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Dating scammer Barbara Ofori Frimpong

DATING SCAMMER Barbara Ofori Frimpong

First name: Barbara
Last name: Ofori Frimpong
Age: 26
Myzz Bee, Barbara Ofosi, Poku Kwaku, Kwaku Oku
Myzz Bee, Barbara Ofosi, Poku Kwaku, Kwaku Oku
Name aliases:
Babara, Babra, Barbarra, Barbera, Barbra, Baribara
Scammer's Location(s):
Aboaso (Ghana); Kumasi (Ghana)
Old Taco street, Kumasi, Ghana, 00233
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Facebook, Google Hangouts, Whats App
Scam media:
Audio, Audio, Audio, Audio, Audio, Audio, Audio, Audio, Video, Video, Video, Video, Video, Audio


REPORT N1 (added on November, 2, 2016)
John (Brazil)

This report deals with Barbara Ofuso Frimpong, (who uses the nickname Myzz Bee) aged 27 years a scammer from Zongo, Aboaso, Kumasi, Ghana. Barbara conspired with a male friend Qwaku Poku (nicknamed Rasty) to fraud me. I had been warned two days earlier by a text message (attached) that this attempted fraud was about to commence by a close friend that I have in the same district and is on talking terms with the subjects above. Sure enough, two days later Qwaku Poku contacted me and said he had a nice girlfriend for me, namely Barbara Ofuso and gave me her whatsapp phone number.
I became aquainted with Qwaku Poku, due to the fact I had uncovered him during another scam.
After Qwaku introduced me to Barbara as a prospective girlfriend, on the first days chat it was just the normal stuff about age difference not mattering and exchanging photos, she told me that she was single and had no children, I knew this to be a lie as she had a very young daughter. By day two she had sent me a ***** video of herself named "surprise" talking to me whilst she exhibited her private parts to me, more videos and obscene photos were to follow at my request.
She told me it was her birthday today 28.10.2016 and asked me to send her $500.00 for her party by means of Western Union. I broke off communication with her at this stage telling her that she had lied to me but continued to keep in contact with Qwaku Poku.
He began to text me asking what was wrong and making excuses for Barbara, telling me girl loved me so much and had done everything for out of love, obviously still trying to complete the scam.
They then pretended that they were not in touch and that they were arguing, Qwaku told me that he was frightened to go home as the police along with Barbara were looking for him as she was alleging that he and I were going to try to blackmail her with the films and photos. Although this is only hearsay my informant tells me that they were together all of the time. My informant wanted to take a time and date recorded photo but was afraid to.
Funnily enough I feel a little sorry for Barbara as the main culprit in this attempted scam is most definitely Qwaku Poku.
Created: 2016-11-02    Last updated: 2017-01-06    Views: 1522