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Dating scammer Kayle Agatha Casano Tate

DATING SCAMMER Kayle Agatha Casano Tate

First name: Kayle Agatha
Last name: Casano Tate
Age: 24
Name aliases:
Scammer's Location(s):
Naga City (Philippines); San Felipe (Philippines); Zambales (Philippines)
566 Garnet street, Lomeda Subdivision, San Felipe, Zambales, Philippines
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Asian Dating
Fake docs used by scammer:


REPORT N1 (added on December, 7, 2015)
Stefan (Germany)

I met this ******* asianddating site in good hope that I found a friendly girl for an upcomming relationship. She said she is kind, understanding and patient, but she is not.
From the beginning she did focus on material things and telling me about her problems and that she is in school and need to pass the exame and has to pay a fee to get allowed to go to the exame and need a little help ... always like this ... she was very hard in texting even I did stop she left massive attack messages ... when she recognized that I was getting mad, cause I told her I dont want to buy a girl, than she try to spoil me and send me naughty pictures ... when I was calm donw she immidiantely started to tell me what badly happend to her and she left her phone or someone steel this or that and she now has a problem with her mother ... and her father who is seperated from her mother is a lawyer and blah blah ... she built up big pressure that I said ok I will send u little money now but dont ever ask me again ... she did agree and I sent ... after that she was not reachable for some days but came back to me ... same thing again ... nice talking for a while and she made is so familiar that she expect me to come and she is a ****** blah ... I did never believe that ... but she told me lot of things ... very personla stuff ... and I said sweety get honest to me ... this is the way u can catch me ... not in the way u do it ... and she started to make pressure ... u dont believe me u only wanted my pictures ... she set me under deep pressure over days with messages and crying and blah blah ... she asked to get help again and I did ... I told her sweety this is the last time ... I will help u when we see us in person ... and when u are a scammer and earn money this way u better break with me now ... I am mad with people who are scammers ... than she confessed a lot that she is not a ****** and di lot of stuff and she is afraid to tell me all blah blah ... after that she was busy for days ... I did log in my skype like every day and see that she unfriend me ... I asked her what is this? and she replyed ... u are not good for me I regocnized ... I said what? ... I did sent u money twice and u decided that I am not good for u? ... yes u are so rude and make so much stress I better stay away from u ... I told her ... ok u follow my advise coz I told u when u are a scammer u better stay away from me ... than she replied u know my father is a lawyer I am not afraid ... I said we will see when u not have a good excuse for all this and explain me and pay me back my money I will report to the police and also to stop scammers site ... she started to abuse me ... I did wait 1 week ... not I decided to report cause I know she is doing the same game to others as well ...
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