs agency in every single place that the airline or plane was supposedly landing they carried the two diplomats that never existed in the first place. By this time my head was on fire because I was so angry at what happened she literally extorted me out of all of my money 100% of all of my savings account is gone!!! And that's when I actually had somebody that finally care about my story and took down all of my information and it turned out that this special agent actually worked for three of our special agencies that handle just this kind of extortion and scams. So I did this very special agent every detail I had including copies of all the receipts that I had and copies of all the emails that I had every correspondence everything including all the contact information of everybody involved and I am hoping that in their investigation that not only do they catch these people but they also throw their ***** in Gitmo if Obama doesn't close it first or they throw them in Supermax prison!!! But then there's the little matter that I am still out $168,000 which is all the money I have in the world!!! And the only reason why I don't have that money is because I am a Christian and I believe in helping other people in their time of need I was only following the precepts that are outlined and laid out in the Bible and everything that was talk to me over the last 40 years of my life. I even had detailed talks with all the staff at my church and told him the story and everyone of them said that they would've done the exact same thing that I did wow that makes me feel a little better I'm still out all my money and I have no idea how I'm going to live from this point forward!! To complicate things I am now disabled because I was hit by a ***** driver who consumed a gallon and 1/5 of ***** over a period of eight hours and got into his vehicle and hit me in the back of my GMC Yukon at 98 miles an hour!! Three spinal surgeries later I am now completely disabled and unable to work and I am living on nothing but Social Security as my disability income which is no more than $2000 a month!!! So this woman took my entire life away from me including all of my money all of my dignity all of my savings account my Christian are you even find it difficult to purchase food so I do without everybody tells me that I need to apply for welfare at this point!! Because none of my doctors will ever sign off on me ever going back to work again because I am so badly disabled because of the ***** drivers that hit me over the years!!! Every single thing that I've told you in the story is all true this woman deserves to be killed and everyone of her extortioners deserves to be killed as well please do not fall into the same trap that I did even if you are a Christian and you want to help people or even if your non-religious and you still want to help people consider that it is first a scam and they only want to extort you out of all of your money first!!!
These people took my very humanity away from me they took my believe in people away from me they stripped me of all my trust in people and so much more that I shall never ever get back again!!! And just like all the thousands of women that are outlined on this page everyone of them are extortioners and scammers and the only thing that hurts they are selling is their sexuality that's it!!! They are all promising you spreading their needs and giving you the ride of your life and promising you the best *** that you've ever had that's what all these women all have in common nothing else nothing more they're all just a bunch of ******!!!!
They need to change the name of this page instead of calling it scammers the need to call it cyber ****** because that's exactly what they all are everyone of them are selling their bodies or a portion of them for socks in trade of money and they will each give you a similar story that is so unbelievable that they've all fallen in love with you and it's all a bunch of horseshit!!!!

Scam Letters

Emails from Christine Elizabeth Joseph Malok to Daniel (USA)
My Baby, I Just Want To Have You F..K ME!!
my baby I heard you taking a shower, so I came into the bathroom quietly. You didn't even know I was there until I pulled the curtain back and stepped in. You stood there and looked my body up and down. I laughed lightly as you started getting ***** before we even touched. Stepping forward,You reached out and pulled me toward you and wrapped your strong arms around me and pressed my body against yours.
We kissed aggressively as our wet bodies slid against each other. My hands explored your body as you explored mine. We continued kissing and fondling each other as the anticipation built.You gently ran your hands along the side of my face and through my hair as I leaned my head back into the water,You watched as the water teasingly ran down my face and over my glistening *******. Then, as if you couldn't take it anymore,You spun me around and pulled me toward you. My bottom was pressed against you, and I leaned my head on your shoulder as you grazed the back of my neck,You hands moved up my body, kneading my ******* and rubbing my hard *******.
Then you are ready for more. As you moved me forward, I had to put my hands on the wall as a brace. The anticipation was killing me. My lower lip was getting sore from biting it, and I waited, not so patiently, for you to enter me. Finally, you ****** your self deep inside of me and I let out a long satisfied groan.
Not one to resist torturing me and you started

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