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First name: Victoria
Last name: Ugwonoh
Age: 28
Victoria Baby, Slim Jessy, Tonya Clayton, Benita Williams, Elizabeth, Kim, Janet Kelvin, Marggie Orlando, Sue Pam
Victoria Baby, Slim Jessy, Tonya Clayton, Benita Williams, Elizabeth, Kim, Janet Kelvin, Marggie Orlando, Sue Pam
Name aliases:
Beth, Elisabete, Elisabeth, Eliza, Janeta, Jannet, Jassie, Jassy, Jessi, Jessie, Khim, Kimm, Kym, Kymm, Lizzy, Margie, Tonia, Vica, Vickky, Vicky, Victora, Victoriia, Victoriya, Victorya, Vika, Viki, Viktiorianna, Viktoria, Viktorichik, Viktoriia, Viktorija, Viktoriunka, Viktoriuska, Viktoriya, Vikusechek, Vikusi, Vikuska
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Accra (Ghana); Lagos (Nigeria)
12 Adebiyi street, Lagos, Nigeria
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Cupid Bay, Date 4 Free, Mate 1, Tagged, Web Date, Yahoo Personals


REPORT N1 (added on July, 5, 2005)
Andrew (New Zealand)

Contacted me on a local dating site, her address was a New Zealand one but then said she lived in Nigeria and that she was born in New zealand but her father died and her mum returned to Nigeria. wanted to talk on Yahoo messanger so we did. after an hour fell in love with me and wanted me to call her. Next day wanted $600 for visa to come to nz did not want me to visit her. Also wanted $400 for some new clothes. Became very angry after i had had enough and called her a scammer she then threatened
me to go to a witch docter and put a curse on me if i didnt send the money. Great fun and a good laugh!!
REPORT N2 (added on July, 19, 2005)
Trevor (Australia)

I was in a chat room then recieved a message in my inbox by this nice looking girl who wanted to chat. Next email (less than 1 hr later) was a big sob story which i will attach.
REPORT N3 (added on August, 30, 2005)
Greg (USA)

This person contacted me on or about the 7th of July. I realized something was wrong when I send an e-mail to her yahoo. com address from my other e-mail address and it said this user does not have a yahoo account, but when I send it from my other e-mail account it goes thru, so I played along. She says I'm her soul mate and she will love me forever.
Then she needed 1600.00 to visit me. When I told her I didn't have it she says I don't need your money. My uncle will send you a check, when you receive it cash it then send the money back to me my moneygram keep the
extra money for our wedding. I'm still waiting for the check,and I'm sure I will wait along time.
REPORT N4 (added on December, 20, 2007)
Donald (USA)

REPORT N5 (added on October, 27, 2008)
Joe (USA)

Contacted me thru yahoo Im saying she read my personal on yahoo. Stated she was from Bonifay, Florida. Her Mother and father died in a car fatility in Bonifay and she moved to Nigeria to live with and take care of her 79 year old grand mother. She got sick the grandmoter) and wanted me to help with money transfer here in America $192.00 for cold medicine. I confronted her about being a scamer she backed off. Her grand mother got better but three days later died and now needs help with funeral expenses. How much I dont know I terminated all communication. Will communicate only thru IM and forward photos thru yahoo mail.
REPORT N6 (added on April, 1, 2009)
R. (USA)

Clicked on her and we exchanged e mail addresses.... she sent me 5 pics, one of them is your profile shot. Told me that she had inherited money and had $5 million dollars in storage there and I should contact Worlwide Class Shipping Trust Securioty Company and speak with the manager, Mr. Tunde Soyemi, whose e mail is : babsoyemi@yahoo.com to set up payment arrangements to have the two trunks of money sent to me... I was advised to not discuss contents, just give them some codes and the money would be sent to me in the USA, not having to go to customs (LOL) and I could open with the combos she sent me and take my expenses till she got here.... I did not respond for a day and the next day, I get an e mail with a photo of the two trunks filled with the money as proof of their existance... having not been born a week ago, I googled picture images and put in the word money and walla... the same two trunks full of money appeared, but at a different angle.... need I say more?
REPORT N7 (added on June, 5, 2009)
Gregory (USA)

This scammer contacts you on yahoo messenger from profile provided from Mate 1 and Yahoo Personals.

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from Victoria Ugwonoh to Andrew (New Zealand)
Thanks so much for ur mail, i am victoria very loving girl that knows how to treat her man like a king, i am currently in africa i left nz when my dad died, i went back with my mom so both of us lives there now, i am into modeling hope to take my modeling career to a grater higth, i will like to come back to nz again if i see a man that realy loves me and is willing to be with me than i have no other choice then to relocate cos of love, i am such a wonderful person that when u get to know me better u will never regret knowing me or ever loving me, i have a soft heart that why i fall in love easily, i have experinced a lot of heart breaks that i pray that it never happen to me again, well hope u like these my pic cos just felt like showing you, pls can i have some of urs, bye dear all my kiss and hugs for you.
Romance scam letter(s) from Victoria Ugwonoh to Trevor (Australia)
thanks for your e-mail...but you have not caught me in good mood, i dont know if you would care to help me .
my family & i took a tourist trip down to africa on the call of a distant long time friend,we got there, hired a cab to convey us, & on the way i fell asleep ,d next time i'm waking up is 3weeks later in a hospital where i was told dat i've lost my family in a car accident,even the cab driver was killed,now not only am i stuck in hospital with a monster bill the pay, i have to see to it that i give my family a decent burial,i was doing my masters befor all this i tried my consulate but dey only offered to help if i pay my bills first' so plz can u help me with d bill...............i'll agree to anything you offer and also want you to help me stay with you till i can get my own apartment and if you love me ,you can have me to your self.
We blend our thoughts on paper,tho' true we've never met,
words are written freely,never with regret

Romance scam letter(s) from Victoria Ugwonoh to Greg (USA)
get a yahoo id lets chat on yahoomessager,my id is benita_willy2001@yahoo.com

hello love
i dont know how to tell you what you have done to me ,you have really changed my life so soon ,i want to be yours forever ,please let nothing come between us ,i will do anything to make our love grow eachday ,i love you so much now and you are part of my life forever. love you.
Romance scam letter(s) from Victoria Ugwonoh to Joe (USA)
I really believe in trust and i thought you trust me before not knowing that i am just wasting my time building relationship with you....because every relationship is about feelings and trust!
Romance scam letter(s) from Victoria Ugwonoh to R. (USA)
I hope you will understand my situation at this time and I hope you will come to my rescue and be of whom i expect you to be. I really need to be loved cos i deserve it. I need a man that would always be there for me, who will be like a father and husband to me, i will reciprocate true LOVE as well. I really want to get out of here to come back to state to stay with you. I really need your help and trust to get me out of this mess.

I want you to have my words as i promise i wouldn't dissappoint you, i will really appreciate your assistance towards this. Once i get there, we will arrange things in order and we can start a new life together. I want to believe that you will not let me down.
Honey as i have told you what brought me here from the US . I came in here with total of $5Million including the money i got from my dad's business and contracts renumeration. While i was coming here, the african guy told me to come with enough money for investment and

Romance scam letter(s) from Victoria Ugwonoh to Gregory (USA)
Hi Greg
I am thinking of you, In my sleepless solitude tonight. If it's wrong to love you, then my heart just won't let me be right. 'Cause I'm drowned in you, And I won't pull through, without you by my side,In my thoughts of you there is an underlying love that is present in every word, every glimpse I hope you feel it as I do, for it is what I am and ever I will be,Even though you're not here and nowhere to be found, my heart says you're still here and everywhere to be found.Every time you look at me and see me smiling, just know that I am thinking of you...Thinking of you makes my life complete. You're my golden clouds; you're my smile. You are all the soulful love songs within my spirit, like an angel calling me... perfect for my soul,So, here I am, all by myself, thinking of you - no one else. There's a feeling inside and as hard as I try, it just won't go away,I lie on my bed and stare at the ceiling. My thoughts - all about you, gives me a lovely


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