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Dating scammer Karolina Sukhareva

DATING SCAMMER Karolina Sukhareva

First name: Karolina
Last name: Sukhareva
Age: 22
Angela Chobanu
Angela Chobanu
Name aliases:
Angella, Angels, Anglek, Anjela, Anjella, Engela
Scammer's Location(s):
Lvov (Ukraine)
20-14 Chuprynky Street, Lviv, 79052, Ukraine
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Anastasia Date, Marma Ladies


REPORT N1 (added on February, 18, 2016)
Steve (USA)

About 7 months ago. I had joined a Russian dating site purely out of curiosity after a friend told me about it. I had no serious intentions of pursuing anyone. I immediately began receiving about 100 letters per day from women of all ages and I deleted almost every one without reading, until one lady wrote to me and caught my eye. I accidentally deleted her message while deleting the rest, so I decided to write her one time, since it was free.
Over the next month or so, we wrote every day and I eventually got her private contact information, which was only a full name (Angela Chobanu), an email address (gmail), a zip code and a city, Lviv. This put a buzz in my head because I thought I would receive more than that. After we began writing privately, the intensity of our writing seemed a bit toned down. Basically, our communication consisted of her asking when I was coming to see her, but no real current events in her life were offered, while I gave her daily updates on my life. I just had a feeling things were different, although I cannot be specific. It was just a feeling which I could attribute to paranoia, ignorance of expectations or lack of confidence. I let our communication fade away and I moved on...
A month went by and I noticed her profile had been deleted. A few days after that, she contacted me again. She apologized for her lack of communication and said that her grandfather had passed away and she had been through a tough time. She asked if I was still interested, and if I was then she was only interested in me. Our communication began once again and I made plans to go see her. She gave me her address, to which I have sent flowers and they have been received. She gave me her phone number and we communicate daily through emails and occasional real voice calls.
My main concern was that the photos she has sent me since, while very beautiful and possibly similar, transitioned and did not seem to be the same woman. I defended this because the first photos were professionally taken and designed to attract a man. That seems logical to me because no one is going to display bad photos when searching for a husband. She said she is the owner of a salon in Lviv, and she is a very beautiful lady, although she recently told me she was just the director, and not the owner and that a lady named Anna Krykun was the actual owner. She also asked me to send any flowers or gift to that address under the name of Anna.
Around the end of December, I would not hear from her on the weekends. She said it was because she was working extra hours because of the Christmas season and the salon was very busy. This made me a little concerned, because due to the difference in hours, the weekends were the best time for real-time communications.
After I first sent her flowers, and she immediately thanked me, and after our very first phone call (in early December), I booked a flight to Lviv. I was scheduled to be there at this very moment, but I still was questionable about her photos, and last weekend I found a photo search tool called imageraider.com. I have done detailed image searches, name searches, phone number searches and email searches using Spokeo, and the only thing that produced a hit was imageraider.
It made a hit on a profile on VK.com for a lady named Karolina Sukhareva. On that profile, I found many of the photos that Angela had sent to me, but she had also sent me many others that were not on that profile. In going through the friends list of that profile, I also found a profile of a lady named Anzhela Chobanu, and some of her photos were of the lady I first started writing to so long ago. I immediately freaked out and cancelled my flight.
I wrote Angela a letter and told her what I had discovered and that I had cancelled my flight. I really thought she would realize that she was busted and give up, but she became very upset and almost went on the offensive, and told me she was honest and only wanted to be with me. I was confused and went back to the profile I found on VK and saw that the person was on-line so I messaged her. I told her I was using a translator and to bear with me, and she immediately asked if English would work better and she began writing in very decent English. I told her that I had been receiving her photos from a lady I was supposed to meet with, and she immediately told me those were not her photos and that she had copied them from a lady named Angela who owns a salon in Lviv. She said she is very beautiful and uses her photos to promote her business, and she even gave me direct links to her web site and several other links where other people were doing the same thing. I told her that I had cancelled my trip to meet with Angela because of her and she apologized and said she would take the page down. I told Angela what she had said, and she said she knows lot people used her photos and that is why she deleted her profile long ago. I told her that is illegal here and she said it is not in Ukraine and that lots of people do it.
Angela and I talked through this and we made up. I know, I am a sucker! She asked me to install Whatsapp on my phone so we could communicate more often, so I did and we do. Until recently, we would communicate with each other during all parts of the day through emails, whatsapp and live phone calls, and she always say she goes to bed at 10pm. This is much better than waiting for emails only.
I went back the profile that caused the problem to see if it had been taken down, and not only was it still active, but a new photo had been posted that I had never seen before. This was at 6:30am. At 12:30pm, Angela sent me a new photo of her and asked me if I liked her new dress and that she was going out with some friends. It was the exact same photo that I had seen 6 hours earlier I did not think fast enough to ask when she took the photo, but I told her it was already posted on that profile. She seemed very surprised and told me she had just bought that dress 3 days ago. I sent her the profile link as proof. By the time I got home 30 minutes later, the profile had been blocked. I asked her if she had contacted the person using the profile and she said she had not. https://vk.com/karalino4ka
I feel the biggest part of the scam are, 1., She claimed she was 31 when she is really 22. 2., She said she wanted me to rent an apartment for $900 even though I found the exact same apartment on a rental site for $390. She said she had made arrangements for an interpreter who I later found out was Anna Krykun. This was confirmed after a post I made on this subject was answered by a man who claimed he was present when some photos that were sent to me were actually taken. He also told me that the photos of the apartment she wanted me to rent were of the same apartment he rented while he was with her. He said the trip was mush more expensive than he planned.
While she is a real person, I have discovered she does this on a regular basis...

Scam Letters

Emails from Karolina Sukhareva to Steve (USA)
Hello Steve, want to tell you that I am also happy to be in contact with you. I can not explain it even to myself, but I can feel we will find a way to be happy...and maybe, I am almost sure....together))))

I am sorry that I ask you about that....but pleas tell me again, are you seriously about me? I m so sorry again have to ask about it, but you know how many people here looking for *** only or bank machine, or something like that!!!!!

So if you do I would love to tell you more about me....I have right it to you in my first letter, but I can repeat it))) 

Now a little about me, as you can see my name is Angela and I'am 31 years old.
But seriously I'am not still 31 I'am already 31, so I really ready for a serious relation. I'am not looking for a *** or cash-mashing, like many lady's here, I'am looking for a serious man whom I can belong in all ways. 
So I live in Lviv, I'am not sure you know where is it Very Happy it is on the west part of Ukraine and the Ukraine it is the eastern Europe. Well a little far from you, but there is no distance between two nice people who want to create lovely couple, how do you think?
I call myself like a beauty worker))))) I'am the owner of beauty salon, so don't worry you will not go sleep with one women and woke up with other Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy I'am perfect for my man all the time!
I live alone, but often time, well not so often as I want, I try to visit my parents. I know maybe it is a


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